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  1. It isn't so new, I have played on my x80286, with 1024kb of ram and a huge hard drive with 40mb.. It was a great game, UFO. @Felli Of course, I will start sooner or later, my list of games that I never use is large... it is like the hall of shame, I have games like Assassin's creed, GTA IV, The crew, Far cry, metal gear solid, and the list still grow on...
  2. Mmm wolves aren't my problem, well, if it works against bears I vote Yes
  3. It has been happened to me too.... I have played 2 times, but nothing serious... as you say, something else always comes up!
  4. I have played since 90's, every game has his moment, some games are unplayable now, so it is a tricky answer.. well, that is my list. 1_Out of this word (I have a remastered edition in steam) 2_TD1, TD2 y TD3 (1987 - 1990) 3_ The need for speed (94) 4_GTA 1; 3; 4; S.A and IV, (I start GTA 1 with a demo, runs for 2 or 3 minuts and stopped, then I get a full game) 5_X-wing 6_Sniper elite series (1; 2 and 3) 7_Hitman (series) 8_Monkey island and Maniac Mansion 9_Wolfenstein 3d 10_FIFA 94 The long dark is in the top 5, honestly I believe that the when developers finally release the final version, It will became the most played game that is for sure.. ( I hope)
  5. You are lucky, here in Argentina is the only thing that is normal, the wole universe of goods is around 70% more expensive, people here prefer to have holidays in other countries because of that.. of course, it is only for that ones could pay the plane tickets.. I envy you, Aussies have the maloo..
  6. Now is offered by USD $34.99, and is still in early access.. Quote "Buy now and get instant access to Survivor Mode (on Steam and XBox One only) Early Access to THE LONG DARK gives you immediate access to Survivor Mode, with Episodes 1-5 of WINTERMUTE (Story Mode) included in the price. Episodes 1 & 2 launch on August 1st, 2017."
  7. If I am not wrong, there be an sandbox update late may.. Quote "Besides that, I promised one more Sandbox update before Story Mode launches. Later this month, we’ll open the Test Branch with an update to the game called FAITHFUL CARTOGRAPHER" ( http://www.thelongdark.com/news/posts/light-at-the-end/ ) So... I will be more happy....
  8. It had been very frustrating at first, then I change my mind, and understand some little things, like Sell an early access copy at 50% off, a few days before to release the official version.. I think that some things got out of control, in both sides, developers and the community, sorry fellas but your reaction is like if you have seen your girlfriend fu%&g your best friend... I will keep playing tld, even if hinterland disappear, that is the risk when you buy an early access product. bye and keep calm
  9. Just for a couple of days... bye... I want to avoid spoilers, tomorrow is day TLD.
  10. That is a good idea, I think that should apply too water boiling and other things too.. not only books.
  11. Yes I mean download, I work in Buenos Aires docks, it is very common mistake on my, here we "discharge" containers.. sorry! (in spanish we use the same word both cases "Descargar")
  12. I don't remember, and for me, this is the most expected update, and the worst of this, I have a 2mb connection, it takes an eternity to discharge anything
  13. The best bug ever !!! congratulations!!
  14. 100% agree... I made a lot of stupid things when I take the control... I think that the only thing that would make the game playlable for ever, is that developer teams consider some way to change the landscape, maybe with seasons or more heavys storms that ruin houses and bridges, ruin roads, fishing shelters, where was a large lake, now are 100cm snow, maybe a sudden and violent shaking of the ground, I want to die not because I can´t start a fire, when Iam playing interloper, I get frustrating when I start a fire with matches, so I prefer not to go out, just because I don´t want to spend a match in a cave