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  1. K'imdii or Rocky Mountain Goat

    The k'imdii is only found in the Rocky mountains. The game is set in the Rocky mountains. The Haidi used to hunt them and also have tales about them. I strongly feel that the Rocky Mountain K'imdii (Goat) should be part of the Long Dark some how. I am a Billie! Your a Billie!. Don'tcha want to be a Billie too! Sorry 1980's Dr. Pepper commercial flashbacks. Fun Facts: K'imdii in Haidi language is Rocky Mountain goat. Took me over an hour internet searching to find that out. Had to cross reference from different stories and translated texts. These animals are related to lamas. They are not a goats.
  2. Bear Spear (hype?)

    As a professional Long Dark Mountain Goat this comment makes me offended! The idea that we climb to snipe and we are cowards. We LDMGs take to the mountain's knife edge to just get away from everything. Not really hunting. In our territory we never put up with predators either.
  3. Rabbit Wrangling

    Bring back catching rabbits by hand. It was a lot more fun to catch and release them rather than having to bonk them with rocks to get a hold of them. Why catch them? Well to pet them and make me and the character happy. Make it a setting for custom. Make it difficult to do. Whatever it takes. Bring back manual hand rabbit wrangling. Please for a special present.
  4. Forage

    Back before I started playing TLD the game had the option to forage for wood. This of course was upgraded to the manual collection of wood as we currently have in the game. This does make collecting wood a chore and in my opinion works well. The limited amount of easy to grab sticks also works well. There are many areas the developers have not placed any branches or sticks. This is done more than likely to reduce lag and also works well. The issue occurs when I am surrounded by trees and no wood is to be found. Bring back forage for wood to allow players to gather wood when surrounded by wood. Have the yield of sticks based on the number and type of trees in the immediate area. Make the forage results random. Allow tools to assist in foraging by reducing time. And if tools are used allow for branches to be returned in a neat pile. This wood forage could be offset by reducing the number of branches and sticks currently in the game. The wood forage does break immersion but it is related to fabricating. The best part is it encourages exploration without encumbrance.
  5. Why do we melt snow?

    I would risk eating fresh fallen snow.
  6. Bear Spear (hype?)

    The devs could allow the deer to make contact and cause damage, knock you down. It is a little less real because not too many deer take a run towards people trying to murder it. From what I know they need to be a little frisky first.
  7. Nifty spot near Trapper's.

    Well I said it almost killed me and CC is to blame. Flour Paste For The Win
  8. Many items

    Here in the great white north cash has been turned even more useless than FIAT currency. The crap is plastic and will probably releases poison fumes when burned. The cash in game in my opinion should reflect what is currently in circulation.
  9. I read that in Bender's voice? Oh another visitor(to the forums). Stay awhile. Stay forever!
  10. Herbal Bag

    In Canada the price of a one ounce herbal bag have been sky rocketing!
  11. Undead animals for 4DON

    Okay as long as there are extremely deadly bunnies.
  12. Bear Spear (hype?)

    When I read the title i thought it was Bear Spray Hype
  13. How to catch a rabbit

    Same. I was getting pretty good at those long shots. One thing that was positive is that the deer would only be scared for a short time and not travel far which made the next shot a little easier.
  14. Nifty spot near Trapper's.

    So you wanna bring CC into it eh? Here is a dose that almost killed me!