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  1. YES i did ok stap bulling mea i juzt got haer rezentlsy i no i mizzed the evsent (i BEARLY know any thing about this while i go WOLF down some info on this topic WOODya mind not throwing a bunch of "you missed this event didnt you?")
  2. yea i suppose so i honestly came from steam and wanted to help this awesome game. some guy was freaking about how he knew that this was a scam. but after (how long was i here again?) i realized that they are connected with the community, and sense this is probably there only project this will be good. so sorry for the first part of this.
  3. Any one else thinks it's just a bit weird that when you pick up a rotting peice of meat you can cook it back to good enough to eat?i tested it and it goes up by fifty percent. You can't say this is not weird
  4. You can only go out at night, this will be quite fun!
  5. suggestion

    As if this game dosnt kick you hard enough in the balls. Going vegan in this game is like saying if you stab me in the eye, I might as well stab the other eye myself.
  6. You know I really dislike the fact that in the beginning I am always at like maximum 66 pound weight, and walking around always sucked cuz I couldn't pick up any more stuff. And the clothing is just so heavy sometimes. When you have a base I find that you don't need 20000 calories on you if you need to go and collect fire wood. I would only bring some penute butter or am energy bar with enough water to fill it one bar.
  7. any one else decided that a short cut down a mountain was jumping off? That's kinda how I died. It was dark and I said short cut, and jumped off the mountain. ( I can't remember what I was thinking) Sprained a leg and wrist, not so bad. Ok now just got to walk a little, oh another fall bigger. Man I can't see, a bit low on condition, hey wolf. About five to ten feet away. If I am going out, it's by flying. I jump the rest of the "short cut" down, into the long dark. i think I might've improved my skill... even more then my first bear kill. Near trappers house den don't care, I tried to figure out how snares work, and then go find some fire wood. hey look a bear... LETS SHOOT IT, I hear the nose is an instakill. (Shoots shoulder) uhh... (Shoots other shoulder) ok well thi- (gets mauled.) (wakes up and heals wounds) ha ha ha now I can still shoot you, (shoots butt) gah no not again (shoots paw) it's dead better harvest the meat! Freezes to death. I Think I might've improved more than that...
  8. Yea I know and I am not worried about the delays, (sometimes delays are not good) for the cash grab I am saying it's like low possibility but you never know, like halo five, actually wait. That was kinda expected... any way way on part for story mode I think that the whole thing I heard for just survive or try to put trust in people and build back civilization could be new, but easily ruined if not done correctly. also if this is a cash grab I think I would still put three hundred hours in this game I love it. I always want this only the wilderness and no,other humans mode. (Hey I just noticed how late it is)
  9. No like I said I tested it outside, and around the building. Try it yourself
  10. I suppose your right. But still.... any way I mean what are we going to find in story mode, not the basic stuff. In fallout 4 I could say the same thing, radiation apocalypse, someone stole your baby, and you got to find him. Yet every one got sidetracked.
  11. ok....stop. why do i like this game, Theres no stupid over used zombie wolf crap. i love this game because its like your in the woods (with over aggressive wolfs and having a reason for that) and whats that a wolf that likes human flesh well better run inside. i don't want to sound mean but don't take the games charm and make me through it in the over used generic bland zombie pile.
  12. reality saying you ain't god no more, and a bear will kill you. i think its funny that the one time i die by a bear i comment on it XD
  13. Hi. I am Just an average Robbie Rotten loving TLD. i have thoughtful things to say, and will try my best to find bugs. I guess thats all, have fun and WOLF THERES FOUR OF THEM NOOOOOO death.
  14. well i hope this will be a discussion in the comments, but i have a few things to cover. one is, is hinterland going to scrap the game and put a crap story mode for some cash, then run? for a game like this it would be so simple to do that, but from what i see they are very connected with there gamers, (why is this spell checked?) so this probably might not happen but...this is a gaming company and we have seen many scams (*cough* *Cough* halo five) so you never know. perhaps i am being paranoid. this game is awesome and i always want this only wilderness and you option in sandbox forever. next is what do you thinks going to happen in story mode. i know we are kinda in the dark...The Long dark LOOOL. about the story but know the basic plot about it. so lets hear some theories! i think during your time you will see people and chose to group up or not. it is all on you and some people may be nuts and try to kill you (or better yet while they are on your group back stab you (take your stuff, and back stab you..)) in any way this will be fun to play, sense lets be honest in what game have you look at your calories and think of a complex choice of ether to eat a gondola bar or a old can of peaches? and lastly i swear if a geomagnetic storm is the cause of a never ending winter this will make me laugh, and see if that make sense!
  15. my strangest place was more like stupidest. i found a narrow section, and was cold so i put a fire. my only way out was covered by the fire, so unless i burned my self i wouldn't get past. at least a had three energy bars (and other food/water) on me!