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  1. Why are Wolf attacks Deadlier Than Bear Attacks?

    Most definitely. This is always my primary concern following a bear attack.
  2. Why are Wolf attacks Deadlier Than Bear Attacks?

    This is true if your character is naked, or wearing clothes that have no protection stats. However, if you are geared up, then the results are not nearly so serious. I just tested this a few times over and the results were very consistent. My character had protection at 24%. After the first bear struggle, I was down to just over 30% each time. Then I walked right in front of the bear and was immediately mauled again. Each time I had 8 - 9 % condition still left, plenty to get to a safe place, bandage up, get some rest and ultimately survive. It seems to me that consecutive attacks by a bear should result in immediate death. The main thing I don't care for in the mechanic, is how there seems to be a safeguard in place to help ensure survival of these attacks. A safeguard that is not present in the wolf struggle mechanic.
  3. Why are Wolf attacks Deadlier Than Bear Attacks?

    The hatchet has always been the best weapon for limiting damage to your character. I haven't run any tests to determine which weapon will end the struggles the quickest, although I'm pretty sure the hatchet would be the winner. And there is no way to test for how much damage is being done to the wolves. I did verify that the wolves bleed out faster when a knife is used, but I don't see as enough of an advantage to select it instead of the hatchet. I'd like to see the data that led to the conclusion that there is a large difference between a weapon that is at 90% condition and a weapon that is at 50% condition. As far as I know, I'm the only one that has ever provided any actual data at all on this subject. I haven't tested weapons with different conditions for a while now, but I also haven't observed a noticeable difference during struggles in the normal course of a game. I'm not at all worried about going into the struggle with a hatchet that is at 25%, as opposed to one that is at 100%. I completely agree. I've always felt that some of the bear attacks should result in death, especially if my character has a lower overall condition.
  4. Clothing and fire mainteinance.

    What sort of condition are they in?
  5. Crazy Animals

    This is a great point. I continue to be disappointed by the simplicity of the animal behavior. I suppose that's why I keep playing with O.B. - he keeps me on my toes and every now and again he still surprises me. The wolves never surprise me in any way.
  6. Interloper

    I know. You've written up your strategies before, but it's still great info and worth repeating. It certainly helped me get over the hump in Interloper.
  7. Interloper

    Excellent information, @mystifeid!
  8. Crazy Animals

    I very much like this idea.
  9. V1.19-21 Stalker Achievement Run

    One of my favorite things is to clear out a wolf population. Keep on rocking @Hotzn!
  10. Welcome to the forums, @Blindefender! The craftable hat has been brought up a great many times before. And it makes you wonder - why is there still no craftable hat in the game?!
  11. Share your screenshots

    It makes me wonder what they might be thinking.
  12. Share your screenshots

    Nope, I wanted to but life keeps throwing me curveballs. Anyway - here are these wolves.
  13. Share your screenshots

    And I really don't know why playing this game helps me cope with the frigid f-----g cold!
  14. Moose On Broken Railroad?

  15. Share your screenshots

    Ya know - just rocking in the "free world". Here in Minnesota, winter is really coming. Large amounts of snow was in our future, but only a little bit fell. I'm sure more will arrive soon enough. In the meantime, jack frost has been spotted on the radar and is going to rip off my nips in the days to come!