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  1. It's all good, but I am SO ready for pt. 3!
  2. How did you find out when ep 3 is released?!?!?!
  3. So the fog must've been intentional.... I slept through the night, was still foggy, thought I was unlucky but pushed on anyways.
  4. How did I miss him???
  5. Seems pretty difficult to stuff that thing in a book bag... Then again, I did put a rifle in a vault before....
  6. So he's definitely in episode 2?
  7. Tried it at least 50 times and stomped away muttering expletives.
  8. I hope it's soon!
  9. If he's ok, he probably has a giant gash in his head and a major friggin concussion. Holy hell.
  10. Wait, what?! Where did you see this? I want to meet Methuselah so bad!
  11. All lines of convo are spoken and not just magically and silently said without mouth movements
  12. I have a small amount of hope for episode 3. It's supposed to be about Astrid this time around, and according to the storyline, especially with Grey Mother, she pretty much is running the whole time, hopefully preventing fetch quests at the very least. I really liked the ending of episode two, it shows potential for the next 3 episodes. I agree that characters need to be fleshed out, there needs to be more than one per region, and I would at least like to see that the silent conversing becomes spoken. I thought that the cutscenes were on point. I especially liked the 2D and I just hope that the devs listen to our cries and change it up. There's still time to redeem Wintermute and I believe that the devs will do so.
  13. Oh, I didn't know that's what you were going for! You have seen the episode where he becomes a zillionaire though, right?
  14. That's actually a pretty good idea...
  15. Yeah, the only problem is that I'm supposed to be able to escape the dam before daybreak or I fail the mission.