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  1. Last answer for the night, bout to go to bed. Episode 2 ending has you go into the dam during the aurora when everything works. You have to explore it and figure out how to get out before day cause if the aurora ends, you end up trapped and that's no good. Or at least that's the gist the game gives off. It's not super time pressing, cause the night can last a long time, but you never know.
  2. If I remember correctly, there's a rope at the destroyed lookout (which was the former lookout). Can't go down it with more than 30 kilos but you can go back down the trail so that's no big deal. The other one is at the very end when you're in the dam. Time is somewhat of the essence so while I guess it might be possible to go down, drop things off, go back up and pick up the rest, I didn't want to risk it. Left behind one or two items that I was not happy leaving behind but overall felt okay with the equipment I still had. But this is at the end of the episode so shouldn't hit hard until episode 3 or 4 comes out.
  3. Happens one or two more times in episode 2. Was not happy about it either but you make do and leave behind the stuff you consider less valuable.
  4. Rope tears apart when you go down. It's an old rope.
  5. I didn't try to mountain goat down; didn't seem possible for me but it may be for someone else.
  6. Saplings are useless, can't make anything with them in episode 2. Same thing with wolf pelts. Only thing worth carrying over from episode 1 are guts and deer hides. Cannot make a bow in episode 2. You'll find a rifle about a third of the way in episode 2. Hunting knife is in one of the fishing huts but I never needed it that much, just used my hatchet in fights/cutting stuff. Plenty of whetstones in episode 2 if you look around carefully. Anything firestarting seems to qualify as wood for the old lady; best thing to do is go find a branch and cut it down or go through the abandoned homes tearing the furniture apart. Old lady lets you learn how to craft rabbit mittens. Episode 2 lets you learn to craft deer skin stuff. No one else living I found in episode 1. Old lady was kinda terrifying.
  7. You'll only be able to take 30 kilos with you; you can't have more than 30 kilos when using a mountaineering rope. Take 30 kilos + mountain rope and good luck. It gets richer episode 2 so you shouldn't be too upset.
  8. Not related but I'm hoping you're asking because you finished. If so, please help with lower dam. I can't figure out how to get out of there.
  9. None in Milton, if I'm correct.
  10. If you have a flare shot, use it right away. Then when he's panicked, shoot him or follow him, get to the next save. Shoot him at a distance, you can get off 1, maybe 2 shots, then flare when he charges. Rinse and repeat till he goes down.
  11. Oh and don't forget to look for rifle cartridges in the house, should be around 12 or 13 of them (2 boxes of 5, a few individual ones scattered throughout the house). Also, the rifle cleaning kit is next to a box of em on a bench on the main floor, don't forget that and make sure you clean your rifle out before you start again.
  12. Rifle on main floor above fireplace.
  13. easy way to get back to the railway station is to die then reload from the last checkpoint. Reloading will take you back to where you wake up from your head hit nap. I had the same problem.
  14. Well if we go down this path, then i dont think you need to scare a bear away. You just fish at another location. Furthermore bears ought to mostly ignore players sjnce theyre too busy fishing unless players get too close.
  15. I'm curious, how long does it take for wolves to respawn after you kill them in an area generally? If you keep killing them, do they disappear for good?