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  1. Bear Traps!

    Well the internet beat you to it; that discussion has been had a few times and it always failed to be either funny or successful. Glad we averted that roundabout.
  2. Bear Traps!

    Then how about introducing cannibalism and eating the frozen corpses laying around? Yeah, some bets still stand, even in a video game. HL would (rightly) have animal rights groups all over them for putting such a cruelty into the game, especially as we have a far more acceptable (though still debatable) method of dispatching wildlife already in the rifle.
  3. Wall mounted Antlers and Heads

    It's a morbid practice employed by show-off trophy hunters to hang in a rec room, not by people who truly live off the land. If one is truly surviving with nothing, there's nothing to hang anyhow. Everything would be used, right down to the bones. Celebrating the kill would be each and every meal the animal provides, each tool made from the bones, every warm night provided by the pelt, every fish caught with the bait and every wolf distracted by any viscera that couldn't be used. Sorry. I have strong feelings about this kind of thing.
  4. Bear Traps!

    Ever seen a bear - or any animal - caught in a trap? It's absolutely heartbreaking. The most inhumane, unsporting way to kill an animal and they should be outright illegal. I would drop this game in a heartbeat if they ever employed such a cruel practice.
  5. Is Episode Three Canceled?

    The initial release of episodes 1 and 2 were very revelatory for the team. I think they saw things a bit differently after release and understood that some things would need adjusting or tweaking. Each day that passes means the next episode will be that much better, that much more refined and polished and that much more enjoyable. I hope that these types of threads don't start showing up here often: no matter how well-intended or innocent they may be, they can't help but seem to lack a certain measure of empathy. I'm so happy that when looking through the forums, I see so much excitement not about what we might have, but about what we do. No offense to the OP at all with those last comments. I sometimes drop in on the Steam forums and while they are reasonably well-behaved by Steam standards, they can't touch this place in terms of civility and gratefulness.
  6. Question about the TWM region

    Crouch is OP. Just load up until you are just inching along and start down the billy goat trail.
  7. Constructive criticism of Milton Mailbag

    Participate? Is this a democracy? I think some privilege checking is in order. Raph doesn't post here because it's quickly overwhelming and pointless and there's no un-ringing that bell once rung. Things just turn into noise and nothing comes from it, an an inescapable whirlpool. If I were a dev, I wouldn't post on my forum either, getting into the inevitable factional fray and having to either meditate or moderate or worse still, compromise. This forum is quite well-behaved, but it is fundamentally no different from any other in terms of the pitfalls of interaction with the community. We have no claim to stake in development. We are only players with our voices and a soapbox here from which to make our views public, but to ask for developer acknowledgement for every idea that pours from the masses is not only quite childish, but terribly impractical. To say that they aren't paying attention is simply hyperbolic; things get noted and this place is a great source of notes and potential tweaks and adjustments, but again, for the core dev team to be on here is fanciful. They have work to do and even an hour a day here means lost productivity. Then there is the whole hype-thing. Devs make a single mention of something and pretty soon things are out of control. People get themselves wound up into a frenzy, conflating fact with speculation and rumor creating false expectations. I think the team learned a valuable lesson after last years' countdown to a countdown episode: silence is often golden. A monthly update is sufficient and I for one don't mind a bit of mystery.
  8. Constructive criticism of Milton Mailbag

    Well, the thread seems to have veered in a different direction, but my thoughts on the Milton Mailbag. The questions asked were low-balls, none of which I felt was a pressing issue nor a question that really mattered, from an 'intensity' point of view. Yes, they are legit questions, but hardly the most important (or contentious) nor required any significant detail in the answer. I felt that it was a way of filtering discussion and gives the impression that the devs are actively paying attention while managing to avoid any meaty discussion. I understand that wading through the forums might be a full-time job and there needs to be a method of separating wheat from chaff, but this method smacks of an echo-chamber where interactive discussions will be limited to what the devs want to talk about and even then, only closed responses. We're free to talk among ourselves about anything we wish, but only particular types of questions will get a direct response and none will be truly interactive. Which is fine, but let's not feign anything different. That we expect HL to be hands-on with the community is odd at this point - they are no longer a little start up - but then why even try to be that way? Let everyone know that things have scaled up significantly since 2015 and the team no longer has the time to engage directly. Show you are listening with updates and patches...that's enough for me anyhow. But this heavily moderated and filtered Q&A is a bit silly and is something I don't need to see. I'm an adult who has empathy, insight and patience enough to allow you to work without the need to hold my hand.
  9. Manual saves

