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  1. Moose flavour.
  2. That mystical, otherworldly drone can end anytime though. The first time was cool, but it gets old quickly.
  3. The new region "Broken Railroad" is quite good. Lots of loot, wildlife, interesting locations with the only drawback being no fishing available. The maintenance yard is a nice base.
  4. There is no moral high ground in this discussion; video game violence - be it against humans (which I infer you are also against) or animal - is a null discussion. Not moot, but null in that it will go nowhere, with or without citation. I am firmly in the belief that entertainment in all forms is quite separate from the normal mind in the healthy human or that the talk between them is strictly moderated. But that really is if not off-topic, then quite a branch. "Wasteful" is relative; will all of the meat not be eaten eventually? Wouldn't wildlife re-spawn times put a hard cap on this idea? I can't see as one has the facility to be wasteful in this manner in TLD. The economy is built-in to each mode and extravagance comes with Pilgrim, the only mode that really allows gluttony. Blasting everything in Pilgrim seems overkill, even for a neanderthal like me. Hinterland did indeed put that message in the game and I concur. But not necessarily in a game. I'm in the 'play it how you like' category and if it can be done and you want to do it, go nuts. Now, I watch movies but how many is too many? Besides, you are arguing a point about the game with a credibility borrowed from reality. You accuse me of watching too many movies and in this case, it would make me to more credible. Movies, like games, are entertainment where rules can be made, broken or stretched and to relate movies and games in this way isn't only metaphoric. The suspension of disbelief is a core idea in both, a necessary aspect. To relate reality and games appears to be the problematic method of validation in that they are wholly unequal with one being at best a pale imitation of the other. The insta-kill isn't a glitch, it's expected behavior. A wolf (as all 'living' objects in the game) has 'hit points' which diminish with the infliction of measured injury; shoot it once in the butt (not a critical hit, which would reduce the hit points to zero immediately) and those points are greatly reduced and it falls on the first cut with the knife. Or, after a wolf fight, trail the wolf and when it starts to lope around ('bleeding out' = hit points gradually lowering) hit it with a stone or two (the wolf is quite docile at this point, so no fear of getting really close).
  5. lol. Well, I for one allow fantasy liberation from ideology. Hunting in this game is whatever the individual player wants it to be; taking down anything that moves or only what's needed...it's a game. So, it's not brutality against anything at all and the outrage can be spared. Cutting parts off of animals would certainly change the rating though. I love the idea and am a big fan of dismemberment. No need for anything gratuitous as that wouldn't fit with the tone of the game. I had it happen once actually, though not as you describe. A wolf was charging, I got a shot off and hit it almost point-blank but while the charge continued, it died after my first strike...dropped at my feet.
  6. Meanwhile the love of your life - the entire reason you are in this mess - is off somewhere either dead or dying while we do fetch quests for people. Ah well...if the game doesn't care about her, then nor do I. I think I'll replay it without any urgency about Astrid in my mind at all.
  7. While it all sounds terrible, I still see only bad luck here, nothing that requires re-working. It's a game, so talk of what real people would do is of no use at all.
  8. I'm quite sure the thinking is that you don't want to be stood up on weak ice after falling through, so you get placed away from the hole, not some grand conspiracy to reclaim 20 meters from the player.
  9. The mag lens solves the fire issue but not without its own caveats. I think it's safe to say that the ceiling on survival has the potential to be quite high.
  10. That would be within the FC update so no broken railroad locales and yes, I got the achievement.
  11. For me, 100% = 177 locations. I haven't a list of them, sorry, but post only to provide reference.
  12. There are many variables that come into play when mending clothes which I am sure you're aware of and if these are not met, then failure rates will increase. I'm not trying to be condescending at all but you may want to look into how statistics and probability function with said variables; the results are quite counter-intuitive at times. Keep grinding until those skill levels come up I suppose...and stay away from the coffee.
  13. Sorry to bump this but I've been away for a couple of weeks and saw this now and felt it needed a response. I don't argue, I am pedantic. Any argument stems from want of clarity in a discussion, either furthering my own points or asking for clarification. There was of course a subtext in my OP (that's the joke), Joe Smash was taking it too seriously; to the point of asking if it should be reported. If there are things I cannot abide, being misunderstood or to have my motivations depicted are among them. Which brings me to you. I am not the topic of this thread, nor any thread. If you have some insightful observations or have been otherwise surreptitiously noting my behavior I might ask first that you check your own and second, kindly keep it to yourself. This will save you both being wrong and further exposing your obvious affection for me.
  14. Sure and I don't want you to think I was saying anything negative about the idea. The search function is also useful for people; when I first arrived here not that long ago, I found that there is nothing new under the sun; most of my questions had been asked before and I quickly found them and subsequent solutions offered by seasoned players such as yourself simply by using the search.
  15. Ok...where are my keys? It's great that you offer, but it's also good if the questions get asked on the forum for all to see, learn and respond to. There are a wide range of people here with varying levels of experience, perspective and and skill and just when you think you know it all, someone comes forward and teaches you something new.