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  1. Two words shoe cobbler. It's a nicehe profession but yeah it can be done and figured out by the amateur. It's not easy... But is possible. Remaking rubber soles is a pain...
  2. Or at least salvaged to some degree.
  3. question

    Anyone hear of the next update/hotfix eta?
  4. Sweet roll recipe ... GG..
  5. Please add eating to the list. I don't think slurping up certain foods fits.
  6. The star map doesn't seem to be a good source of direction. I've tried a few times to chart it based on just the largest stars and it's seems not very static.
  7. +1
  8. Yeah animal pathing needs tlc
  9. This should be a thing.
  10. As an avid hunter I can tell you it all depends on the style of bow. In a sitting position drawing a simple curve bow like the survival bow is no more difficult. It does however take more time to bring to full draw until you get used to the movements. It does also significantly increase accuracy as your body has multiple points of contact to the ground making you more steady. Where this really shows is in compound bows. They have what is called a let off. Where the draw weight is significantly decreased by a pulley breaking a line of set tension. To the degree of a compound bow set at 130 pound draw weight will let off down to around 50 pounds.
  11. question

    Weather comments would be nice. Going from cheerful to satire Like "Oh my favorite snow" "This fog is thicker than dog food.. man that stuff tastes terrible" "Finally a bright sunny day" "Blizzard today looks like it's time to curl up with a book"
  12. Day 175 and I have about 50 rabbit pelts. Really wish I could do something with them other than mittens. I wouldn't be opposed to a jacket. Or even turning them into cured leather so I can repair my Muks.
  13. @Ape88 could be. The devs haven't drawn a line
  14. According to the cinematic storyline teaser the female is a surgeon. First aid 10/10 training The guy is a bush pilot First aid 6/10?
  15. Wolf deer and bunny bedroll. Bunny bed roll would attract wolves but be warmer and lighter than regular bed roll deer would be heavier than regular but significantly warmer wolf bed roll heavier than deer and warmer also keep wolves away.