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  1. One of the wolves in game (%chance*days)develops the knowledge that you like sticks, and will stop to pick them up. So, it devises a trail, to a trap. Growly has watched this two-legged clankity-clankity creature for days and days. Wondering why, this lumpy swaying creature, stops to pick up useless twigs and sticks. And, is willing to divert in it's route to retrieve them. Knowing this sad, lurching creature desires them so much, a kernel cracks in the shaggy course fram-of-a skull. The slavering builds, pooling droplets litter the chilly snow.....
  2. A hardbound book like Unearthed Arcana, for D&D, just for TLD. That doubles for a game manual? we can haz plz?
  3. Where do I find the game manual? If I own the game? Where should I look for it?
  4. Any chance the Game manual can be linked here in the forums somewhere, or if i'm blind a bigger sign?
  5. It still hurts my heart to see the bunny life get ended, how's that for realism? Some get too much, some want too much. We all might get less, but we all want more. Great game, and great work Hinterland, everyone there putting in the hours to make a 'entertaining' game!
  6. I feel like I have heard, or read, that sleeping with gear on lowers the quality of the sleep, thus the rate of condition return/heal rate? Is this a mechanic?
  7. Posted yesterday at 11:38 AM (edited) Five min later, oof. Sorry I posted in the wrong area! My bad....
  8. Sad face. I think I got like 3-4 folks to buy it in the past couple days. And since I can't play it, I feel the steam issue all too closely. I am avidly against having third parties separating player/owner from software. Granted TLD is a different category/genre than my usual. But, even the copy of simcity I have makes me log into an origin launcher when i want to play. I despise that with every fiber of my being. I hadn't played in months just a week ago, and had to make arrangements to get back into the account. Wretched. I will never be okay with not having access. Both liking or upvoting, that forum entry feels weird! I am most certainly not 'happy'.
  9. Wow. So. Yummy. It looks like an amazing update, so chunky.
  10. Yes Yes Unconcerned Yes, yes Kinda, kinda Not really
  11. I can't play the game, nor have I yet(long story). I own and watch it on twitch. But, since I can't play, I have a question about the random world generator, or survival mode settings. Are players able to pick and chose areas they can explore, what maps they can use? Say I want a game that consists entirely of Mystery Lake? Or only be able to play the Carter Dam Area? Would it be interesting to be able to pick and choose areas the can be used. Like a map with checkboxes with areas and connectors that are accessible.
  12. I like the idea of scaling also being somewhat indicative of strength. Some objects in game do have something of improper scale, i've not really put my finger on it until now tho'. I will pay more attention in the future. But, the idea of variable critter size adds a new dimension without adding extra mechanics possibly. An opportunity to tune up hit/collision boxes, models, a further pass into sound, and scale approximation.
  13. A spend by points toon-building survival sim variant. Instead of the known characters, allow for a spend-by-points character stat builder. Also, allow for the unlocking of the story characters to be playable. With their respective stats, and corresponding strengths and weaknesses. Grey Mother has cooking 5 from the get go.