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  1. Sounds like you've been very busy, Dr. @cekivi! It's nice to have you back.
  2. How old is your rig? The most likely cause of the system clock not keeping correct time is the CMOS battery. If you have a desktop and basic familiarity with hardware, you could easily replace it. They don't cost much at all.
  3. These are the different combinations that I know of:
  4. Congrats!
  5. No Guarantees. I don't have all the variations available now, but when I get home I will post them.
  6. It is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
  7. The instructions for doing this are in @Hawk's link.
  8. Oh, that is probably the case. It is a little frustrating that it isn't indicated when you are carrying lesser amounts of stinky stuff.
  9. I think the scent indicator is now only shown when you bring up the Survival Panel.
  10. Beautiful shots @Ruruwawa!
  11. No, I was thinking more of the matches, but the meds decay so slowly they might as well be made non-decay.
  12. I couldn't agree more on this point! I mean seriously, how much work would it take to make non-decay items stackable?
  13. I understand your frustration. I will also encourage you to try doing repairs in the morning after you get up, when it's still pretty cold out. I think you might be a happier survivor.
  14. They may well have said this at some point, but do you pay attention to how fatigued you are when you try to repair? I haven't really been frustrated with it since I made a conscious effort to be well rested before repairing.
  15. A while back I began to notice that I had a better success rate repairing clothes when I was fully rested or close to it. I ran some tests to find out if it does make a difference. I used a Sport Vest that was at 45%. Each repair increases the condition by 25%, so it will take 3 successful repairs to get up to 100%. The chart below shows how many repair attempts it took each time. This was in a new game and my chance at a successful repair was 70%. These numbers are in line with what I would expect to see for a 70% chance of success. They also seem to confirm my suspicion that being well rested has a better chance of success.