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  1. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    When will the custom settings for wildlife-struggle be fixed ? I thought I found the Holy Grail in these settings and then they dont work... found it out after being killed by a wolf instantly after ~8 days, despite "Struggle condition lost" set to none. Its frustrating for me getting instantly killed by a wolf - often times it was not preventable. I like them to be a threat but not to be the Grim Reaper(insant death sentence).
  2. Cabin fever risk - infinite duration

    Heard about that too, when one actually gets the cabin fever and survives it. The cabin fever is gone. Thou, I hope the issue with the cabin fever risk gets solved. Hard to survive a cabin fever on interloper. I imagine it takes a lot of resources. Besides that, You know, technically its not suppose to work the way: not be able to dogde the actual cabin fever because previously the cabin fever risk never changing its value to zero.
  3. Cabin fever risk - infinite duration

    I am not sure If I understand You. I did start this game after the latest update, yesterday. If You referring to the savegame date... I did change my system clock.
  4. Alpha v.388 The cabin fever risk is not going down. The cabin fever risk is at 23%, I spent 8 hours outside at a campfire, the percentage number didnt change. The last two times I got cabin fever this happend. Both times on interloper, different locations. One suggested to change the system clock before the 4 day event. Last time it seemed help. This time it didnt help. Added the savegame files, put them into a savegame folder. You will have cabin fever risk which doesnt go away. There is a fire outside. You will spawn in a selfmade shelter( Coastal Highway near entrance to Pleasant Valley ). Just slept 3 hours. The fire is low on wood. boot global scenes.zip
  5. I noticed the wooden walkway was flickering. I moved across a couple of times, still flickering. If I positioned the camera in one angle, it will show one texture. If I moved the camera a little, it will show the other texture. After like 40 seconds it decides to only show one texture, then no more flickering. between were I was standing and the red thing in the distance, is the texture I am talking about. The two fighting textures:
  6. Sometimes at night in houses the light shines through the windows as if it were day. One Moment the house is dark like it should be in the night the next frame its lit. At one occasion I was running in the house then it happens. The other I was busy with container left it turned around then it happens. In the past I reported this bug happening in the dam, it was taken care of. Picture of two different houses: Another House, same issue ( suddenly the house got lit, outside it went dark a little while ago ) :