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  1. I've been told no, they don't respawn in Survival mode. Which sucks because I adore those cat tails. Even if not totally realistic it would be nice to have them respawn after a while.
  2. ha, that's kinda crazy and funny.
  3. One thing that came in really handy for me in moving between certain areas was using the trunks of cars for storage along your route.
  4. yep that's one thing that irked me about that challenge. they lead you along with one expectation then open a trap door in the game logic to trick the player into being mauled. I posted about this a while back because I had shot the bear 21 times and avoided being mauled, and was gently instructed that I was playing the game wrong. I think this way of thinking on the part of the game designers has a negative effect on other aspects of the game as well.
  5. I loved Sandbox to death, really liked episode 1, got a little ways into episode 2 (completed rifle repair quest) and don't really feel like playing any more. I think for me it was more fun when survival was the only goal and I could approach it however I wanted. Now it feels like more of an annoyance to be dealt with as I complete the fetch quests. It's just a LOT of walking and starting and cancelling campfires. Also I'm not a fan of certain aspects of the game, like shooting wildlife, but Story Mode requires me to do it. Of course, any complaints about the game come with the caveat that Sandbox did and does give me one of the most enjoyable and memorable gaming experiences ever. I think it just may come down to the decision making of the game designers... they have created a great framework for a game, but maybe haven't quite nailed it yet in terms of what the game should be.
  6. I could swear the last time I tried this the wolf ran right over the torch, so it may not be 100% effective.
  7. Welp, I didn't survive the seemingly simple mission to relocate temporarily to the Trapper's Cabin. Spent a day out hunting and gathering near the Cabin, and was getting kind of low condition, but nothing alarming. Finish the hunting/gathering for the day and head inside to cook as night falls. Accidentally drank unsafe water and got dysentery. Discovered I haven't brought the purple pills with me, nor any mushrooms. Pitch dark out and a blizzard. About 30% condition and dropping rapidly. I go for it... grab a lantern and head toward the Camp Office to see if I can make it to my pills. Sprain my wrist during the walk. Vision starts getting fuzzy, etc. :\ Dang. I had almost all of Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway mapped. Oh well, the Story mode release will cheer me up!
  8. the sound of meat cooking
  9. This was the bane of my existence in the early going when first exploring the world. My technique was to start from an indoor location, then go out and pick a direction to walk in. I'd just explore that direction until I reached the limits of my condition, and then reload the game. Sometimes I'd sprain my ankle when I was quite low condition and no idea where I was. Perilous times! But those are the best parts of playing the game too.
  10. Boo. If I'm going to get oil from the harvesting, I think it should be included on the list. I'm sure I'm the only one who thinks this but that's cool.
  11. thanks, I've completed the challenge long ago. Once I found out about this I loaded up my game and sacrificed myself to the bear. Leading the player toward a pre-determined failure is not a challenge, imo.
  12. Ha, I've done this so often... paused the game to do something else, come back having completely lost my train of thought and don't know where I was going or what I was doing.
  13. Hm, I'd have to say no, I'm not totally sure because I've never actually harvested one -- I've been reluctant to because I've looked at the Actions/Harvest window specifically looking for the oil but I only recall seeing scrap metal listed as a result. I should check this out.
  14. Wanted to see if anyone else has encountered this minor issue... when selecting radial menu items you are using the same stick that is used for movement, so when you come out of the menu you start moving in that direction. This happens a lot when placing the bedroll for instance. Also there was a time I had stopped and made a fire, and selected my charcoal to survey the area. the charcoal is at the top of the radial so when I selected it i immediately stepped forward into my campfire. Sure you can try to be quick about releasing the stick, but maybe another option could be to use the D-pad to cycle around the menus. Not a super-huge issue to be sure, but one that I do think about whenever I'm playing.