    Now, now. People bought the game and they're free to do what they want. Let's not turn this into a divisive thread (despite the potential!). The OP is asking a specific question and that isn't how you feel about the idea. I only backup my Stalker saves before an update, and then only in case something goes wrong. I don't restore them if all is well afterwards. I don't typically play a high-risk game; quite conservative in my decisions and always opt for safety over speed or convenience. So, no, I don't backup for the purpose the OP described.
  10. I'm loving the update in general. Sound design: I can't list everything I've noticed that's changed, but it seems like quite a bit. Footsteps, ambient forest sounds (?) are what seem different, but maybe I'm listening too hard. The lighting is very nice. Much more subtle in many areas and very nuanced. Again, I'm quite sure this has changed, but can't be certain. Some texture work as well; the stones and rock faces have some more varying shades of brown/rust and the cave textures look a bit different as well. The new region is inspired! Very interesting terrain with many potential places - nooks and crannies - to take shelter, despite the lack of structures. The climbs are not really fun - my old weight restriction complaints re-surface here - but I love the idea of a stepped landscape. The rivers and falls are great for navigation and the ice caves! Amazing. Magical. I took a walk of faith and darn near got frostbite, but went through some falls and was rewarded. Thrilling indeed. My thoughts on the cooking system have been stated elsewhere; maybe I just have to get used to it. Great work HL! Thank you for this. I start my summer vacation in a week...I think I know what I'll be doing for a couple of days.
  11. New campfire cooking - some observations

    This still doesn't address the main point of my post and I did cover the return-on-investment dichotomy somewhat indirectly in my opening sentence, but indeed, the can. A chance to repeat the actions and manual waiting to get the water you need for the day. But you can multitask! Until I have a watch that tells me when an hour has passed so my precious can isn't reduced to stove-top slag, then I'd best be babysitting. I won't be posting any more about this. I don't want to be a downer, nor do I want to heap negativity. I've had my say and I am not trying to be divisive or start a argument. I fully understand that many of you - the vast majority - are enjoying this aspect and I'm honestly glad you are. Peace.
  12. New campfire cooking - some observations

    I have to say that the weight of the pot is highly problematic, particularly that it is really the only method of getting substantial amounts of water in a reasonable time frame. Like we didn't have a struggle with weight management already and now we have to lug around an additional 2kg of metal to achieve the same result. I know I'm going against the grain here, and I hate to be anything but supportive of the team, but why such minutiae with cooking? What benefit does this new mechanic bring to the game? I suppose I can see the appeal from a sim-like perspective, but is this kind of mundane activity really what we want? A survival game cum cooking sim? What's next? Chopping wood with alternating mouse clicks? Sewing with figure-eight movements? Fishing with jiggling? Panning the water from toilets? Pulling open drawers and cabinets? Is anything that currently has a simple filling circle a candidate for interactive granularity? To be clear, I'm not against new ideas and mechanics, but this just feels misguided and I truly hope this isn't indicative of the direction of the game moving forward. There are far more meaningful things that could be implemented it seems a shame to have taken such a macro on one aspect that was in no way broken or lacking. Cooking is now laborious and tedious while before it was unremarkable in and of itself; it was a just a suitable means to an end. You want cooking? Fine. Here. A gift that keeps punishing. Mea culpa.
  13. What does your character miss the most?

    Netflix and the bong.
  14. Greetings from a Cree man

    Hello Little Wolf! Nice to see you here. I spent a few years in Southern Saskatchewan between Regina, the Qu' Appelle Valley and Yorkton...beautiful land down there (but quite inhospitable in the winter...never known a colder wind). I was lucky to have met many wonderful people on the reservations there and yes, very kind, humble and good-humored. I hope you have a good experience on the forums...good people here as well.
  15. Survival aids food.

    Oxo and (Romney's) Kendall Mint Cake are from the UK. I'm fine with Canadian MREs.