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  1. I wholeheartedly agree!
  2. Especially since he didn't come on to the tree from the end closest to the cave. That immediately convinced me I was in a safe zone. When I approached the maintenance yard, I scanned for wolves as I normally do and didn't see any. I also had gotten very used to going around the building to my exterior base, because that kept O.B. up by the lodge and separated from me. Ultimately, it boiled down to bad decision making. I'm pretty sure the internal thinking went something like, "Alright, I made it! I can go into the door of the building. Well, I'd rather just go around the side to my base and keep O.B. away from me for now and it's only a little farther, so I should be okay." I'm a gambler at heart and sometimes press my luck too much.
  3. I didn't take it that way. It was a very good question and I was just trying to think through why I didn't have the flare gun ready.
  4. I didn’t use it on O.B. because I really didn’t think he would be able to come on to the tree. And I had let my guard down when I was just steps away from my base, and didn’t even think of it. I only had maybe 5 seconds from when I saw the wolf and it reached me. Not sure I could have even gotten a shot off due to the slow animation for raising it and pulling the trigger. Still, you make a good point and I should have had it drawn before left the fallen tree.
  5. I didn't either! I was stunned by it. Still am. How suddenly it ended reminds me a little of the very first time I had an adventure with O.B. I went straight to TWM and lasted until Day 105. That's when I did a complete clothing change just before bed, but forgot to actually put on the clothes! So, I froze to death while sleeping and it was all over, just like that.
  6. Day 53 – I wake up around midday, well recovered and head up to the lodge. I stop by the upper cave and kill a rabbit, harvest it and leave all the parts in the back of the cave next to my other stuff. Then I spin over to the lodge, where I take a 2 hour nap. I leave the lodge and go down the cliff to separate from O.B. I cruise over by the lower cave and spend some time collecting sticks. Then kill another rabbit, leaving its parts in the back of that cave. Then I walk past the lake and spook a deer toward a wolf on the other end. Seems like a good opportunity, so I run after the deer to ensure the 2 animals will connect. Sure enough, the wolf kills the deer and I pull out a stone. I throw several stones that miss and also bounce off the wolf, then throw one that seems to pass just under the wolf’s head and that finally spooks it. This stone throwing thing really works to get wolves away from their kills. I decide to roll the dice and harvest the entire deer in one go and make a run for my base. I don’t see any wolves along the way and make it safely inside. It is at this point that I fully realize how easy it is to survive here with O.B. I can safely make loops around the map and keep myself fed. It won’t be until I start running out of key items that I will face much of a challenge. I spend some more time thinking about how to proceed and decide to get setup for the end game. I’ll try to survive until 100 days and if I’m still alive, I will leave the Broken Railroad and follow the rail back to the dam. I only have 1 flare gun shell left, so it’s unlikely I’ll be able to make it that far, but it should be fun to try! Days 54 – 66 – I get busy consolidating most of my stuff, including firewood, to my base in the maintenance building. I get another deer and a few more rabbits. I also get into a fight with a wolf in the front of the maintenance yard, after throwing stones at it to see if I could scare it off. I also craft new deerskin boots, deerskin pants, rabbitskin mittens and a wolfskin coat. Before completing the first of these, it occurs to me that if I leave .5 hours of crafting time then the item won’t start to degrade. I do this with them all and sure enough, they don’t degrade. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that before. I will complete these clothes just before I leave BR, so I will be as protected as I can be from the inevitable attacks from O.B. along the way. Day 67 – I wake up in my base and head out into a beautiful, warm day. I’m just about done getting everything moved to my base and just have one more load in the upper cave. After I collect everything I want, I walk out of the cave and turn toward the lodge and sprain an ankle. I’m not bothered by this and will just sleep it off in the lodge. I spend some time picking up sticks just outside the cave. Then a most unexpected thing happens – I faintly hear the sounds of O.B. grumbling. What the heck?! How can he be up here? I was sure he wouldn’t walk through the gate below, because I’ve always seen him turn around and walk away from it. Maybe it isn’t him…. Shit! It most certainly is O.B.! I hear him go from a walk to a run as he gets closer. I hobble over and on to a fallen tree hoping it will be a safe spot. I turn and see O.B. has slowed to a walk and is coming my way. Then it hits me – I hadn’t reloaded the game! He’s just still up here from when I ditched him the day before. I had minimized the game window, stopped playing for a while, and then came back and started playing again. This is not good. When he gets close to the tree, he starts running again but goes right past the end of the tree. I watch him run all around the area. I figure I’m safe on this tree, so when I see O.B. has calmed down and is walking toward the other side of the tree I just stand my ground. When he gets close to the tree, he starts running and has no problem coming up on the tree and at me. While I pick myself up after we finish our dance, I begin to realize I am in a very precarious position. I quickly patch up my wounds and check on my condition, which is at 31%. I might be trapped on this tree. I need him to get spooked again and run around, so that I can make a break for it. A few seconds later, O.B. roars and takes off running around to the other side, and again slows to a walk. When he gets close to the end of the tree, he spins around and starts running around panicked. I think this is my chance. When I see him run back into the corner, I make a run for it off the tree and down the path. I’m not sure which way to go and opt for down the hill, instead of to the lodge. I get through the gate safely and see a lone wolf out on the lake. I take a deep breath knowing I’m safe from O.B. now. All I have to do is avoid the wolves and get back to base. I take the long way around the woods to stay as far away from the lake as I can. As I get near to the maintenance yard I don’t see any wolves. I do see a deer close by and start driving it in the direction I’m going, to give myself some cover. I walk through the hole in the fence and instead of going in the door, I decide to walk around the side to my base. With no warning, a wolf barks and comes running. I have no sprint left and can only try to get to the back door. But there’s no time. The wolf quickly sends me into The Long Dark. And this story comes to a very abrupt and unexpected end. Thank you to everyone for following our story! O.B. thanks you as well.
