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  1. question

    I realized after the first 100 hours that I had nicknamed my character "Princess." As in "shut up, Princess, you'll be fine," or "Deal with it Princess, you can sleep when you're dead."
  2. 50 Shades of Cujo.
  3. Rifle vanished after bear struggle on the road in the Coastal Highway map, just outside of the fishing camp. Tracked the bear, double and triple checked the area. Bear died, alas, he did not have my rifle in his gullet.
  4. True (although starting a fire requires a firestarter of some kind, which when you're starting off on Interloper, you don't have...) I'd mostly like to see it as something that ends a wolf struggle more quickly, with a maybe 2% chance of wounding them (extremely low, as all wounds are fatal to wildlife.) The wolf runs away and leaves you with less damage than a protracted bare-handed struggle, and gives you time to escape (or find another Branch) before it comes back to finish you off.
  5. Don't you hate it when you're walking around bare-handed and desperate on Interloper, and a wolf starts running at you? Wouldn't you love to pick up that nearby Branch and use it as a club? Sure, it breaks into Sticks after one use, but at least you can fend off the wildlife.
  6. This made my day
  7. I'd like to move those plastic and metal containers. If I can load myself down with 70 pounds of meat, I can strap a box to my back and relocate it to my porch.
  8. I hate having a corpse stink up my otherwise lovely base. Plus given the future implementation of sanity/willpower, cohabiting with the dead would probably not be great for one's mental health. Whether you make a cairn or bury them in snow (imagine it however you'd like) the easiest way to implement it, to me, would be this: Player walks up to fully looted corpse; option 'Bury body' is available. When selected, screen fades to black and time passes/calories burn at the same rate as 'Pass Time.' Action always takes 4 hours, not possible to cancel once started (alternatively if cancelled, must start over from beginning.) End result- corpse is removed, tombstone appears in a pre-determined location nearby. So you bury the guy in the camp cabin, his body disappears, and a cross (same skin as the ones outside Trapper's Homestead) appears outside the cabin. Each corpse has a grave spot assigned to it that spawns a tombstone when you bury it. For corpses that attract crows/feathers, the grave could accumulate feathers as your creepy winged visitors stop by. (Although to be honest I'd rather trap birds to get feathers and meat, and have the crows and their noise disappear once you bury the body.)
  9. suggestion

    Sounds like something that could be lovingly addressed by the community with a modding toolkit. I'd rather the devs work on new game mechanics than reskins of existing items.
  10. There's a mod for Skyrim called Automatic Variants that lets you have a pool of different skins for each creature, and the engine randomly selects from that pool to create diversity. I'd love to see a modding toolbox that will allow the community to create something similar for TLD. Less work for the devs to create all those skins.