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  1. The interaction of these characters should be something that HL team should strive towards in the next iteration of The Long Dark. Wolves are very cunning and to see this type of behaviour represented would be remarkable.
  2. Broken Railroad region almost near seduced this paperloper but have now returned for duty. The days went quickly making the wolf skin coat. Then spent a night down in the ravine. Returned to the maintenance shed to recover. Then over to the hunting lodge where I spent the night and ate the last of the moose meat. The hide was still not cured so decided to return to the maintenance shed. The moose hide could have been made into a cloak but the inner paperboy was demanding the satchel. So a trip back to Mystery Lake Camp Office was planned. The plan was to survive in Forlorn Muskeg until the satchel is completed. First meal did not affect me. Risk level returned to zero. Forlorn Muskeg was where I made the mistake of eating too much wolf meat. The first dinner gave me a chance of 24 percent and since the weather was nasty I pulled up a boulder and read some books in the cave. Did not venture to far from the Spencer farm and scrounged for wild edibles for the next few days while hunting deer. No deer and the weather is still bad. The leftover wolf meat was there. Grilled up the steaks and then having a 26 percent chance of parasites the IP lottery was won. Lucky me. Results of second meal a few days later. So now I just think the best idea is to pack up and leave. Make two trips to the farm so not to freeze and while doing so I spot deer. Make the kill. Then another blizzard starts up. Waited in the cave for the storm to pass and then bagged the deer. Plan was to bring the quarters back to the cave. It was turning to night when grabbing a few bags of meat and on my trip back to the cave a wolf comes at me growling. The stink bars were all up. I had not seen a wolf on my way in. This wolf decides to flee off whimpering. i am shocked that no attack occurred. Make my way back to the cave and carved the remainder. Ate then slept. The remaining meat was carved up at the forge while the internal parasites were gnawing inside me. These bugs are making me decide that rushing out of here might be the best idea. Sleep till morning then travel back to Mystery Lake without incident. Managed to grab about ten doses of Reshi mushrooms many cattails stalks and some Rosehips. Back at the Camp Office I finished the Moose Hide Satchel and set off to Coastal Highway via the Ravine. Made a kill in the Ravine and gathered more medicine. Onward to Coastal Highway and my condition is starting to imp[act my survival. Grabbed the remaining Reshi and some coal from the mine. Headed down to the fishing camp where I planned to finish off the internal parasite recovery. Fished and slept and drank tea for about a week. Finally it was flushed out of my system. Searched the region and now Desolation Point will be the next area to visit. Almost three months and the most concerning issue is I still have not found a single newspaper roll!
  3. Thanks for confirming my suspicion. So characteristics and attributes are defining wolves physical details. So hot great job HL! Are the deer the rabbit the moose and the bear highly defined as well? Sounds like an interesting science experiment. I am already thinking of documenting with pictures and preform comparisons. David Suzuki has put forth the task.
  4. When arriving at the gates to the Maintenance Shed I had to chase one wolf away using a fire. Waited by the fire and looked for the others. Then they spot me and start growling. Then the first wolf that was scarred off comes back and joins the other two. Now three wolves are coming around the fence. Growling at me for so long. The growls lasted longer because the path they took detoured them. The growl was louder and nastier. The three stood there growling. Maybe I was mistaken but it seemed one was larger too. Standing there growling at me. Then a bark. Then the whimper and all scamper away. With gasping breath I made it to the safty of the shed. There was certainly a different tone to that particular wolf growl. Very distinct from the others. The first time I noticed was last week. Has anybody else been confronted by the alpha wolf 🐺?
  5. That could have been the case. Seemed like a blizzard but I have now no way to confirm as it happened at least a year ago.
  6. The key word is generally. I used to travel in blizzards too. Blizzards were like a travel pass for interlopers, just take your clothes off to save on wear and run around the place. After getting jumped by a wolf during a blizzard I no longer think it is safe as it once was. A blizzard does offer advantages such as low visibility, sound dampening and scent wiping. The blizzard I travelled in was whipping around for an hour (when it started I slept for one hour). Went outside and out on the ice a wolf attacked me. Never bothered to fully test it out. Now I travel during blizzards but keep to the safe areas.
  7. Scruffy the cave dweller used to have a cousin in Mystery Lake. Fluffy took my first character in the game. Spawned in front of the old Carter Hydro Dam. Went inside and never got back out. Now, Fluffy has moved out because of all the equipment clutter. Carter Hydro Dam was a spooky place, now it is just a lifeless shell.
