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  1. Not far from all those ideas, why not make tools have a starting condition that never drops (or by some accident, like a botched use that would deteriorate it) but link the condition to its effectiveness. For a math example, we could say that opening a trunk takes 1 hour + a variable 2 hours and those 2 hours would be for 0% with the maximum of 0h for 100% (simply take the inverted percentage to calculate). Now, finding a 20% crowbar is still good, but finding a 45% later on and you would be quite pleased. The better the quality, the rarer it would be to find. For blades, in addition to the fixed condition you could have a effectiveness rating that would be on % also, 100% of effectiveness on a 25% knife would apply it's full condition to the task as for a 50% effectiveness of a 50% condition knife would apply a 25% condition for the task. That effectiveness would have to be restored with a whetstone. You could trigger a loss of condition for any tools with improper use (your own condition or tiredness, poor skill, etc) as a botched result. Repairing a took (or in fact, improving it) would probably be impossible, or quite long time with a forge AND a lot of skill (and probably obtaining 1% after 1% for sometimes like it"s nearly the case with the "sharpening" skill. What would you think about that?
  2. Well, I had the opportunity to not have any affliction sometimes. Unusual as it sounds, I just had torn clothing and less condition but nothing else.
  3. Isn't that obvious it's for the gear box? Duh ! (lol) Love the idea by the way !
  4. It would indeed be a good thing iif it's not already the case !
  5. Well... I could avoid it but let's be friendly ^^ So hi everyone, I'm new here with just a couple of days in this forum. I'm not really new to the Long Dark because I followed it since Kickstarter but missed at that time the opportunity to back the project. Still, after reading it all I really jumped on it the first time it popped up on steam. The start was really unbalanced and difficult at start and time passed, so other games and the Long Dark was put on hold in a corner of my mind. Then I was going through all my games recently and I saw it again and go back to see how thing changed... and... damn what an evolution it was.Seeing all the work done on it, the balancing, graphics and content, and my mind was completely blown away. When I'm playing nowadays I really feel like playing a finished game... Thinking what was already planned (the story) is still going to come... Well... Really well-done hinterland, really well done. A few could be as proud as you should be about your project. I'm not doing a good job at presenting myself so let's go back to the more boring stuff, me and myself ^^. My name is Guillaume and yes, I'm french. I'm 32 years old and a gamer since so long that I can't really remember. First I played a lot of FPS by far but when I was a bit more mature I developed a taste more profound for story driven games, probably at the same time I really started playing role-playing games (tabletop ones). It seems that creating stories developed my taste for entertaining stories in video games 'as well as in movies also) with an understanding but critic's eye. Then, role-playing video games comes in focus even though I wasn't always satisfied by those. I still remember spending so much time on Vampire the Masquerade that was so much like tabletop role-playing game in multiplayer. Then I did an art school for 3D/animation but couldn't make it my job because of lack of focus on it as well as a really poor choice in choosing my school. Still, I really loved animation, so much more that modelisation. Now I'm roaming the net in search for good survival game but lack of interest for creative sandbox why my passion about this game. I yearn for a game that makes you live story and see magnificent landscape as I want, more than a challenge, to evade through the creative work of someone. It doesn't stop from playing in Stalker mode by the way So with all of that said, I really thank hinterland for their work and devotion and, as a lot of people here, I'm really impatient to look at the story you're laying down for us. I'm also really eager to find more depth and life in the environment we have in sandbox to make my own story in it!
  6. Well... If there's a timer like feature on them so that you can still read it again but with less bonus unless you wait some really long time between each use.. But still, after sometime... It wouldn't be a good thing. Even if you wait a few week before riding twice a book, it's still ne use after the hundredth time... But at least it's a good idea to fight of cabine fever by doing something instead of just waiting.
  7. I'm absolutely with you on that point @tentacles. What I was trying to explain before is not really a quick save as you can't do some ting in the game and decide to go back to it. You will still be bound to go to your real save. What I'm proposing is a temporary save juste meant to quite the game and when going back to the game directly going back to that point. This save is like closing the screen on a laptop to go away and then opening it after a while when you have time. It's not really a save per say because you can't really choose to go back to that point after a while. It's eit her you go back there at the start or you don't. And whatever your choice, that's definitive. And choosing between the two save is the same as when playing, choosing to quick and restart. That's already a possibility from the start on that point,so it's not really the matter here.
  8. I really though that you needed to rest one hour for that. But none the less, if for whatever reason you can't (wolf, blizzard, or anything) you're screw. And that lead back to the same problem. Having to improvise an indirect way isn't the same as having a game mechanics though for that matter. The latter is always better in my opinion.
  9. Well it's a difficult question isn't it? There's reason on both side of the argument, especially about difficulty and responsibility on one side and on the other side the simple fact that sometimes real life ask to leave the game and it's frustrating to not being able to save. So... Why don't have both? (Yes, i'm a greedy b****** ^.^) First, you change absolutely nothing in the saving mechanics. You hard save entering a safe house or sleeping if you need to roll back you progress for any reason. Secondly, you add a tiny little feature for that, went you leave the game (because you really need to go), you save your current game state independently and the next time you launch the game you have to choose : either directly go back to your game that you left in a hurry to save properly and everything, or else do something else but loosing that temp save. Note that either way, you lose that save after that. It's just a save to go back to your progress when leaving, nothing more. What do you think of that? Hope my french brain was able to English explained it correctly ^^
  10. Yes ! Exactly the kind of feeling that The Long Dark deserve in my honest opinion !! Even thing like an add "Great Sales on sandwiches" in Quonset gas station of a teddy bear in the cabin by the mystery lake. There are so many tiny element like that that could add so more depth. Would you harvest the cloth of the teddy bear? For every thing that it's representing?
  11. Thanks ^^. Glad to be here actually ! To the topic at hand, i also feel like it would be interesting to have newspaper with "real" article inside. Just to be reminisced of How The World Was when traveling through How The World Is now. Going trough the fishing camp wouldn't be the same after reading a newpaper with some trivia about it, reading of people who was there (with name and everything), looking at what they were doing here before, not just imagining it but living it through an article. That, in every aspect, would be so awesome !!
  12. That's what i do all the time irl ^.^. Hope the Cooking skill can mitigate that a bit
  13. You... You mean that... they were so thrilled about my suggestion that they send it through time to add it? Good lord, that's some dedication ! xD Yeah my bad, i didn't looked that far in the roadmap, shame on me. So now i know about the cooking aspect, but for the rest it's... well... really subjected to interpretation for some and not really said for the others. Yeay ! Less shame for me ! Even though the UI is good, i fell like the less you would have a menu (inventory of clothing for exemple) that "cut" you from the game progresse, the better. I'm really waiting for the cooking ingame. Thinking about putting my hot coffee cup on the stove when i'm preparing to have it still warm after some times when i'm ready to leave the house...
  14. i second that, it would be an interesting feature and an immersion boost for this game, breaking the standard FPS routine a little bit and, maybe, alowing ether quicker action if you're well used to it with maybe the risk of botching it in a tense moment (like a bear charging you).
  15. More than creating gameplay element, i also think that those king of thing would be really interesting at creating a living world (well, dying for that matter). Even if those element (journal, "junk" item, etc) don't add anything in a gameplay aspect, having a "feel" about the places you are, the "people" you "meet" is what's making a huge difference in immersion. Like all those book you burn to survive... What if it was a "real" book that tell a story that you could like, or not. You may felling a bit bad for burning it but then, would probably need to sometimes, thus making a simple gameplay element as feeding a fire a choice that have a weight for you. You would feel the price of survival more vividly wouldn't you?