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  1. We have great crafting patterns for our coat, pants, gloves and feet, but we have nothing for the head. I suggest that a pattern be included to include a head covering in wolf or bear fur. What do you think folks?
  2. Howdy gang - I've been moving from using the hunting rifle to using the bow and my aiming and shooting ability has improved quite a bit. However, the current aiming point in TLD is a small white dot. This would be a great tool if the majority of our time was spent shooting game in forests or caves bur ALL time is spent shooting at animals in a snowy environment. Therefore, it is often difficult to even SEE the aiming spot because of the surrounding snow and ice. I suggest keeping the white dot, but include a red or black circle around the white dot. It doesn't have to be very large - but this inclusion would make it a lot easier to aim.
  3. That's a great idea Timber - you approach the subject just like you would do it in real life. You must have had your brain food this morning (wink).
  4. Wow - A lot of intelligent discussion on this topic. It looks like other folks have thought about this too. Thanks for the input gang...
  5. Perhaps this topic has been covered before, but how exactly do you AIM your bow and arrow at an animal? There does not seem to be any sight to use, like with the rifle - so I was just wondering. Also, I have noticed that you cannot shoot your arrow when you are in the crouched position. Maybe I am getting it wrong. Your suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  6. Hi gang - I have made it a practice of keeping my knife and hatchet sharp, but I was wondering when is it actually really needed. If you try to keep your knife (for example) over 90% sharp all the time, you are going to burn through your stone pretty quickly. So, if you want to keep your knife sharp to fight off wolves for example, does it really make any difference whether or not your knife is at 50% or 90% sharp? Or, would the better plan be to only start sharpening your knife when it drops to say 30%? Thanks -
  7. How many of you have been attacked by one wolf, and then before you can even bandage up you are attacked by another one - and you DIE? That must have happened to me at leave 24 times in the 47 Sandbox games I hae played so far. I am getting really tired of working in Voyager mode on a new Sandbox character over many hours over a couple days, exploring much of the world and improving my clothing and skills only to be killed off quickly by the double "tap" of two wolves. I know this game is difficult, but in Voyager mode - it only makes sense that you should survive for more than 3 or 4 hours of play. Hell, I don't fall off cliffs anymore, and rarely die of starvation - - but this double tap wolf crap is really making the game un-fun. I'll just hang up this game for awhile and see what happens.
  8. Hey guys - Thanks for the tip. I will check it out next time I am there!
  9. Still a somewhat Newbie here, so can someone give me a lead on locating the forge in FM? When I come in on the RR tracks, If I keep walking on the rails, all I see are ruined rail lines and wrecked rail cars. I have gone to the right, and eventually found the Transmitting tower but no forge was found around there, but perhaps I missed something. When I go instead to the left, I don't find much - just a lot of thin ice (lol). Thanks -
  10. Good point on not loading up your rifle with all your bullets.
  11. I've been playing TLD for a few weeks now, and I have made my share of mistakes, so I hope you can learn a thing or two from me about what NOT to do. RIFLES and AMMO I hate to admit it, but I actually recycled an extra rifle I found, thinking that by some magic I would be able to harvest ammo from the second rifle. Well, gotta tell you friend - it doesn't happen that way. When you find a rifle, it is empty and it probably needs cleaning anyway before you can even use it. So, if you have been collecting bullets along the way, you can finally load your rifle by pressing the "R" key = "reload". And NEVER recycle a second rifle. Why is this important? Well, just today I was attacked by a wolf I was shooting at, and after I recovered from the ensuing battle, the rifle was nowhere to be found. It wasn't in my pack and was not on the ground. I sure I wish I had that second rifle now...One more thing - don't waste your ammo making long shots unless you are very certain of your target and have advanced your shooting skill. You will just waste ammo that way. OVERLOADING your PACK Ya, I know - you want to carry everything you can when you are moving from point A to point B. The result is that you will be walking very slowly and will have trouble walking uphill. So, next time, take only what you really need and then come back for the rest when you can. I might be wrong about this, but I've noticed that when I carry a lot of weight, my nice trail boots seem to need a lot more repairs than usual. So, if you really need to carry a bunch of extra weight, be sure to carry extra cured leather to repair your boots. I recently followed my own advice to collect coal from a mine (coal is pretty heavy, if you have not tried carrying much of it yet). After I had already traveled and set my my base in a new location, I dropped everything non-essential and went back and collected all the coal. That coal really makes the fire burn hotter and longer. LOOK before you EAT Have you done this yet (lol)? Grabbed a piece of meat and mistakenly ate it before you cooked it? Did that once - ha ha. Good thing I had plenty of drugs to heal myself. Also, some canned food is not necessarily good to eat. Peanut butter is probably the most filling found food, but I got sick once from a jar of it - must have been rancid or something. Also, if you run low on water for some reason, remember your canned peaches if you have some. They are good for the water they provide in a pinch. Also, forget eating the salty crackers, unless you have extra water on hand. Speaking of water...remember that you can get water from toilets if you have not already drained the toilet tank. One more thing, someone mentioned in an earlier post that if you are low on food, remember that if you have rose hips and the mushrooms in your pack - they will provide a little bit of food value. HAND made clothes DO wear out I thought I was in hog heaven when I finally make a wolf hide coat, deer hide pants, rabbit mitts and the boots. Oh goodie I thought, no more need to collect cloth and leather for repairs. BUT, you will need to grab some more animal pelts eventually to make repairs on your hand made clothes. FLARES do not chase away BEARS Yes, they will often chase away wolves if they are lit and you "brandish" them in their face, but they have absolutely NO effect on bears. You should have seen all the blood on the ground after the bear corrected my dumb move (lol). And yes, it was MY blood.
  12. Ruruwawa - I had not thought about that trick of making a fire next to a frozen carcass. Good tip!
  13. Thanks SteelFire about the "equipment" issue. You are correct - when I have a knife in my inventory, I seem to recall that I have used that to defend myself against a wolf. It didn't make all that different in the end though and I still died. My lonely, broken and decaying body just fed the crows/ravens in the end. My Spirit fled the mortal coil and landed in Trek/Geek land where I was met by a saucy looking Vulcan chick. I'll get pictures next time (wink).
  14. Thanks for the answers and suggestions folks. I still think a generalized compass-like indicator in the upper right would be nice. I suppose that an actual map, showing locations of things would take away some of the mystery of the environment, but as this game grows, and new areas become (hopefully) available, an indicator showing true North would be helpful.