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  1. Animal Trails

    That's right, blood just wears off too fast. Also corpses deteriorate and disappear too fast. Sometimes the weather is windy, or snowy, or it's a night time and then the corpse vanishes. The arrow is there but you won't find it on the snow in the corner of the map unless you know corpse spawn locations by heart at least approximately. I would really love to play an investigation game, but currently everything from blood to corpses disappears so fast that it's not feasible. Would love to see several deterioration levels like corpse goes gradually under snow.
  2. Food Poisoning + Intestinal Parasites Issue

    Thank you for the note!
  3. Food Poisoning + Intestinal Parasites Issue

    I am sorry for tripple post. Just want to add that this is *really* a strong buff, provided you established and get enough food stored (like that bear carcass). I ended up like a crazy lumberman converting my HP-bar and all sticks/branches around my hideout into first-class firewood. Probably hypothermia can work in similar way: one day I will get off my rags and go swim a bit around that shore to get hypothermia to lose fatigue to restore HP to quickly chop-store some wood with no need of fire.
  4. Food Poisoning + Intestinal Parasites Issue

    Will try that. But first of all I've backed up my save games, because it would be silly to lose a good game because of bug. This magically worked! However it didn't let me choose the affliction, but when I drink Reishi from radial menu the food poisoning got checkmarked. My survivor thanks God and hopes for a good rest now. More info on the problem: the first time I tried to drink from inventory was inside a house, the second time when I drink from radial it was outside, if that may matter in any way. There are two good things being suffering from parasites: 1. You can eat as much predator meat as you want. Am looking at that 36kg bear carcass! 2. You can rest as much as you want on later stages, because your survivor almost never gets out of tiredness. This means cheap hit points regeneration whenever you want.
  5. I wasn't trying to reproduce this bug and it happened to me on Riken, but my guess is that it is not any specific to that particular place. 1. Make a short fire outside like 12 minutes. 2. Take a torch -- fire has like 2 minutes left. 3. Get inside the building (Riken in my case). 4. Observe how the torch will burn out at the moment the fire burns out outside even if the torch still has much % left. A side note: I'm not sure if the fire bonus time is applied for outside fires when you're inside a building, but I have a suspicion that it doesn't: i.e. when you're inside the building all outside fires burn out like they are inside fires with no bonus.
  6. Can't get Arrow and Deer Corpse

    More info on the problem: the deer doesn't die here because of bleeding, it just got a critical hit -- partially it is my problem, because I was hoping the deer be closer than the exit. The deer corpse doesn't matter much, but then again, since there is a dragging mechanic the arrow could just be brought a bit closer.
  7. Since I've recently written about another issue, decided to pop this one up too: 1. Make a fire near a Cedar or Fir branch. 2. Go inside building. 3. The branch disappears! Not completely sure it is the desired behavior -- like branches catch fire and burn out? -- but to me sounds like a bug.
  8. Food Poisoning + Intestinal Parasites Issue

    Thanks! That's useful! Interface checkmark indication would be useful though, the first time I got Intestinal Parasites I drink a cup and was like: what? didn't work? and drink second one... This behavior is just not consistent with the other interface notifications, hence misleading. Can't give you more thanks on this one! This is my second parasites affliction in this game... Will try that. But first of all I've backed up my save games, because it would be silly to lose a good game because of bug.
  9. I can't heal the Food Poisoning while having Intestinal Parasites on Interloper. I am playing Interloper day 80 and have been suffering from Intestinal Parasites for 10 days already when I got Food Poisoning. I drink 2 cups of Reishi Mushrooms from inventory, the game didn't let me choose which affliction I was going to treat, but I hoped it will affect Food Poisoning as well (food poisoning affliction wasn't marked with a check though). Then I got to bed and slept for 10 hours. To my big surprise I lost like 20% condition and Food Poisoning didn't treat! Thanks God I got 15% more condition but eventually I can't treat Food Poisoning! Help, please! This bug is really frustrating and prevents me from playing that game further... not that I want to continue starting another game. Also, please add a checkmark for Intestinal Parasites daily treatment to know when it's time to drink next dose and when it will be wasted. I already wasted like 5 cups of Reishi this silly way drinking them too early when they didn't make any effect.
  10. Oh, thanks! that's really useful info. Don't think any kind of gun is on interloper, but moose carcass can still be there! Now I have a reason to check it, haha!
  11. Now tell me a reason to go there on Interloper, besides pure challenge. Developers should at least consider leaving moose hide satchel there Interloper included, or put a rifle? No rifle is part of the Interloper experience, but there is literally no easy way to get it from there on that mode: one have to make hatchet first.
  12. I have a problem where a deer corpse and an arrow stuck in Ravine transition area to Mountain Lake. I am playing on interloper and want my arrow back. I've noticed the mechanic that dragged the arrow closer to me from deer corpse, but it's not enough to get it!
  13. I would actually report THIS as a bug Game mechanics is really stupid at times. This said, flares are useful for other things. Flares can start fire, which is life saving on interloper starts when you haven't found matches yet. Flares are never blown out by the wind, even in the most dire storm. Along with the fire starting capabilities it's providing some travel safety on windy/stormy weather: in case of a sudden wolf quickly find a wind defense and drop a fire. When on flat terrain use the drop-trick as the last resort, but I personally don't rely much on it. Maybe for stalker the odds are fair, because a wolf attack doesn't cost as much as your life on interloper. On interloper I never rely on this dropping mechanic (with trick or without).
  14. Plug car battery to electric devices

    Accumulator batteries can work below zero with less power output, I think if they moved to a relatively warm condition it will be good. The thing that you need to light a 110V or 220V lamp is a voltage converter from 15V -- this item can be found somewhere which is for the better.
  15. I know all electrical devices are destroyed by the phenomena, but lamps and radio work still. Since we got this new item placement mechanics, why not to allow the survivor to dismount batteries from cars with the use of prybar and leather gloves (the latter is crucial every time you take/place the battery). A battery can be placed near lamps as a source of night-time lighting. Oil lamps use too limited resource for that purpose. Batteries can replenish once in an aurora and could last for several (let's say 3-4) hours after that, could also be disconnected to save power for later use.