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  1. Share your screenshots

    It works with VLC Media Player. The best Player so far in my opinion. But it looks like you hit him in the shoulder. Or maybe you couldn't aim properly and that's why it went more to the right xD Yes, in slow motion you can see that the rifle swings to the right a bit. Well done!
  2. Share your screenshots

    I love the first pic. From the spectator's point of view they look mysterious, mighty, exalted. Voiceless prosecutors for you trespassing into their world. But due to my resolution (2560x1080) the screenshots will not be displayed in full magnificence to you. All screenshots from Hushed River Valley, excluding maybe the first one. I can't remember where it was.
  3. Interesting. I just started Part 1 of the Redux Story and i noticed that my CPU Fans are much louder than usually. I just arrived in Milton, so i haven't seen much buildings yet, but thanks for the warning. I will see if my game crashes too.
  4. Share your screenshots

    I have only very less time to play (a few Weekends per year), but in the holidays, there is enough time. And no, i haven't played it since 4DON. I will try it out, thank you
  5. Share your screenshots

    very nice pictures. Especially the one with the Lantern. And how nice the aurora looks on your systems. On my PC there are annoying, moving lines in it. I think it's my graphic card ;(
  6. WARNING: contains criticism and sarcasm

    Made my day Hinterland :D:D:D Merry Christmas to all of you. And that some here get the love they need.
  7. Kermit the Timberwolf Hermit

    no Fluffy?
  8. Kermit the Timberwolf Hermit

  9. Kermit the Timberwolf Hermit

    Congratulations on fullfilling this quest! I would like to see Kermit making his way through Hushed River Valley I never played on Interloper, but mapping is impossible isn't it?
  10. Dev Diary - November 2018

    Good news, even when Episode 3 will be delayed, but there are good reasons for that. I like that Hinterland was able to help some former Telltale members by employing them And i'm exited: new Challenges! I didn't pay too much attention on the Challenges (only on Nomad and Whiteout), because the other ones were too "stressfull" (:D) for me until now, i'm glad to hear about new ones. I'm exited what they will be
  11. Share your screenshots

    That's Desolation Point right? Your first time in that cave?
  12. Actually OCT 28th - NOV 1st

    I wish all of you a lot of fun and adventure! I could only play for 30 minutes which made me very unhappy, but yeah... "it is like it is", like a proverb here says. Play for me guys and play it hard! oh and by the way: Do you know of any great youtubers or twitchers (english/german)? I would like to watch them playing the event
  13. Actually OCT 28th - NOV 1st

    Thank you. I didn't like the first one, because i wanted to explore TWM for the first time and was reeeeaaally exited and happy to do so. And after one day it was 3 or 4 days of pure darkness! (but it didn't bother me back then) The second event was fun, but it didn't reward you for doing so. This time, you will get badges, which is a very good reason for me to play it and i want to match with the darkness and its horrors! I hope i have enough time left on sunday to earn one of these badges. But nobody can have everything and we are spoiled by our way of living anyway. Maybe my personal time will be better next year
  14. Actually OCT 28th - NOV 1st

    Well, i am not french, but from a neighbouring country. Actually i don't want to complain all the time and about everything. But i'm afraid that i seem to be exactly like that all the time :[ When writing/saying things like that, for me it is like a note. But i experienced people are reacting different on my words and i haven't found a way to improve my articulateness in these cases yet.
  15. