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  1. At first, I was thinking perhaps it would be a good form of defense against bears, but because the bear spear will eventually be integrated, they would neutralize each other for the most part. My guess is as good as yours for its function, though I see it as a viable way to pump lead into whatever is coming at you. Depending on its caliber, it could do some SERIOUS damage. Handguns are a force to be reckoned with, I assure you.
  2. Wait a minute... Is the naming of Milton a tongue-in-cheek reference? Since the book ‘Paradise Lost’ is written by John Milton?
  3. Sorry, Raph… I didn't mean to make you sad . On the bright side, TLD exceeds that one by at least 1,000,000%! Really loving Wintermute redux, btw!
  4. Back in 2011, there was a game that came out for various consoles called Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai. Although it's too early to tell yet, the storylines for The Long Dark and this game are oddly familiar. A female doctor hires out a bush pilot to fly them to a remote community to cure an unknown disease, and the plane crashes in the wilderness, and the pilot and the doctor get separated. I suppose the major difference between TLD and that game is that the latter didn't have a particularly fantastic story or great gameplay. But seeing as how they are extremely familiar, at least as of now, I was wondering if you were at all involved with Shadows of Katmai, or if this is purely coincidental?
  5. Oh, the number of times I've sprained my ankle while mountain-goating….
  6. Obviously I'm not the first one to say that everyone on this forum would shuck money out to Hinterland in a heartbeat, because the quality of any and all DLC that they could potentially release would be more than worth a few dollars. Hell, I'd give em money for nothing in return, I love them so much
  7. Thanks a lot! You guys are the best!
  8. I recently bought the soundtrack on Steam, and I probably sound like the stupidest person on earth, but how do I play the soundtrack? It won't open up separately, and it isn't in the main menu either.
  9. I wonder what kind of music Will likes, since he's missing his playlist so much. "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd would be a ironically fitting song.
  10. I know that the moose is a fairly recent and game-changing addition to the game, but is the cougar/mountain lion still even a ghost of an idea? Also, have you guys considered adding small, non-interactive animals like mice or songbirds?
  11. So, the other day, I broke down the chair near the door in the trapper's cabin. I had set a prybar on it earlier and hadn't expected anything to happen when I destroyed it. To my great surprise, the prybar had vanished, apparently gone to the same place the poor chair went. Today when I loaded in, my 10 pieces of fir firewood had disappeared as well! Help!!!
  12. Whaddaya mean? You don't like having to divide the Celsius Temperature by 1/32 and the. take the cosine of the tangent of that number to find Fahrenheit?
  13. I mean after the invisible church wolf, who could be scared anymore? PS: Anyone know if fluffy is still in the dam in sandbox?
  14. Actually, Wintermute got me over my fear since you had to face the inevitable in order to move forward. I have since been able to headshot nearly every wolf I see. Looking forward to the addition of moose and beyond!