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  1. I think that horses will be easy to leave alone to eat if you get the shovel in there, grass is always there even in winter, but its under snow and ice, so if you can just clear a spot, they can eat the grass that is dormant under the snow. So there is a use for a shovel! This should be a good thing to have.
  2. you can look up summary of wanted features and it will pop up
  3. It could be a minor detail that shows how a person handles grief, traumatic events loneliness and hardship. Implementing it is worthwhile, the way it is gone about is subjective but it ought to be in the game for use with NPC's. It would deter NPC's from becoming friends but keep you more alert to your surroundings where you are more nervous and afraid, it will also make you louder though when you talk to yourself, and you may become so unstable you kill yourself if you do not take good care of your mental state, you can also have other personality bars and dispositions as well as attributes and appearences, this would go ell with the other place where they talk of customizable players, where you can make yourself positive in areas you choose with a set amount of points which you earn through playing more, and later on you can change yourself more, because people change over time it would have a good feel, so this would be a small contributing factor in a larger idea called; characteristics, it would have your disposition mental state, strength, body type, facial features, color, scars, charisma, disposition, temperament, mindset and other attributes which you choose and later on get more points to decide what you want your character to be like, it will help in situations you have with animals, NPC's and yourself including your safety, health and wellbeing
  4. I have people in my family with mental disabilities I am not being grossly stereotypical, in fact I myself had a mental his ability that was minor enough to grow out of at a young age so that there in no need for even coping in fine now but its just a good idea since we know the world has dramatically changed, perhaps it will not reflect insanity but just trauma like ptsd where you are hypersensitive it will make you extra alert but look dangerous to the NPC's that's all I mean by this, understand me before you get too opinionated please. Do not cloud your mind with this we are simply here to make ideas and I believe showing the sad new world like this makes this idea a good addition.
  5. Please all of you here bring your ideas to the summary page they are great and aught to be implemented I am trying to make a comprehensible list and if its under my page I can do it better:)
  6. Put the horses idea into my summary page its noteworthy
  7. It will bring a lot to the table if implemented properly, for instance it can deter people to become allies if you look too unstable. That would liklnk to the NPC's I hope to see and have complex relationships to, it would be god to have a charisma bar too so that it will be easier to get more than one ally and a trustworthy group, so I am also making a point for NPC bars where you need to have a good group. This all needs to become more complex so bring this to my summary page. I want to make a list of implement worthy wishes and you got my attention:)
  8. I think it would play in nicely with the strong focus I see on morality and that leads me to the idea I saw of a emotion gauge , so eating mans best friend will have some rebuttal, you aren't without remorse. But I think that it shoul be an option to see ho far somebody would go to survive and feel it withou as little of a screen as possible.
  9. not like mad max but not like hey hows it going nice of you to stop by have some peaches fella:0 there needs to be a survival struggle and people need to lose humanity and some need to cling to it to have a good feel that life has changed dramatically. There will be emotion in them too and they will have a side to sympathize with and some will not and have gone rogue and crazy. Also i didn't say en"slavers" i said enclavers, people in a group, like a small village who band together and survive, I want them to have a market so you can get goods and hopefully have a place so survive with others, where the majority of NPC's will be hopefully. They will be the alternative to respawning items if the developers don't like the idea of respawning in one very large map only and so that you can't just camp out and wait for items but have to keep moving from town to town to get items and survive. I don't think its going in the mad max direction either because that was over the top ridiculous apocalypse, this is more artistic beautiful, artful made look on realistic survival in an apocalypse.
