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  1. Death From Above

    Now I am curious of the etymology of the word murder. There are many fallen trees already present in game so that is fair warning. Avoid these areas when you hear cracking tree limbs and you should be safe. Avalanche now that is another respectable death delivery idea. As for the Long Dark it definitely needs more death. Just like the rock and roll days with songs that needed something more.
  2. Death From Above

    The concussed injury is interesting. Remain awake, keep active, avoid rest or sleep. If already exhausted then any low calorie activity might trigger black out from concussion. Maybe a death sentence for interlopers because no natural caffeine. The solution is Safety Hard Hat and Safety Glasses. The new accessories. Why Safety Glasses?
  3. Interloper Mailbox Items

    Might have been bullet samples. Or is it the Forest Talker's code to take action? My Cliff Clavin character started in PV and right now at abandoned prepper. Might go for the Flare Pistol to aid against bad doggos while on my route. After PV there is Coastal Highway, Crumbling Highway, Desolation Point and back to Milton.
  4. Interloper Mailbox Items

    What have you found inside a mailbox on interloper? A newspaper or newspaper roll is all that I found. If you find something than post it. Does anyone know the total number of mailboxes? Call me Clifford, cause I am going to be opening all mailboxes.
  5. Has anybody ever found anything under a car sun visor?

    On interloper I have never found anything useful. Sure there are newspapers available but not much else. I could be wrong since giving up looking some time ago. Now that leaves me with a question.
  6. Death From Above

    Great idea. Often there are large booming sounds during blizzards. At first I thought it was snow thunder but listening to it repeatedly the sound is more of a large branch breaking or tree falling. The interaction might occur after hearing a sound and then bam out of nowhere the character splayed on the ground and has the tree limb on top. The screen goes red and then with the wavy effect open eyes and regain awareness. Chance for injury too. Maybe a new one called concussion. Awhile back I had the idea for rocks to fall inside mines during seismic activity so the idea of 'the sky is falling' is expandable. Maybe blizzard or seismic activity could drop limbs, trees and rocks. P.S. Thought this thread initially was going to be about deadly eye pecking crows that swoop down at us from above.
  7. interloper questions!

    When searching sometimes the results are improved when search 'In Content Titles Only' option is used. Give it a try with the term 'desolation', you might find the results entertaining. Welcome to the forums.
  8. Beyond Rockwall

    Best goat adventure yet. The concern over the character is very interesting. The sense of urgency to construct a shelter is felt all too often in interloper runs. I have often thought of going on a goating adventure in interloper to see what happens and how long to survive. The main restriction I encountered was trees everywhere but no sticks. So long term goating is somewhat restricted. Too much resources to lug around, but now there is an extra 5kg from well fed and 5kg bonus from moose satchel which makes the hike more plausible. The other issue was lack of wildlife other than crows flying overhead. So low weight high calorie food would need to be gathered, crackers seem the best on interloper. The bearskin bedroll is also something that would make the adventure stretch out. Less of a need to build snow shelter. Fire placed with effective windbreak and a coal chunk, just remember to grab torches and break into sticks for the next fire. There is quite a laundry list of items to gather to prepare for a long term goating adventure. So the feeling of losing a character that was built up for a 40 hours just to get stuck in a terrain glut on the first day of goating. That would be rough and rage quit worthy. I consider ten game days of goating can be accomplished. I have been practising getting tools ready. If I start in DP then in less than two weeks game time (about 14 hours play time) TWM plane crash site has been looted and all tools for forging acquired, then back to DP to forge. Then hunting in DP (bullwinkle has not been seen lately in DP so more travelling needed) would be the next step to begin crafting clothing, satchel and bedroll. Point is the amount of time invested for a long term goat quest makes the adventure thrilling for me. The tension created by the looming perma-death and terrain traps brings life into the game. There is now some purpose for surviving the sandbox Long Dark: Goating. There is a reason I have not goated in HRV, because it is there I plan to take this goat adventure. Wish me goat luck!
  9. Where In The Goat Am I?

    Another goating good time during an aurora night.
  10. Has anybody ever found anything under a car sun visor?

    I have always wondered about this too. The mailbox was another location that I used to check until....
  11. Beyond Rockwall

    Up there on the apex. Is that a crow? Is that a plane? No! It's Super Goat!
  12. Beyond Rockwall

    That is awesome. I remember trying to ascend that area, got close but not over. You have some great shots from the Outer Limits.
  13. Windows TLD Animated Screensaver

    The starting screen randomness is also the reason why I sometimes watch it. My very first stream I had used the starting screen and waited for night to fall before starting. If this is a DLC then might I suggest different scenic locations.
  14. Where In The Goat Am I?

    Those transmission towers might not have a fully fleshed out 3d model. A month ago I passed through them like a ghost. My previous post I was goating right next to and through the wires and those too do not seem part of the simulation. It would be interesting if during an aurora those lines would be a hazard. p.s. Look carefully at @RossBondReturns picture and you might see a goat peeking out from behind the peak.
  15. Where In The Goat Am I?

    Oh no the jig is up. That is it exactly. The power lines were too obvious in daytime