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  1. HI there, Been wondering lately if the the game is learning my playstyle and adjusting to it. I tend to start a new game - trying to break 20 days mile stone on Stalker difficulty - and do certain thinks in same order every time: collecting sticks, ripping curtains and so on, just to get some supplies and at the same time checking riffle, hatchet, knife and better clothing spawning locations. During couple of last plays, things are not there where they have been, quite surely, on previous times. Might be also that I'm reading too much into AI's skills. =)
  2. Thanks Hazardous, So there might be something buggy with that bear... I was just admiring the other day that shooting a deer is quite accurate. Some of my cousins are enthusiastic elk hunters, and I have heard from them, that head shot an elk, deer or moose is actually not a good thing. You are supposed to shoot them into the hart. Which is on the left side, Near the area where neck and front legs join the main body.
  3. Hi; Today, at Sandbox, I was loitering around the Unnamed Bond. I started hearing a very odd noise; It was bear -sounds, but on loop. And suddenly the bear materialized out of thin air just in front of me. I got totally mauled. After recovered I ran few steps towards the shooting platform there, turned around, and shot towards the bear. One shot kill! My questions; Is bear supposed to materialized just like that? And shouldn't they take at least several shots to be killed? Or was I just extremely lucky? Thanks, for new rug anyway!