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  1. Good to know! Thanks!
  2. Hi, It was my understanding that starting with August the 1st this game would be launched on PS4. I can't seem to find it available for purchase neither online on the PS Store of my PS4 nor offline in stores that sell PS4 games. Is the launch limited to the US/Canada? If not can someone from Hinterland please let me know how I can purchase the game in Romania for PS4? Thanks!
  3. I recently went passed the tunnel in Mystery Lake to the Ravine to look for some supplies, ended up in Coastal Highway. I was wondering can I go back to Mistery Lake by the same route or do I need to find a new one? Thanks!
  4. I think it would be nice to have a t-shirt to wear underneath the itchy wool sweater.
  5. Foxes and alcohol sound great to me, also the wet dry dynamic would make the clothes decay more realistic. Not sure about the moose charging everytime though, I think it would be more realistic or unpredictable if sometimes he charges and sometimes runs away.
  6. Yes, that would be nice, and then they can also add a Santa suit haha during the holidays :))
  7. I hit a deer with an arrow. Deer started running around like it ussually does and I was planning to harvest it's corpse the next day as I ussually do. Next day I see the deer having a good day grazing and stuff and my arrow somewhere in the area on the ground. Can deer shake off arrows?
  8. You got different types of wood, guts, hides/cloth, how about putting them together in a sleigh so you can carry around your supplies when traveling between regions or when switching camps? It doesn't have to be a major boost in hauling capacity but it should give you at least 50% more hauling power so instead of 30kg you could drag around let's say 50 kg? Also, I saw a previous thread about domesticating wolfs, wouldn't that work well with the sleigh if it will ever be implemented but if not you still should be able to drag around more than you can carry in your backpack.
  9. I read somewhere that rosehips don't respawn in this game however, the need for painkillers is almost constant. I noticed that whenever a wolf bites you most of the time you get a spained something and you need painkillers. Or, when you are out exploring the map sprained ankles are very common. I think I had 2 or even 3 in one day of exploring without being over the inventory limit. That is just a bit too much imho. So my question is since medication is limited and healing plants don't respawn how are you supposed to survive long term? Assuming that you would get good at avoiding or killing wolfs It would seem that exploration is not encouraged. Also, I guess that the same question would apply what happens when you run out of bullets, birch/maple saplings and can no longer hunt? Or whitestones for your knife and axe?
  10. Well I was asking because I know it's available on xbox so I was wondering why not make it available on both consoles? I would much rather play it on my PS4 than on my PC.
  11. I guess it would depend how it's implemented, if forging it is hard and bear would only seldom stumble in it than it wouldn't necessarily be OP
  12. Well look, there are ways for this to be win win, for example they can charge extra for that option in the game. You want to customize your difficulty setting? That will be 10 dollars (or whatever is a good price). I would gladly spend the money to be able to build my own adventure.
  13. It doesn't necessarily have to be active hunting. For example you walk around the map and you find some small rocks for your sling? Put them in your pocket, no calorie loss there. You walk around the map and you see some rabbits close by? take a few shots at them, i don't think you would lose a lot of calories there and if you get one it should defiently be worth it if not it's just a bit of fun. Also, you might need some guts or rabbit pelts so it might be worth it even if you end up spending more calories. So great idea with the sling imho
  14. Not sure if it's been suggested before but a bear trap from scrap metal which can also trap maybe a wolf of deer could be realistic? I know it's cruel to animal but this is a survival situation. Also, I'm not a survival expert but maybe other types of traps can be implemented, for example digging a whole in the ground (if shovels would be added) and camouflaging it with thin branches and snow/moss for large animals to fall into it lured by some raw meat? then you can stab it with the spear which has not been implemented yet, caveman style :))
  15. Yep, I do hope it's going to be a surprise even if it's not on the road map as they said they don't reveal everything there. It just wouldn't be realistic if you don't have one as it would be the first weapon you would think of in that survival situation. They can develop the close combat system to be challanging if that's the issue but nevertheless it should be done imho.