  7. suggestion

    Welcome to the forums, @MaxMagico! As a hardcore sandbox player, I agree with @Mroz4k and wouldn't want to see development resources used for something like this. But it is an interesting idea none-the-less.
  8. Thanks! I'm shooting for 100 days on this run.
  9. Thanks! I've still got a wool scarf and found a cotton toque in my pile of crappy clothes, so I'm not quite there yet.
  10. Day 50 continued – I still have some energy left after my clothing repairs and since I had to reload the game and O.B. is now in the neighborhood, I decide to make a trip up to the lodge. Mostly so I will be able to separate from him again. As I make my way to the upper level path, I stop and admire the aurora I haven’t seen for a while. I am about to take a picture of it, when I realize I haven’t yet created a panoramic shot in this new map. It turns out great. (See my other panoramic shots here) On the way up to the lodge, I swing into the upper cave to see if I left any matches, but none are to be found. I also notice that the rabbits haven’t respawned in this area yet. I haven’t seen rabbits by either of the caves for several days now. How long does it take for them to repopulate? As I begin to freeze, I hurry along and make it safely to the lodge. I’m very tired now and go upstairs to sleep. Day 51 – I’m starving when I wake up, so I get moving right away. Down the cliff and over to the lower cave, where I find a pack of 12 matches sitting on the cave floor. Alright, that gets me up to 40 total, though I should still be careful how and when I use them. I see a rabbit a little way down the path from the cave and stun it with my first shot. I run it back to the cave, harvest it and drop all the parts on the ground. I head back out in a hurry to get back to base and eat some cooked meat. When I do get back to my base, I eat a piece of wolf meat. It’s still morning and fairly cold and I’m freezing, but I don’t want to spend a match on a fire. Instead, I sleep for 1 hour, then pass 1 hour of time in the bed, waiting for the temperature to rise enough to stop losing condition. I drop down just under 60%, so I sleep for 3 more hours to regain a little condition and get warmed up. I should have built a fire. Despite being in lower condition, I decide to go out and see if I can drive another deer into a wolf. When I get down by the lake, I see there is only 1 wolf patrolling the area, which is ideal. I spin over by the lower cave and when I get just past it I see a deer. Again, this deer runs everywhere but out on to the lake. When I first started driving the deer, it didn’t seem to be very difficult to get them on the lake. But all of my recent efforts have been exhausting and frustrating. Even when I have the deer between myself and the lake, it will take an abrupt turn before getting out on the ice. It’s almost like the deer have figured out what I’m trying to do. This one makes sure to run up on to every large rock in the area. During my futile attempt to drive the deer to the lake, snow began to fall and then get heavier. As I am about to entirely run out of energy, a blizzard starts up. I have no choice but to retreat to my base. I start a fire to stay warm through the night and go to sleep. Day 52 – I cook 2 venison pieces to make use of the last of the fire, then head up to the lodge. Along the way, I swing past the upper cave to see if there are any rabbits. I do see one, but it’s still too dark for hunting, so I continue quickly to the lodge. Inside I take a short nap to regain some energy and warm up. I’ve been avoiding O.B. lately, so I go outside to play with him for a while. We dance around the yard and eventually I run out and up the large tree. After throwing a few stones at him and getting no reaction, I climb down the tree and take aim. He runs at me immediately and I retreat up into the tree. I hear the loud sound of him running, but I don’t see him. Is he stuck under the tree or something? He sure is. I take a moment to get inside O.B.’s head. Then I spend some time playing with the wolves, who won’t come close to him. With O.B. stuck like this, I have a safe radius around him. Too bad there’s nothing to do or get right here. I begin to freeze and end the play time and go back inside for another short, warming nap. When I leave the lodge it is windy and snowy, but I head down the cliff anyway. I see a deer running around the woods and spot a wolf out on the lake, but decide not to get involved with them. Instead, I just go back to my base. Not long after I arrive, the weather worsens and turns into a blizzard. With nothing better to do, I search the maintenance building again to see if I missed anything. Nothing new turns up, so I take another short nap hoping the blizzard will come to an end. It does and I head outside to see what’s going on. O.B. is walking the fence line on the lakeside of the maintenance yard. I realize I haven’t yet played with him here, so I arm myself with a stone and get his attention. He comes running and I duck into my base at the last moment to avoid him. He runs back out of the yard and around the fence and up on the rocks nearby. Then back around and into the yard again. I raise my hand to throw a stone and he comes for me one more time. I jump back into base to avoid him when he gets close and this time he runs across the other side of the maintenance yard and then way up on to the rocks and out of sight. I wait for a while, wondering if he’ll come back. Eventually I see him up on the rocks and he runs down and into the yard. Then he stops running, so I provoke him one more time which sends him running toward me, again I go inside my base, and he again runs up onto the rocks. We do this a couple more times, but just as I’m about to jump inside and end our play time, I wait a little too long, and so he gives me a great big bear hug! When O.B. finishes up, I limp inside at 22% condition and tend to my wounds. I spend the rest of the day repairing some of the clothes he ripped apart. I also have him to thank for ruining my last wool toque.
  11. OP didn't, but @Mroz4k mentioned it, when referencing The Forest. I'm just generally against the idea of adding more crafting to the game, especially structures. I don't really see the need for more stuff. The only item I would like to see is some sort of craftable headgear, so that all parts of the body can still be covered after running out of man-made clothing.
  12. I completely agree with @Mroz4k. And why would we ever need to build cabins? There are already loads of shelters in the game.
  13. Welcome to the forums, @TheTalkingPotato!
  14. This was an incredible run!! My is off to you! I look forward to hearing about your next adventure.