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  1. Yeah you shouldn't have any problems with your loot getting eaten just yet. Keeping meat outside in the cold helps preserve its condition (as you probably already know), which comes in handy a lot for me, especially because at least for now we can take advantage of the lack of a game mechanic where food left in the elements gets eaten xD. Besides that though, I have had experience losing arrows which frustrates me a lot. Renegade30 mentioned a list earlier about reasons why arrows might be lost/how to find them again, my my hypothesis for your problem is this: A few times in the past, my arrows have disappeared despite my combing the areas where they might have gone. It's awful. The latest time this happened though, I barely noticed a single feather from the arrow poking out from under the animal (a deer in this situation). No matter what angle I moved at, I couldn't get the arrow back. This leads me to believe that there are certain spots on animals where, when they flop dead on the ground, the arrow is not retrievable. In any case, I had to leave the carcass anyway because of weather problems. When I came back to the area a good while later, the carcass had disappeared along with my arrow. Whether or not this is actually a thing or not I have no idea, but perhaps it does present a bug. In your case (where you actually quartered the animal), the arrow still vanished; which I think is really a bug on its own.
  2. suggestion

    I think that having a greater species diversity among all types of animals naturally found in the Canadian wilderness is a good idea; its something the community has been ask for forever. My only thing with bears is that, the black bears we have now are way too big. I know they can get pretty large but a real black bear is quicker than a grizzly, climbs trees, and is pretty small in comparison. I would say the size of bear we have now is about what we should have for a grizzly or brown bear. One other thing though, black bears are more offensive when stumbling upon humans. A grizzly will hopefully leave you alone if you play dead, but a black bear won't settle for that. In black bear attacks you need to be on the defensive while remaining calm and unthreatening. If we are going to talk about countermeasures against bears (which I think is also a good idea because I hate not being able to do anything once attacked in the game), then they should be used with technical accuracy against the respective bear species. Play dead against brown bear = good Make yourself look big and back away from black bear = good. One more thing: I see a lot of people requesting polar bears. I don't think this is very likely because: 1- If polar bears are added perhaps things would be a little too divers amongst the ursa population 2- Polar bears are OP! They can stand up to be over 10 ft tall! 3- A polar bear's natural diet of seals and fish, along with the fact that a polar bear's natural habitat of frozen tundra and arctic region is opposed to that of the woodlands of TLD's world and abundance of deer and wild berries.
  3. There are already a bunch of easter eggs both internally and externally. I think the some of the names of the authors on the researchable books are some of the real names of the devs. There's the grave marker with the initials, "KG", inscribed into it (which, to the best of my predictions: it is something to do with story mode or connects directly with the Hinterland staff). The descriptions of most of the craft-able fur clothing can be found mentioning how they make you look like a Mad Max character. We know from the Hinterland team descriptions that the staff are all serious fans for the Mad Max movies. Along with all that, there is an abundance of Canadian references across the board.
  4. Wintermute isn't a real word, but more rather a word created by the devs to describe the state you are thrown into in TLD. The title of the game itself, The Long Dark, means darkness (obviously), and a connotation to a lack of sight or that there is nothing to be seen but darkness. With Wintermute, the thing that comes to mind is its relation to hearing. When I think of Wintermute in my head, I think of how freshly fallen snow muffles the sound of everything around you. It creates a really eerie yet beautiful distortion in nature, where nothing can be heard. Wintermute sounds to me like danger because of the deafness you feel when out in the snow like that. Perhaps it also relates to speech, and that you would be left speechless if you crashed your plane into a cold wilderness with no sign of relief. Those are just my thoughts, and I applaud Hinterland for being so creative with their titles.
  5. Yeah it's bothered me a while that you can see the internal magazine from just holding the rifle and expecting there to be 10 rounds able to be loaded. If the internals were not exposed, maybe you could fit 3 or so in the internal magazine. This edition graphically, along with the first person presence (fingers, hands, and clothing) will be added in the next update, Faithful Cartographer
  6. question

    More than likely. The bunkers are randomly generated across multiple different spawns in each region. Perhaps there won't be one in the new region(s) we are getting in Wintermute, but we know that we start in Mystery Lake, which has a bunker in it same as all the other preexisting regions. Perhaps one of the goals in the story is to locate a/the bunker. We see all those flashing monitors in the trailer and my first instinct is that all that stuff in underground. I've been wrong before though
  7. Maybe. Either that or "Tourism is the game, so Mystery Lake is the name!"
  8. I made a post a long time ago about this. I think a co-op option would be amazing with everything from social interaction to packing separate supplies for journeys or after the killing of an animal. Sleeping would be the most difficult part, but if a system like there is in Minecraft were applied I think it would work. Either that or just sleep the hours you do while the other person still plays (which would work great for people playing in different timezones or if a break is needed on one end for a few minutes)
  9. You could get stuff to make fires or maybe even materials for ammunition crafting. I guess it all depends on what Hinterland has in store for us, but yeah, getting some more use out of the flares, especially when you have a lot that you might never use would be great.
  10. Suppose one wants to craft a knife. What do I want it to look like? A stainless steel blade with a deer antler handle? A galvanized blade in a fir handle? Or maybe I want a patch or something to attach to my clothes. Maybe I want beads on my bow or tallies etched into the stock of my rifle for every bear I kill with it. The possibilities are endless! Obviously things like tool crafting, accessories, and the ability to pick and choose what your stuff looks like is a major change and requires a lot of work, but I feel like it would add a ton of diversity to the gameplay and just allow one to make the world their own to a whole new level.
  11. discussion

    I'm surprised that collecting bones isn't already a thing. It would be cool to have to make a knife blade in the forge, but then require a bone and combine the two. This also goes into custom designs and custom crafting.
  12. Mystery hype!
  13. I agree. We should keep the weapons to a selective minimum, at least in any difficulty above pilgrim. Maybe they'll add a hunting mode later on?
  14. It sounds interesting, but I think the devs made harvestable meat all inclusive, with just a single graphic for each type of animal meat.
  15. I don't know exactly about scavenging the maps from the boards just yet (I think it should wait until a map system is actually developed), but I do think it would be awesome if they would make the maps actually describing the regions they are in. I understand this just means more graphic design from the devs and a lot of topography research, but it would be a great way to set a bearing during travel or finding parts more difficult to locate. I also believe that the detail and condition of the maps should alter with game difficulty. Pilgrim would have totally intact maps, while voyageur would have some damage, and scavenger would be just scraps that don't help you at all. And of course, there should be final prayers or pleas for mercy on top of the map boards in interloper xD