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  1. Aurora

    Yeah man i agree, it dose feel too rare. I mean for it to feel like a disaster, i thinks it's best that the "disaster" (aruora) should happen frequently.
  2. Question for Developers.

    The developers mentioned that there will be a substantial survival mode update sometime around December and the specific date is unknown. The only thing certian is that milton as a survival mode region and the moose will be added.
  3. What's your Favourite Map?

    I enjoyed desolation point due to the fact that it seems as though humans made more of an impact on the land as well as the massive cliff behind the region. My only complaint is that I wish it was bigger and had more of a human presence
  4. What is behind this gate?

    Can u tell me how you even got up there?
  5. Is it too late to change the story mode?

    Personally I felt that story mode (mainly ep2) was more of sandbox but with objectives. The tasks were lengthy and annoying, and hard considering the amount of wolves that somehow know were u are. Then not to mention the bear challenge which was incredibly difficult even for a middle of the road player like me(could u imagine how newbies must be feeling). And over all I felt that story mode never quite set everything up for the newbies. I'd suggest giving info on the controls and how to use the UI (some ppl were trying to find a pot to melt snow I mean come on don't be vague). For me I found my way around though I had trouble making rose hip yea for a bit because I was never told that u now had to prepare the hips. I would definitely suggest also that when making the next episode, aim for a bit more story and characters (probably 2-4 ish npcs). That's just my two cents.
  6. Anyone feeling a bit let down?

    I personally felt that as a story it was solid, not that out standing or innovative, just good. In terms of game play, I hated the beginning of the first episode, I actually thought that all of episode one was a big tutorial jut to start the game( not kidding took me a while to figure it out) .the second episode was more of a let down as it hardly focused on story and seemed to be more of ugly filler. Especially Jeremiah's survival school, dear lord I hated it. The bear challenge was incredibly hard considering how easy everything else was. The ending was great not going to lie. Episode one was definitely more story driven and had more interesting things to see, something new while episode two had our character running around for almost no reason. Suggestion: try to make the next episode more story driven instead of tedious tasks that annoy more than entertain.
  7. What Time Shall We Be Expecting the Release of Story Mode?

    Uh no? Pacific time counts for pretty mush the us west coast including places like Vancouver and The eastern us coast is only like 3hrs ahead so the only way for it to be midnight upon release is that you would have to be somewhere near the east coast of Australia
  8. What Time Shall We Be Expecting the Release of Story Mode?

    Just wanted to say its actually 8am pacific time or 11am eastern
  9. Thanks man I appreciate the answer and also dat cute mug
  10. Hey man, twitter isn't working for me so I decided to ask you here.... when the update hits, will other regions (PV,CH,etc) have updated interiors?
  11. The Long Dark -- LAUNCH TRAILER IS HERE!!

    Hey I just wanted to ask.... will the updated interiors for other regions like CH or PV be included in this update? Also will the two new regions be added to sandbox (survivor mode) in this update?
  12. What Time Shall We Be Expecting the Release of Story Mode?

    Yea, all I remember is one of the devs here in the forums said that they planned for a morning release, my guess is 6-10am what ever time they are on
  13. One week now and so quiet...

    Hey man if you wanted to create noise, you could just post links to stupid vids on YouTube, that would "poke the bear" sort-of speak (pun intended)
  14. Post all your bad suggestions here!

    Have the ability to fly without consequence......*mic drop* BOOM! Worst idea ever....beat that