  10. the adorableness is unbearable and the face-paw is even better than words can describe, it is purely magnificent
  11. Thank you all for your stance on this, but can anyone get past the multiplayer now, I feel this section if a bit fixated now on something I had no intention of using as a focal point, I was throwing it out there and retract it now for the most part as not the best idea and certainly not for the long dark if no one wants it. How about the Dogs idea or the enclave where you can buy and sell in a market you can go hunting and come back to it and sell the meat and hide, and also buy things, how about the idea of more in-depth crafting and more things to craft, and more weapons, not for bulk but for diversity, a revolver, handgun, shotgun, crossbow and compound bow would fit in comfortably in this game, and NPC's would be good to survive with talk to have fights with and steal from, which in turn you have to watch out for as well, there should be scavenging survivors who are friendly, crazy (dangerous/not dangerous) who will steal or talk to you or attack you, and roving hunter NPC's who could be friendly or kill you or steal from you, and enslavers who are market owners and survival groups who you can join. I was also thinking of there being condensed cities with pockets of good and moderate loot but hard to find and most condensed but still sparse NPC's then small towns and huge wilderness areas, Because I heard of there being an extremely massive map eventually being made, and I think respawning can be done, but after very long periods of time between cities and towns, so you can't camp and wait for more goodies so it's still survival and not taking it easy. I want to see those cars and sleds and scopes for rifles hopefully. hope you guys at hinterland and all the rest can focus on this stuff too. And PLEASE add your own stuff too, I want to make this a summary page to help out the guys at hinterland to make a sorted and filed, organized list after a while of suggestions.:)
  12. As I said before in no nations forum I want to donate enough to get as much wishlist items and hopefully all of them and I think that finances are the only thing holding them back.
  13. I was thinking in regards to your statement about multiplayer, online servers made for up to 15-20 people an loot would respaw however it would only respawn in a region as big as the one promised, they spoke of massive areas which i'd love to see have small abandoned towns with like 3 scavengers hanging around (NPC) that will either attack, steal talk peacefully or team up with you, and large condensed cities with oots of metal and small pockets of well hidden loot, and then huge expanses of wilderness, and this is the only area that respawns,also it will be made completely impossible to wait for it to respawn,it will take more than a week or two before it respawns loot. I also see there being more than one gun not for base thrill of guns but for fullness, you don't just have one option in clothes or animal to hunt or direction to move in you have multiple. so I would like to see a scope, and a crossbow, a compound bow, a shotgun, a revolver, and a hand gun. I would also love to see an enclave where you could trade for goods and be able to live in for an ending to story and a base of operations as a destination to reach in sandbox. Do you see my idea as doable?
  14. A chow dog would be one of the best dogs to defend you, they have been known to take down bears
  15. I believe anyone with an idea should put it here ,this could be the suggestion box compressed so that the developers don have to tak a long time to find things that they are looking to implement, I will add what I have seen and liked later as well as put the most approved ideas up in a final page. So please, put your polethora of ideas here to be compressed into a list comprehendable for the great developers at Hinterland studios here. The ideas that I believe In most are dogs, making some old and some young, the young would be easier trained and healthier all around but slower and less helpful while very old would not learn as easy and would need to be tamed,the classes would be hunter to help retrieve killed animals "game", scavenger to point out loot and food, defender for keeping you safe from bears & wolves, and traveller wgich are a special type only for the promised huge map in place of a car the idea would be that electricity only works during certain hours and are not as safe but. are faster and have good features, Alaskan malamutes & Siberian huskies as the traveller, golden retriever then beagle then Irish setter as hunter dogs from worst to best,and street mutts in abandoned city areas for scavengers, the defenders would be the german shepard, Rottweiler, Doberman pinscher, bullmastiff, Kuvasz, and the Chow, the rank is the same as the hunters and the rest, the chow will intimidate every animal while the others will need to go into combat and you can train each, another thing would be to have abandoned cities workinhg cars that need gas and maintenance, and enclaves at the top of the promised huge map,it can have lots of trading markets and you can live there in the end. Ialso think more complex things can be done to crafting like making riflerounds as well as having club and blade weapons, I personally would like to see a revolver shotgun handgun and scopes added each thing you would have to find in rewpect to the scope abut could be attached rarely and id like to see npc's and maybe even small servers for a handful of people in a multiplayer setup. Now go on and tell me your ideas...