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  1. Undead animals for 4DON

    Извините, но правда зомби нарушит всю особенность этой игры, она тоже особенная, в том виде, в котором она есть. Я не знаю, шутка ли это или нет, но я знаю один зомби не место в длинном темном. Вот такое мое мнение, извините, если я грубо сказал.
  2. Undead animals for 4DON

    Извините, но нет. Это не Ходячие мертвецы. И как уже упоминалось ранее, не будет зомби. Хотите зомби, чтобы играть в другие игры
  3. More choice of characters for survival

    Спасибо за информацию, большое спасибо
  4. More choice of characters for survival

    И, кстати, пожилой человек мог быть озвучен актером, который озвучил рывка охотника
  5. Complaining about carrying too much

    And yes, I love waterfalls, thank you again
  6. Complaining about carrying too much

    Здравствуйте, лично у меня нет жалоб, но спасибо всем тем, кто создал эту игру и спасибо большое за расположение долины безмолвной реки, местность великолепна, но только одна деталь отсутствует там. Верстак, дома не нужна пещера, есть это живое существо, и это хорошо, лекарственных растений тоже. И нет верстака, а жаль. И спасибо за все
  7. More choice of characters for survival

    Hello everyone, we all know that in the survival mode, there are two characters to choose from, right? And what if there would be an opportunity to choose for example to survive as a teenager. Well, well, what or an elderly character. Yes, in the game of growing up there would not be .a means the game would be all the same. But there is one thing. An older character would tire faster, just like a teenager. Yes, and the clothes would have to hem. If something is not so sorry.
  8. Armor-piercing Ammo

    Hello again. Here in the game there are cartridges for the Gun. but they are suitable only for deer and wolves. Because those skin is thin. But on the moose and the Bears would go only special armor-piercing cartridges. Since the bears and moose skin is thick. Personally, I tried to kill Elk a few hours yesterday. It took a lot of bullets, but still killed. Thanks again for the game.
  9. Bucket for a set of water and its boiling

    I think our developers will come up with something for this thought, but what they are smart people will come up with something.
  10. Bucket for a set of water and its boiling

    Who said it would be easy my friend ?, not at all.. . For example at the new location, or not at all buckets nothing how it would be possible to get water . For example, Yes in the river want to get water, but first you've got the ice to break , then to get water and boil. And this is my friend Oh how not easy . Given the weather conditions and animals that walk around. So my friend is not so easy. Then of course there was the risk of frostbite , if you linger. That's because it is.
  11. Bucket for a set of water and its boiling

    Hello , I know that it is possible to boil water in a pot and a tin Bank, and that if you have the opportunity to get water with buckets , but why not , here in the ice cave is a stream , there would be possible to gain of water and boil it. Thank you for listening
  12. Army Base

    That's nice, it's never too late to change, and you're done. And even so in the world too much aggression to be honest.
  13. Army Base

    Well, it's wonderful, any forum needs a leader, so it turned out that it was you
  14. Army Base

    An interesting idea, but there would be one peculiarity of this area, the weather there would be harsher than even in the Otradnaya valley or somewhere else, and the roof threatened to collapse in places at the base.