  8. Tested heat output of fire in a cave. The results indicate that there is no advantage to heat output when using multiple fires. The only advantage is the increase in cooking surfaces and wind tolerance. Used twenty four sticks to make a single fire, two fires of twelve sticks and three fires using eight sticks. The burn time is also evenly divided. A twenty four sticks fire has three hour duration, twelve sticks have one and half hour duration, eight stick fire has one hour duration. The same heat output was observed over all three tests. The conclusion is a single fire has the greatest duration and has the same heat output as multiple fires. This test has an interesting offshoot notion. Since multiple fires are cumulative then what would be the maximum Feels Like temperature achievable. Be right back with some test results. edit: Maximum air temperature is forty degree Celsius.
  9. The first time I can remember starting multiple fires was when cartography started and charcoal was limited. Did not remember seeing this temperature change at that time. Thanks for posting the survival knowledge. The question remains unanswered is that do multiple fires produce more heat than a single using the same amount of fuel.
  10. Could not believe what I was seeing. But the proof is right here. A single at +14 degree Celsius beside a another at +8 degree Celsius equals feels like +9 degree Celsius. Adding a stick to the at +8 degree Celsius will increase the to +9 degree Celsius. The new thing noticed was the increase in the feels like temperature when increasing the that is colder. This must have been added a while ago during the cooking update but I never noticed before. The only thing noticed was the light output was additive. This changes my strategy when cooking over multiple when in a deep cold environment. Adding fuel to the colder increases the feels like temperature. The output is additive. There was a bug with torch not providing heat and was fixed. This could have been updated at that time. Does anybody know?
  11. That would be unwise. It is buried for a reason.
  12. The short crate and the one close to the fence are needed.
  13. if that type of mechanic was only going to be introduced I would certainly pay a ten for that DLC because the immersion levels would be almost near saturation. I want to got outside and shovel snow and make an army of snowman! 🥄❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ ☃️⛄☃️⛄ ☃️⛄☃️☃️⛄⛄☃️⛄☃️⛄ ☃️⛄☃️☃️⛄⛄☃️⛄☃️⛄ ☃️⛄☃️☃️⛄☃️⛄☃️⛄ ☃️⛄☃️☃️⛄⛄☃️⛄☃️⛄ ☃️⛄☃️☃️⛄⛄ @Mroz4k has completely comprehend the idea. It was never about a drastic change to the world we all enjoy. Just about subtle changes. Spring was chosen because in Eighteen Hundred And Froze To Death the frost reached down to Virginia in August decimating the crops; long term crop growth is not possible. That is why saplings and catails need two full Spring seasons to regrow. The weather could be similar to those days of past with every day fog. Fog has always made me extra nervous in TLD due to the lack of sight; my hearing becomes focused; then every sound's amplitude increases; making me extra jumpy. Living in The Long Dark Spring is not going to be a picnic with butterflies and daisies, you are going to count the days till Winter returns and hope it arrives soon to get back to normalcy. This time period is going to impact the characters emotional state. Another mechanic that was mentioned in the road map. This project could be a testing ground for implementing psychological effects where Cabin Fever is the least of your character's troubles. The increased temperatures bring increased snowfall and being trapped for a few days is going to make the character panic. Completing TLD story should be first priority for HL and we could all agree. The teams talent pool has been increasing and TLD story could be completing soon. Odds are in favour that most of the player base have Survival as their primary mode. This project could allow that new team to build something within the current engine with the benefit of synchronizing with this Survival mode player base. This project also could be considered small steps toward the TLD2 goal of four seasons which for most players is highly anticipated. Also I appreciated all the feedback on this topic.
  14. This area was explored awhile ago but I decided to goat around in here again. For science. The area above the office does have material that could be useful. Maybe some other secrets too. Ramps are prevalent in this area. Beckoning me to climb. The iron beam seems just a shortcut. But only to the control booth though. Not much use as for right now. The other ramp is much more interesting. It leads to three crates. This crate with some creativity can be clambered onto. The view from the top of the crate. The last observation is an oddity. It seems a bug in code but maybe it is a clue. This pallet was not on the floor. It used to be above on the forks of the hydraulic jack. The path was never obstructed. edit Looked around on the exterior for a way to get on top and only thing near the building was this pile of pallets. Managed to goat on top of the pallet stack, still no access.
  15. Dancing on Floating Logs He knows how to flit on the logs that dance