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  1. Fewer but more punishing ankle sprains

    Its definitely RNGesus not helping you out here. Others also are upset about it, but I think its one of those issues that is actively being worked on. I've rolled my ankle once or twice while out in the boonies, and usually why it happened was because fatigue set in and I was just plopping my feet up and down. Maybe make it so that ankle sprains only really happen when fatigue is almost maxed out and you are carrying a lot of weight?
  2. Muzzleloaders

    It has been proposed before, but I think its one of those game additions that has to be made "digestible" for integration into the game. This might go against my own predilection for more nuance in the game, but you'd have to simplify all of that or else I think you'll just have a bunch of players tilting their heads in confusion. I'm not against the idea of a muzzle loader in the game, in fact I think its kind of cool. I've been less than 5 feet away from a pair of fellow shooters sighting it in (it was a modern muzzle loader though), its got a thunderous boom.
  3. Armor-piercing Ammo

    RNGesus was with you that day, I have broken many an arrow against just the lowly deer. I somehow hit one in the knee, more than once, he still kept running and I was out of stamina. Then there are the countless others where I thought I had a solid hit only to have the arrow bounce off.
  4. hopes for next update

    I'm liking the owl idea, I think it would be cute until it steals something from my pack lol. I think more predatory behavior form the ravens would be interesting, I've seen some pretty big ones where I live and I can only imagine the ones in Canada to be heartier. If the geomagnetic event made all the other animals out of the ordinary, I would think the ravens (as big as they are and as numerous as they are, don't they all flock together?) would be a legit threat to an adult.
  5. Armor-piercing Ammo

    lol I feel like your icon is very appropriate for this post I'd like to jokingly propose, that any animal that you don't successfully kill, will a.) have persistent scars or arrows (as in your icon) b.) become twice as hard to kill, and c.) be able to "sense" you coming
  6. Many items

    The fact that hibernia appears abandoned makes me think that whatever oil may even be stored there was most likely not stored properly. I'd also wager that the geomagnetic event would've caused any sealed/stored products to become unsecured and maybe even spilled or become no longer sealed and maybe contaminated. Maybe it has a lot of oil, but I would wager that not all of it should be unusable, just going by the fact that everything is a mess.
  7. Armor-piercing Ammo

    I've used the flare gun against wolves and bear before, how effective is it on moose?
  8. To be able to sit in chairs

    This, I always found it strange that I can technically be standing at a workbemch crafting for 8 hours straight as long as I had enough daylight and had my food and water meters full.
  9. As a concerned fellow human being, don't act on something like that with insufficient sleep
  10. Your Hopes For The Long Dark

    Agreed, I have no fear that Hinterland will do what Bethesda did with the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76, I was about to pull the trigger on one, but the availability was spotty at the time. Today you couldn't give it away with the controversy surrounding it.
  11. lol if there was a way to simulate an inability to sleep in the game, I would say I had a lot of sleep problems that year. I lost a lot of weight though, but not by good diet or exercise, I would literally just drink that, often skip a meal and stay up late. I went from 260lbs to 210lbs that year, but at 210lbs I felt incredibly weak all the time and it felt like I could get hurt fairly easily.
  12. So yeah at one point I would drink three of these throughout the day, and for the most part it was just about everyday for almost a year straight. I can only imagine the damage that much caffeine did to my heart.
  13. Reishi is a psychedelic mushroom

    Ah, say no more, its nearing the end of the day for me, I would go for coffee like OP suggested but I don't want to be up all night either. Have a good day sgt!
  14. Reishi is a psychedelic mushroom

    No problem, are you posting on a mobile phone by chance? Or are you on a computer (desktop/laptop)?
  15. Reishi is a psychedelic mushroom

    I have been encountering this reaction more and more, but is the not showing up when I post? When I see that smiley posted I process the post as a joke and respond along those lines, was that not happening between us?