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  1. LOVED THE IDEA OF THE EVENT. BUT TURNING THE SUN OFF WAS ABOUT THE WORST WAY YOU COULD HAVE CHANGED THE GAME. I could not stand the darkness. In my game I was already low on lamp oil, so doubling 3 minutes of oil to 6 minutes did not help me. It basically sucked and I wished I could have seen more content (like the candy bowls, etc..) in the event but I could not get past how much the darkness made the game stink. I could not wait for the event to end, I even tried changing the date on my PC hoping that would turn the lights back on PS: That did not work. It might have saved time if you had just tell people to turn the brightness down on their monitor so you can't see anything, just kidding but you get the idea.
  2. I'd prefer that they just keep creating more areas or allow modders to do so. The "day" you vision is a really, really long way away. Having played all maps the amount of time you are talking about is so long that it nearly does not matter for two reasons 1) The time is a REALLY Long time. Like if you were playing that long I doubt you're getting much joy out of the game. 2) The gameworld does not vary from game to game. 100 days before you run out of cloth in one game would not play much differently than 200 days after you start your next game. In fact starting a new game would probably introduce a much needed variety into your painfully long play experience. There is something about human nature that makes you worry about running out of those things int he game that do not renew, but as a practical point, the game is big enough now and we KNOW that they will add at least one more area so we good bro.
  3. Bears will heal from gunshot wounds but if the arrow sticks in them I think they always bleed out eventually. So pay attention to the arrow to see if it stuck in the bear. When they are injured they run like hell and finding the corpse is part of the game. Always shoot your bear close to a hiding place where bears will not go, such as the porch of a house or a guard station or the top of a rock the bear will have trouble climbing. Pay close attention to see if your arrow sticks in the bear. If it does, a search pattern will eventually find you the bear or the arrow depending on whether it already decomposed. I don't recommend hunting bears with rifles unless it's going mad from an earlier injury and you're finishing it off. Or unless you have awesome aim and can definitely hit him in his tiny black nose. Also always cut out all the meat you can and lay it beside the bear's corpse, it will decomp much slower than if you leave it in the bear's body.
  4. Noticed that now the wolves will grab your decoy and run away immediately, making it hard to hit them with an arrow. My question is this: If you chase the wolf who just grabbed your decoy, will he eventually stop somewhere and eat it so you can shoot him easier, or does he just stop running away after a few seconds and go back to his normal behavior.
  5. Hi, I'm having a problem with the repair success chance not being accurate when repairing items with deerskin. I have tested and will get 4 or 5 failures in a row, after the game says that I have a 70% repair chance. Is there something else that goes into your repair chance other than that number that you get? Like if you're tired or your fish hook is almost burned out? Because I had one game I reloaded three times and got 4 failures on a 75% chance of success. I've worked with random numbers before and and understand that humans percieve chance differently than it is, but even on a spreadsheet my 75% repair chance is more like 30% in actuality. If I'm wrong and just had incredibly bad luck, may I suggest you put a "fix" in to reduce user frustration. Some games will guarantee that the 3rd attempt will always work if you have a greater than 65% chance of something and it fails twice. I think it was soren johnson who came up with this idea. Yes it's "cheating" but it might calm a lot of frayed nerves.
  6. Technically finite but practically infinite. The game does have some resources that do not regenerate, and you are forced to move around a bit, but there are enough resources to keep you alive for as long as a sane person would care to play the game. Also you can't build anything really permanent in the game, so day 3,000 of game 1 is not going to be much different in terms of challenge and gameplay than day 30 of game 2.