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  1. fps drop

    that's what i'm talking about
  2. fps drop

    any progress on this issue? i really want to go on my interloper save but i haven't been playing the game for 2 weeks because of this low framerate problem.
  3. Xbox Low Framerate

    i also touched that issue under another topic: until hinterland fix this problem with a proper update, i dont play the game on xbox because it makes the gaming experience worse. i haven't played the game for 2 weeks because of this.
  4. Dissappearing Flare Gun Shells

    same here. after i have the flare gun, i went to the dam. put the flare gun and 4 shells on the ground but there was only one shell. others have gone.
  5. Share your screenshots

    Cozy night in ML caves.
  6. Archery/Mending Research Books

    Got to agree with you on that. We need those books as we have a rifle skill book. So why not archery?
  7. Yes, the problem is in the topic. The game loads so slow when I go outside from a building. Many times I have to wait for 15-20 seconds to load. It is faster when I go inside tho. Anyone experiencing this problem?
  8. Potable Water Bug

    There are two potable water in my inventory
  9. It would be great if we could find alcoholic drinks such as whiskey or cognac that provide extra heat like existing hot drinks or foods in the game. Bottles can be looted in the houses or rural store and they don't have to be a full bottle of drink. Can be looted at different litres and the protagonist can choose amount to drink. The more you drink, the more you get drunk and have to wait some time (or sleep) in order to recover. Another suggestion is extra afflictions like catching a flu and pneumonia. (like hypothermia risk) I really look forward to share your thoughts on this.
  10. Waterfalls - Source of Non-Potable Water?

    That's a good point! I do the same thing in real life.
  11. Potable Water Bug

    Today, I experienced an interesting bug that the game did not allow me to cook reishi mushrooms and said that there is no 0.25 potable water in your inventory. So I looked up my inventory if there is any and saw there is 2 litre of potable water. I did try again but the same issue. Then I melted some snow and boiled it to see if the game would allow me this time and it works actually. I experienced this issue twice. For the third time, the game allowed me to cook some with the existing potable water in my inventory. I think, it fixed itself but this bug could repeat. By the way, it came with the latest update which is about 97 MB. FYI...
  12. Snow shelter purple edges

    I wish I was blind lol
  13. Share your screenshots

    Already done That's a good idea! Thank you man!
  14. Share your screenshots

    Having difficulty to find an animal in Mystery Lake. The global temperature dramatically decreased, i.e. max I feel like -8 with 2 deerskin pants, a rabbitskin mittens, and 2 wolfskin coats. It's becoming worse day by day. I have a magnifying glass but it is almost impossible to catch a sunny day now.