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  1. I'll just leave the analogy on the plate. Look, feel how you want to feel. Nobody can change your mind, especially when you insist on and would likely continue to move the goalposts. It's true that the episodes take a long time to come, there's no arguing about that. However, there is no reason to keep beating that drum or tell people they are silly for being both willing to wait and satisfied with the game (especially when they tell you they don't care much for story mode anyhow). You've made yourself clear, so what else can a user forum do for you? Can you find no pleasure in the survival mode at all? There are some excellent challenges from the community that are every bit as compelling as story mode and far more difficult, if that's what you enjoy. "Deadman" challenge is particularly interesting, so maybe you could look into that. Anyhow, I'm not interested in further making this forum a battleground and neither are the mods, so we should both reel it in while we can. For what it's worth, my mistake in thinking that the next episodes will require more money was also answered in my own screenshot, so it seems neither of us are paying close enough attention. Peace.
  2. Here's the store page I see, where it clearly says that the episodes will be released when finished. Too bad you didn't take the time to click "read more" in the "about this game" section.
  3. It's not an argument, it's a rationale. I paid for an early access game some time ago now and implicit in that agreement was that future development was somewhat ambiguous as was the timeline, an agreement to which I willingly submitted and have been more than satisfied with the product since that time. Besides, I wanted and bought survival mode; story mode is very cool, but that's not what I play and not why I paid. When you bought the game, did you see any long-term timeline announcements? Were you deceived in this somehow? No, you weren't and no, there were no concrete deadlines announced, so while I somewhat understand your being disappointed if you bought in later and only for story mode, but you bought in with the ambiguous timeline in place, so...what's the problem again? Finally, if you think Episode 3 is coming for free, I suspect that you'll be further disappointed. I expect HL to start thinking about not being a charity anymore; we've all gotten our more than money's worth between Ep. 1 & 2 and all of the survival mode content we've received and I for one will be happy to pay more for future content. TLD is currently an amazing, one-of-a-kind game and more than worth the money, even if there were no more episodes to come.
  4. While I understand the nature of your post - everyone loves new content - the veiled threats of "we may look elsewhere" and the perceived slight of not being told a specific date indicate a certain lack of both empathy and TLD development history. As has happened to Hinterland in the past and with many, many other game developers, missing a stated deadline does far more damage than the good of announcing one. Even I am guilty of coming down on them for some of their announcement decisions in the past, action I now regret. TLD isn't a cookie-cutter CoD game and Hinterland are no Bethesda; the concept is utterly unique and the dev team comparatively small, even after the expansion. Implicit here is that it's more difficult to know with certainty what will be done when even internally and additions must be considered more carefully, as they lack any precedent. What's the necessary difference between an excuse and the truth? Making great content is more important to me than meeting a deadline and I'd rather have silence than a missed deadline. Considering I have received a multitude of updates and overhauls all for the original asking price of the game - and keep in mind these aren't simply patches or bug fixes but large additional content releases - I feel only grateful. There is something more meaningful about receiving a random gift than one on my birthday. Peace and patience my TLD brother.
  5. Or use the in-game journal for a quick entry in the shorthand of your devise. E.g.; D21: PV: HS - F (2DF, 1Sar, 3Crck) / 3L Wat / Sti / RecWd Day 21. Pleasant Valley Homestead: Food (2xDog Food, 1xSardines, 3xCrackers), 3 liters of water, sticks, reclaimed wood. I think the journal is one of the most important yet underused features of the long-term game.
  6. Hi folks. Just wanted to give a shoutout to TheDEADP00L. He always streams TLD, is an awesome player and is always trying new and interesting challenges. If you have some time, drop by and show some love.
  7. You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, bear?
  8. If you can barely bear the bear bearing down on your bare bones, then bear away from Quonset for a much more bearable situation.
  9. I just loaded up on stones, found a bunny patch and started heaving rocks in that direction. Viola!
  10. Hey guys. I thought I'd put this up for any rock climbers or people interested in what is certainly one of the great athletic feats in recent years: Alex Honnold's free solo - no ropes or gear - ascent of the iconic El Capitan, Yosemite's 2,300 meter face, captured in the film Free Solo. Filmed by renowned, elite climbers, many of whom will be familiar to those of you who follow the sport and directed by E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, who previously released Meru, a film documenting an amazing first ascent of the Shark's Fin by Conrad Anker, Renan Ozturk and Jimmy Chin, Free Solo is not only a climbing epic, but a great character study of Honnold, a very unique and gifted climber. If it's in a theater near you, this is a must-see.
  11. Be fully rested before beginning the climb (that rope, along with one in TWM, is one of the longest climbs) and rest on the ledge, where you can either get a bit of sleep if you have a bedroll (watch temps, storms, etc) or pound a few coffees if you have them. But it is a two-stage climb that needs you to be well-rested at the start and recover on the ledge. Best to start the climb right after sleeping and no running from the cave to the start of the climb. Gotta save all of your stamina and energy.
  12. Thanks for your continued work team. Amazing update, and lest we forget, all of this still for the original asking price of the game. The continued support and work is quite remarkable. Back to the Hinterland store to show some love!
  13. "Yeah, I can make it." Said many times, in many places, shortly before not making it.
  14. As far as I know, the locations have to pop up on the screen. Not enough to have been in the area and mapped have to find the spot to activate the name of a particular place to come up on the screen. I may be wrong, but that's how I understand it to work. Good luck.
  15. I'm just a playing pleb and I'm down with whatever you think is best Raphael. It's your company and while development has been a bit slow, the results are stellar. So, with faith in such continued outcomes, do what you feel is best...I'm not going anywhere. Looking forward to giving you some more money.