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  1. Not sure that halfway down the first page is "digging through older posts", but what goes around, comes around I suppose.
  2. You mean the thread about 10 posts down this page? http://www.hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/16987-where-in-the-world-is-will/
  3. A blunderbuss would be fun. Loading times are long and it's highly inaccurate and rarely immediately lethal, but to let a bear have a face full of broken crockery would be pretty nasty.
  4. Do you have to activate them to play a custom game? Seems easier to just not use them if you don't want to.
  5. Unfortunately all things are relative, yet you argue as though you know what "high" and "medium" actually mean. If this were a bug or series of bugs, the forums would be rattling with complaints; this is a very passionate and vocal community, for good and bad. That it is - or seems to be - only you that has these issues, I would suspect that it gets back to my opening statement: you seem to think you know what these vague terms mean concretely. "Very high", "high", "medium" and "low" are probabilities of probabilities; with sliders things get meta quickly and I for one have noticed clear differences between the settings. Yes, it requires experimentation, but who would have thought otherwise with such ambiguity and likelihoods playing off one another? I have started 7 new games in the last week, each of a couple of hours in order to learn the ropes, as it were and I suspect I will be doing this for a few more 'false starts'. I think it is quite reasonable that with the introduction of sliders, the learning curve is now more fluid and this will take some time to figure out. I thus believe that the things you describe aren't bugs at all and that you adjust your personal definitions and expectations of what the setting terminology means and how such differences may manifest in game. Not trying to upset or attack you at all in this, just trying to be objective.
  6. Home run Hinterland! Great update, thanks for all of your hard work. Thanks for listening to the fans as well; I'm not sure that you really wanted to include everything that went into the update, but it is truly appreciated. I am beside myself with the new range of gameplay options; it's a new game again. Super tough wolves, but not so many...getting stomped by a moose...dreams come true. Big, big kudos to the team. Not that you hadn't already, but you've a supporter for life in me. Thanks again.
  7. GelTaz claimed that shooting the bear in the left eye (its left) would drop it with one shot and I can confirm this. Be well-rested to eliminate sway, have your rifle in top condition and wait for the bear to get close....too close really. I verified this by doing it while near the safety of the veranda at the PV farmhouse. After I dropped the bear, I quit out (there is no save when killing an animal) and reloaded to try it again and indeed, repeatable 4 more times. The key is to 'interest' the bear but not have it charge. Let it see you at a distance and it will start moving your way, then crouch, only popping up to keep it coming. If it sees you, rears up and charges, the likelihood of a clean shot drops dramatically. Run. So, a slowly approaching bear can be dropped with a close-range, steady shot from a well-maintained rifle aimed at its left eye and this seems to be quite consistent.
  8. I ordered a poster some time ago, before the changes and was very pleased with the packing. It comes in a thick cardboard tube with the ends taped and the poster furled inside, lined with clean white paper for further protection. Very well packed and I am half the world away. It took a long time to arrive, but the quality of the poster and again the packing was excellent.
  9. Well, they are dead when you find them.
  10. Uninstalling the game deleted all of your saves, as it presumably would. If you don't use Steam cloud backup, then it's gone. Sad, but true. As for your performance issues, I think it's pretty clearly an issue with the new card or drivers.
  11. What about other games? Do they run fine? It sounds like heat to me actually. What are your GFX card temps and what resolution are you playing at (native res for your monitor)?
  12. Posting about the problem without providing detailed system information makes it impossible for anyone to help. Looking at the log would help as well, found in your install directory, then \steamapps\common\TheLongDark. Do a search for "error.log" or "output.log".
  13. Maybe one of the deer could have a red nose.
  14. @Drifter Man, I love reading your adventures! Great stuff and thanks for sharing. Lots to learn from these write-ups.
  15. That's good to hear Mel and yes, I shouldn't make such assumptions. Good point and one I hadn't at all considered, but folks who use mods do so at their own risk (voiding the warranty, as it were). I used a heavily modded installation of Skyrim that eventually kind of stopped working (well). I didn't think to take it to the dev forums where I would have undoubtedly have been cold shouldered. Anyhow, a good point to consider.