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  1. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    What are your thoughts on a map editor tool to allow players to create new maps similar to jow the free to play game “unturned” handles it?
  2. Map Editor?

    Pretty self explanatory, would be pretty similar to the editor in the game “unturned”. thoughts?
  3. All chairs are created equal!

    With these upgrade you never stood a chance....
  4. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Do you plan to increase the amount of times that you inform us on development (more dev diarys amd what not)?
  5. Destructible environment

    Im mean the stuff you can reasonably move, like a metal shelf of wheel barrow and what not
  6. Destructible environment

    Remember how they added the ability to break furniture? What if we could either destroy ever single items ( paper on the ground, fallen doors backpacks and what not. And wouldn’t it be neat if you could right-click furniture and move it just like any other item?
  7. Workbench Improvement

    No, let the drawer be a seperate container, what if you wanted to craft a large item, say a coat, you would submit the pieces and they would apear in top of the bench, as you put more hours in it, it will apear more put together and when done, ot would spawn as an item on the bench
  8. Region Suggestion: Ravaged Shipwreck

    The main reason i want to see urban inviroment is that if u read the papers in wintermute, it goes on about mainland businesses screwing over the islanders and stealing many natural resources. This would also be nice if we could see a major port where all the loggs got moved to be shiped. Maybe a saw mill. Definitely like the wolves idea, i get a whole “the day after tomorrow “ feel from it.
  9. Changes to the forge

    I sort of agree, the forge definitely needs more but adding types of knives and other blades would only make the game more complex. Complexity would only hurt to over all feel of the game. Perhaps making certian tools repairable through the forge or reducing the over all amount of coal and arrow head and what not. Right now the forge is a sorta waste but I believe adding more functionality to the forge would be better.
  10. A more “human” region

    Ok, i know that there are human elements sprinkled throughout that provide a nice view of how the people once lived and moved resources around. It would be neat if we could see a lot more infrastructure on the island that would imply that there once was a thriving economy. Im talking a city (or town) easily triple the size of milton. Most of the buildings would be either one of three things, intact (you can emter them), ruined (burned down just current ruins), and enterable ruins (would act like a outdoor cave (minimal loot)) the entire region shouldn’t be all people, add in several roads and pathways leading to other regions or another gas station. Wolfs would be everywhere as it is thier playground and weather would be harsh. Passive wildlife should be almost non-existant. Most people have looted evrything so each building might have similar loot to about that of a mystery lake cabin (a little more than that of course). the town itself should have 1) a town hall and other government offices 2) a large port for exporting resources 3)plenty or buildings to explore (possibly a bridge going from one building to another and what not) occasional loot spots are there just need to look closely. A rifle, dozen or so bullets, average amount of food. Mainly just a cool maze for explorers to see. Streets should be bocked off here or there and it should act like a maze. Also CARS AND LOTS OF THEM. wut do u think?
  11. New Survival Mode Update Coming Thursday

  12. New Survival Mode Update Coming Thursday

    I noticed it too, it was the first thing i thought of…
  13. My take on multiplayer

    So i have an idea on multiplayer. Now i wasnt sure if this should be in wish list or general discussion but here it is. *assume connecting to servrs is similar to anyother game and that there would be a limit on players( like five tops) 1) night/day occur at one constant rate and it takes slightly longer to do certian things. So instead of taking 15 seconds to boild water, it takes like 30-40 seconds. 2) sleeping is the most difficult to touch on but I personally think it should be treated just like the topic above. 3)combat should be of the utmost importance as to not ruin the mood, we dont want cod in the snow now do we? Add bullet wounds, knife wounds, and the player should be able to enter a struggle just like a wolf but the attacker would be on top. Rifle should wear out quicker after each use (only multiplayer?). 4) speech would work like most games, in which the players voice becomes weaker depending on distance. Thoughts?
  14. Aurora

    Yeah man i agree, it dose feel too rare. I mean for it to feel like a disaster, i thinks it's best that the "disaster" (aruora) should happen frequently.
  15. Question for Developers.

    The developers mentioned that there will be a substantial survival mode update sometime around December and the specific date is unknown. The only thing certian is that milton as a survival mode region and the moose will be added.