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  1. i think we should just scrap the whole game and make everything pizza. like even you. you are now pizza. how will our main character bush pizza-pilot, will pepperoni struggle to survive in this harsh post-pizzalypse world fighting pineapple pieces.
  2. It would seem so obvious to have these in really any sort of man made shelter or container, from fishing huts to hydro-dams. It could be used as a temporary fix for clothing until you have the resources to fix it with leather or cloth. Another use is bandages and wound sealers. For example, during the Vietnam war, American soldiers would cover their chest area with layers of duct tape so their skin, when shot, would mostly stay together instead of bursting outward like a burst water balloon. Although we probably wont be shot you can see it would obviously work well for i guess protection but that would be too much coding work so for repair and medical, these should definitely be added in! Thanks for Reading!!
  3. I was just reading the post on less derailed trains and i started thinking why we don't have the front or end of a train? Then my thought process went to a caboose that the player could live in, as an interior location. I can only imagine it being roomy and cozy looking because all the pictures of them online look so pleasant to live in. like LOOK AT THIS. i l o v e i t Thanks For Reading!
  4. The option to open a can with a knife, hachet, or can opener should be removed after you reach cooking level 3, because those choices are useless and dull your blades, so you should automatically smash those cans! Thanks for reading!!
  5. You dont really need a shovel to dig a hole in snow, and it wouldnt be a problem if you have nice gloves. Maybe a better idea is that building a snow shelter will freeze your gloves
  6. oh jeez i guess im too late
  7. Come'on hinterland, i want my ramen cups and packets!! You cook them with a bit of clean water over the fire and get about 400 calories per pack. Thanks for reading!!
  8. suggestion

    *cough cough* hoodie description *cough*
  9. He's saying that it would unbalance the games natural order and difficulty
  10. Do you hate wasting valuable firewood and time purifying the snow you melted? Thankfully, you can skip all that hassle with a Charcoal based water purifier! Okay, this might sound a lttle odd and far out there but hear me out okay? By crushing up charcoal and draining water through it you can get 100% safe water. Setting this up is a pain in the ass, but can be done in the wild.. only if there was another way to instantly get clean water. Oh wait there is, that being certain water-bottles that already have charcoal filters internally implemented! I think a very rare item, (that i cant decide should be repairable or not [or maybe only repairable with unique tools]) should be found on dead bodies, homes, and other places people would settle down, would be a charcoal filter water bottle that you can dip into a fishing hole or other unfrozen water (each use slowly making its condition decrease more) and get maybe like 2 liters of clean water without spending time making a fire, melting snow, then boiling. Thanks for reading! Feedback is welcome and appreciated!
  11. @Frozen guy i see but that video is already 4 years old, it could be nothing more than a model for a video. although if im incorrect,(which is very possible)my apologies
  12. okay so i know that we can already make a snow shelter, but what if you didnt have any cloth its too windy to start a fire. night has just begun and at this point most players would embrace their fate and "fade into the long dark" But what if you had a wind proof tent? It would take a heavy hammer and would steadily decrease in protection the longer its up but would last you the night. it would take an in game time of 30 minutes to set up which seems reasonable to me. (i'd personally like a first person view and having to personally walk to each end and pressing the space bar to hammer in the anchors. they should be rare and difficult to find but reparable with cloth or just a sewing kit to mend tears. Feed back is appreciated and welcome. Thank you!
  13. yeah actually i forgot about that, youre right. And ill keep that in mind, thank you
  14. Okay, i was watching a national geographic film in class and it briefly mentioned mountain goats which started a train of thought on snowy goats after me and my close friend talked about it, i went home and did a few moments of research and found an animal similar to a goat does very much exist and thrives in the conditions we are exposed to in "The Long Dark" Its called a Muskoxen and seems formidable enough to be added in the game (preferably scarce and a pain in the ass if they attack you) and it seems from a little research that against a human it could hold its ground and wouldn't back down from a challenge if you step unto its territory. I think if one catches you, it'll charge faster than you can run when encumbered by 35+ kilograms, and it'll knock you down forcing a quick time event that isn't very difficult and less damage than a wolf attack, but only if you fight it off properly by clicking your mouse key (or "A" button) while occasionally using A and D (or joysticks) to dodge it's sharp horns witch would do a lot of damage, after each charge it will back up, regain it's posture, grunt loudly, before pawing the ground and charging once more. this will keep you on edge and scared between moments of running away but it'll old because it will continue to charge you until: it dies, you die, or you leave its territory. The territory it holds shouldn't be easy to avoid or staying in one place. Every few days it will switch to where ever the NPC roams and then it will settle down and guard its land. This way they might catch you by surprise and spice up game play. They might have a group of 2-3 but only one, the alpha, will attack you. If you kill the alpha the other 1-2 muskoxen will flee and will be difficult to catch up to but possible to kill if you line up he shot quick enough. Another Idea is that they'll only attack if you get too close or you if shot at, unless, its their mating season (which is summer but spring would work fine for in game) I'll add a picture of them so you have a better idea of what i'm talking about, thanks for reading!
  15. I like this idea a lot! The 'being able to craft at night" aspect is the thing that im most intrigued with, and you could make very large candles for different amounts of fat/wax that last different lengths of time, if you have many you can create a substantial amount of heat and having one on hand would be nice to slightly warm the air around you!