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  1. The title says it all I understand that it is ruined, but I should be able to re-build it with a more resources than repairing it, but less than making it from scratch. The trade off is that it should take double the time because you have to dig it up and re-lay it. My snow shelters are important for me not to get cabin fever. But it stresses me out having to keep them maintained before they become ruined. Soon I will have loads of ruined snow shelters dotted about the landscape! lol ps. the same goes for ruined lockers! lol! I will smash it with my crowbar! maybe it damages my crowbar more, but it should not be inaccessible.
  2. I like this idea quite a lot. Something I found/find quite upsetting, is when you cook, how quickly time flies. Especially at the beginning of the game when everything is such a struggle, the only time I get a nice feeling is when the fire is going. And then I am so freaked out about not wasting wood, Im desperate to not waste any fire time to just enjoy it! It would be nice if the cooking could show as happening a bit slower. Although I'm sure this could get tedious. The 'multi-tasking' item they mentioned might cover this in the future. Maybe the more complex meals could be this slower process, but it would unlikely happen early game, so that would defeat the need for that feeling of warmth at that point.
  3. A good bath is definitely worth 17 hours of hard work but in all fairness, it would not realistically take 17 hours to melt enough snow for a bath or to heat it up. But I need you to realise when I am being serious! My stance still sticks with regards to hygiene. We should be able to wash ourselves and our clothes, otherwise it just feels immersion breaking. It should not be a win or loose thing like eating, but there should be consequences if you are not hygienic
  4. shhh... my name is Jimmy
  5. The camp office in mystery lake. I had to move out... it wasn't working between the two of us. I tried to talk it through, but he just didn't seem to care. He was a cold person
  6. At least let me bury them! Having them sitting there... in my cabin... waiting patiently for me to come home like a loving husband... it gets a bit weird.
  7. A big reason for hygiene is that its an immersion breaker. I am not as far as day 400 in game yet, but even at day 50 I am wondering to myself... didn't I find this pair of underwear 40 days ago? and I haven't washed them once! wft?! lol. It kinda bothers me. It will also make it more important to try hang onto all those other clothes that arnt quite as good as my best clothes. It might take a day to wash them, and so having an alternative set would be really useful! Function of washing us, as well as washing clothes? Washing clothes improves longevity. They dont wear down so easily... this is kinda true for real life. Wet, dirt jeans rip easier. Washing us could help with mental well being, improve resistance to cold and help us recover from illness? The best could be when we get to fix up our places and we could have a BATH!!! OMG! That would help with my cabin fever. In fact, I might get agoraphobia: Spend 24 hours in a hot bath to recover TLDR: washing helps maintain us in body and mind, and it helps improve longevity of clothing while giving us a reason to keep those less good items of clothing in late game.