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  1. Posting about the problem without providing detailed system information makes it impossible for anyone to help. Looking at the log would help as well, found in your install directory, then \steamapps\common\TheLongDark. Do a search for "error.log" or "output.log".
  2. Maybe one of the deer could have a red nose.
  3. @Drifter Man, I love reading your adventures! Great stuff and thanks for sharing. Lots to learn from these write-ups.
  4. That's good to hear Mel and yes, I shouldn't make such assumptions. Good point and one I hadn't at all considered, but folks who use mods do so at their own risk (voiding the warranty, as it were). I used a heavily modded installation of Skyrim that eventually kind of stopped working (well). I didn't think to take it to the dev forums where I would have undoubtedly have been cold shouldered. Anyhow, a good point to consider.
  5. Mods are ultimately a blessing. They can extend the life of a game with modders creating things and ideas that make enough variation or alteration to a game to re-spark or renew interest in it after the initial wave has subsided. There are many examples of this, some where even the mod has outlasted and outshone the original game. That there may come a litany of ridiculous mods is of no consequence; we all have the choice of which mods we choose to employ. In fact, the madness that can present itself in mods I believe is illustrative of great interest in the game and exposes perhaps otherwise hidden potentials within it, some of which perhaps even the developers didn't see. I am very pro-modding for these reasons and I hope that at some point in the life of TLD it becomes not only discreetly available, but condoned by the developers. If they wish to hold that off until story mode is done, I can partially understand that in wanting to keep the game 'pure' until completion. On the other hand however, Survival mode is all but done, save perhaps some more maps being released. In this sense then, mods made exclusively for Survival mode would leave Story Mode untouched and it could progress unaffected. So, I think mods extend the life of a game and can potentially unlock or open potential unrecognized by the developers.
  6. Spoiled meat works well as a predator decoy, if (potentially) inedible.
  7. suggestion

    First, this response is a bit over the top mate and second, I think it's perfectly clear that the single player experience is the heart of TLD; it's simply stating the obvious. If not the single player experience, what is currently the selling point of the TLD experience then? Sure, it might have multiplayer potential, but what effect does that have on the initial claim? The game is successful and was demonstrably made to be single player, with everything built around solitude. So it's you who has all of your work ahead of you to not only sway player opinion, but the developers with a case for multiplayer.
  8. Yes, the thread did take a somewhat competitive turn. The shots have become progressively more obscure...like there's uber-player cred on the line or something. Anyhow, once it's in the wild, it can turn feral.
  9. One can drop sticks or cattail heads to indicate direction/location markers. They don't stand out on the ground individually, but an arrangement of materials is easy to see.
  10. TLD's version of strafe jumping.
  11. Powerful stuff. Oats studio with "Adam: The Mirror" (lowest; part 1 first) only just released. Interesting that it is rendered in real time; this is not a video (it is now, of course, but this is then a 'recorded render'). I suppose that Neil Blomkamp may be paving the way for some kind of interactive movie or new kind of interactive media. A very compelling narrative and Unity can look pretty sweet.
  12. suggestion

    I will admit that there is a gulf between Stalker and Interloper, but remember that Interloper was a mode made by request from fans for something as close to impossible as possible. However... The OP essentially proposed the 'slider' argument, but is both more granular and more broad. Granular in that particular items are desired, broad in that with that the unspoken corollaries will also need to be present by default. For example, why find a rifle when you'd be lucky to find any rounds? If more rounds are provided, then more fire starting options would be needed not to make the resulting abundance of meat meaningless. Then more hatchets, then more whetstones, on and on. Now we are pretty much back to Stalker (or lower). A new mode that would simply introduce items but not the dependencies will result in a very unbalanced and contradictory experience. If dependencies are also brought in, then the mode moves ever closer to redundancy. From the perspective of altering the balance of game play elements, sliders are the only thing that makes sense. Even then, I would like to see sliders which wouldn't represent an assurance, but only a probability (if set to less than 100).
  13. 114 Days, 260 locations, 100% completion...all mapped, no achievement.
  14. Maybe Will could just find some Bovril?
  15. Ah...so you did. In retrospect, the hint is a good one as well.