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  1. Clipping Issues

    Did you guys request this clip be taken down? @Support
  2. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #12

    it's great to see the feedback form the staff, please continue. Even if the questions dry up. Maybe updating answers, rephrasing, following up, or asking for more clarification. But continue the conversation. While it may not be the original poster, things you say or mention may spark new angles. Develop some means or method to keep this channel of communication open and in good practice. It's like a muscle, you gotta use it. ;p Stay warm.
  3. Celebrating Fans and Friends

    i cannot wait to watch these... ;p
  4. Clipping Issues

    I am far enough out of the loop that I am unfamiliar with the terrain. But as a player I have watched regularly, this guy knows how to exploit you guys's stuff. Just thought you should see some areas they found with collision problems, breaks in the landscape. It's not a campfire at the top of a tree, but notable enough. Thought I should pass it along. I dearly hope to play this one day. ;p https://clips.twitch.tv/ScrumptiousAwkwardKathyKippa Edit: this cat has got a lair at the top of brokeback mountain.lol and for kicks he shoots arrows out into the void just 2 f with u guys , i dunno if theres a vod of it. but he is supplied and living there, ahahh...
  5. Great to see! Best of luck with the launch. Edit That was brilliant! I have never seen it look so clean and crisp, I had to watch it for the third time in 1080. The music could not be better, superb work! Again, watching it mawr... The store shelves have never looked so vivid to me before, and truly the art is delicious. The creepy ending, the weird deep tingling sound. So, good. And kudos to the bullet zing~moose gorging what a sequence. Not to mention the pan through at the beginning, with the card. And the single crow caw, after cresting the hill (third scene from the beginning, with the colored sky. How quiet it was to hear that bird is how this game feels to me. Great feels on the vid! Keep it up!
  6. only half way through this and it's brilliant.
  7. Favorite and most hated MRE!

    any of the meats that are 'Chunked, and Formed', my favs....MY cracker jack prize was coffee and creamer.
  8. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #5

    great post! keep up the good work! I've gotten to load it a few times now, then is locks up, but thats progress in my world. One day...
  9. Enjoying my Reishi Coffee

    gonna have to try it just for the reishi....
  10. Boiling water change in the hotfix

    that sound could make my mouth water sometimes, while watching twitch... It's a good sound file.
  11. Share your screenshots

    did you have a crackling fire? light breeze? that's nice thanks for posting!
  12. '.....and added several minutes of new ambient music to Survival Mode.' ~this since no one mentioned it. great game guys, keep up the good work. One day, I will get to play....
  13. IF not already...

    worked that time, bye bye
  14. IF not already...

    ps forum people the ignore command doesn't seem to work... i'll try it again, just in case.
  15. IF not already...

    youre right. get lost