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  1. Conflicting Achievements?

    I may be wrong, but if you aren't finding and reading any books before your skill gets to level 5, then you're out of luck regarding the "Penitent Scholar" achievement, which makes perfect sense given the actual requirements. I can't imagine getting to that level before finding the required books, unless they simply aren't in the world, but I suppose if one also doesn't explore every nook and cranny, it could happen.
  2. Truth is, there are no permanent locations for any spawns, just an increased likelihood as the difficulty lowers. On the lower difficulty levels of Pilgrim and Voyageur, it may seem like X is always at Y, but again, these are probabilities, not guarantees.
  3. I Skyrimmed my way out of MT into FM, then out of there as well...no ropes. The face near the climbing area in MT can be done quite easily (despite it not looking so) as can getting off of Marsh Ridge. Yes, quite potentially game-ending, but ever since the climbing restrictions were implemented, I've started to embrace the crouch.
  4. Holy bears, Batman!

    I play custom runs these days with bears admittedly set to low (I don't hang around anywhere for long; killing bears creates too much meat I can't carry an I don't do bearskin anything, so killing them seems wasteful). I haven't tried it with the setting on high - I feel the place would be littered with the beasts - but low seems to imply at least 1. In my 2 custom runs, I haven't seen the bear that patrols around the cabin below the lookout in CH, nor the one who hangs out up toward the bridge/creek area. Misanthrope's bear is present. In ML the bear(s) around Trapper's and Unnamed Pond also haven't made an appearance. The one on the lake is always there though. So maybe 'low' means 1 bear spawn per area...?
  5. Where in the world is Will?

    Correct location, and yes, a mod used for screenshots.
  6. Permadeath

    Difficulty is indeed a continuum. Interloper without permadeath is on the easiest end of that spectrum because you simply cannot lose the game. In TLD's context, its god mode.
  7. Permadeath

    This isn't really an argument against permadeath, with so many options available to you that would allow this objective to be satisfied. There are preexisting modes that are quite hospitable indeed as well as the ability to set up a custom game where particularly lethal aspects can be reduced or eliminated. These suit more casual play styles and it sounds like they fit your desires at this point in time. Hinterland have already betrayed some of their most closely-held aspects of the game as a compromise to players such as yourself with the addition of the custom game feature, something which not all that long ago was answered with a flat "no, we aren't making a customized experience". Well, they compromised and went so far as to allow one to completely disable the vast majority of lethal parameters and that still isn't enough? You can't have your cake and eat it too: you can't have the Interloper experience with a safety net. The trade off of disabling permadeath is simply too great and is contrary to the most fundamental nature of the game. It's called "The Long Dark" because regardless of how or when, the inevitable outcome is death. How long would one expect the game to go on until the land is utterly depleted of resources? Reload all you want but there is a finite limit on survival or, if this isn't true - and some have taken this to task with 1000+ days survived - then certainly on how much 'fun' the extreme long game might provide. It becomes a mundane rhythm after a while and that is yet another way to lose the magic in what the game offers. I'd rather die from a moose stomping me than walk off a cliff from boredom or even worse, simply abandon a run altogether. The fun is in the early game; I have started so many sandboxes and deleted them on the third week because that's when things stabilize and the risk of death - barring idiocy - sharply declines as does the thrill of the game. It isn't just me either; I would wager that the vast majority of TLD players feel the same way and those that don't back up their saves. Problem solved, but asking HL to do this for you isn't really fair; they have already given more than enough in this respect. There are other games out there that have permadeath but we feel that this isn't fair in TLD because of the investment, both emotionally and temporally, but again, these are not reasonable arguments against the feature. These are emotional responses to what almost universally seem to be the results of our own mistakes and we want the game to in effect accept those mistakes, but it doesn't and we don't like it. Well, that's tough, but that's the game. To be clear: if there were a way to toggle this feature without borking other things up, I am fine with it, but one cannot make the claim that it would in any way be the same game after having done so, and that is the issue I have with this discussion. "The Short Bummer" is perhaps more a more fitting title for this mode.
  8. Alcohol And Cold Survival

    Rather find a big bag of BC bud that cures cabin fever.
  9. Permadeath

    Nobody is judging anyone; this feels like the defensive language of the overly sensitive. Making one's opinion known does not constitute a judgement toward those whose opinions are contrary; this is the nature of healthy, constructive debate. I agree that the option to toggle permadeath is a reasonable idea, if only to maintain the player base. HL stated very clearly long ago that there was zero chance of a customized experience and that has fallen by the wayside, so they are listening and making changes, even ones with which they might not completely agree. It does seem that there are two discussions however: one regarding where the 'thrill' of the game resides and the other regarding the severity of punishment said thrill can dole out. I don't think anyone is arguing about the former, so it simply becomes a question of if this should be a toggle option or not. What would such a setting affect? Certain achievements, for one. Many would indeed lose context and thus meaning; making it to 500 days with 50 reloads seems bittersweet and hardly an 'accomplishment' in the current context. It may reflect one's tenacity, but in and of itself, it means one just put in the play time. So while the idea of a toggle seems simple, it does have corollaries that need consideration. And yes, making it to 500 days with permadeath present is a greater achievement than through reloading and if that difference makes one feel somehow bad, then too bad. Any quick-save or reload option should be accompanied by a clear and present tally of how many times death occurred, which would make for a new and interesting statistic to play against (another way to measure a personal best). I can't recall what game it was, but when 'god mode' was enabled, if the player would have died in a given situation, the game displayed the screen-wide message "Player should have died but God Mode is enabled" and wouldn't remove the message until a reload was enacted. I thought this was great: you can have your Godmode, but we won't let you forget that you're using it! So, sure, toggle it, but let's not ignore the knock-on effects of doing so, nor ignore or downplay the differences that enabling such an option creates.
  10. Permadeath

    Permadeath is the way TLD should be played and if it ever went away, so would the tension that makes the game as compelling as it is. I've said this many times: be careful what you wish for because without the constant danger of losing it all is a heartbeat, any victory is rendered far less meaningful. Keep it brutal; no hand-holding, no mercy, a razor-thin margin of error, 'cause that's where the fun is. While not endorsed by HL, it is well-known that one can back up saved games easily and while it won't put one right back to the second before the fatal moment, it is an option for those who need some measure of insurance. If that's what stops someone from playing, well, the gamer in me says fine, but I also want the game to thrive, so backup if that will keep you playing.
  11. Where in the world is Will?

    Cool! Not a hard one, but the 5 wolves...!
  12. Where in the world is Will?

    Nice to see this thread is still rockin'! Down at the bottom of the ravine in Broken Railroad?
  13. Moose On Broken Railroad?

    It's a thing that shoots, as does a bow and arrow. My bad. And well done on that!