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  1. Glad it's working for you, Mugger! I'll pass along to the team that the interactions with combination locks have been unclear to some players.
  2. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! In regards to comments about wild boar in Canada, no they are not indigenous and yes we do have lots of them , including in BC -- they're a pretty big problem, too.
  3. Hi Mugger, thanks for your post. I have some questions and apologize if the answers seem obvious -- I want to make sure I full understand your situation and don't miss any details that might be important. What exactly are you seeing when you activate the vault door? Are you using a mouse/keyboard, or a controller? Do you see or hear anything when you use your movement keys/thumbsticks? Do you experience the same issue when you activate the safe next to the vault?
  4. No offence, taken @Tbone555-- feedback about how the game made you feel is appreciated, and among the most valuable type of criticism we can get! My post was simply meant to address a misconception that seems to be floating around. Hinterland does have full-time professional testers who work on both consoles and PC and before a big release everyone on the team jumps in to help, so it's a little frustrating to see comments that suggest testing didn't happen.
  5. Yes, we are still aware of this issue, care about it, and are working towards a solution. @stan_marsh, we have responded to your messages many times now. We know these issues are frustrating and don't enjoy them any more than you do, but constantly accusing us of ignoring problems and being rude about the development team is not helpful to anyone.
  6. It's coming! We were hoping to have it available on iTunes last week, but it's been so busy nobody has had time to catch their breath. We will definitely post about the soundtrack when it becomes available -- we've had a lot of requests for it and it's wonderful to hear people are enjoying the music as much as we do.! If you'd like to get information about merch or game releases sent to you directly, you can also sign up for our newsletter.
  7. Hi @mmvspace, there are currently options to craft and place rabbit snares. Were you imagining a different kind of trapping system?
  8. Thanks for posting about this, it certainly sounds like a bug. Moving this thread to the Technical Discussions sub forum. Don't forget that bugs can also be reported to the developers directly at the Public Bug Database!
  9. Yes, we did do play testing before release. The entire Hinterland team, myself included, has put long hours into into playing the game before launch to help identify and patch as many issues as possible, so please don't make posts suggesting we didn't. It's just a very big job for a small team: Wintermute contains lots of brand new content systems and any patch carries the potential to introduce other issues, especially if people are tired, under tight deadlines, and spread across multiple platforms and configurations. I'm not saying this to make excuses for problems, just to provide more context and help address any concerns that the team doesn't doesn't care about bugs or are not doing everything possible to address them. Thank you everyone for you feedback, we appreciate your posts and are monitoring comments from players closely, even if we are not always able to respond like we have been able to in the past.
  10. Something to be aware of: a lower frame rate can cause clicked to be "missed" by the game. If you are having difficulty filling up a bar when clicking, try adjusting your settings for improved performance. You can find steps for different ways to optimize performance in our Technical FAQ.
  11. Thank you for your reports, Stan. We are not ignoring any issues. While we are not able to reply to every comment, the team is identifying and working through bugs as quickly as possible. While you are welcome to you opinions, insults and negative personal remarks don't make patches happen any faster, or contribute anything useful to the forums.
  12. In a manner of speaking. Our team is small, and Wintermute has quite a bit of dialogue -- it would be a huge task for us to have voice over and lip-syncing for every line, when the time and resources could be applied elsewhere. That said, we appreciate the feedback about your experience!
  13. Thanks for the kind words, @michaelyork777 and @PotatoLord163 -- we're looking forward to sharing more the world with you. And welcome to the forums!
  14. Not being able to continue to the Episode 2 with inventory intact was a bug, which we have just released some patches for. If you see this again after updating, please report it to our Public Bug Database: https://hinterlandgames.atlassian.net/projects/TLDP Thanks for your help!
  15. Hi everyone. We recently released some patches to address these issues -- are you still having trouble bringing gear over into Episode 2?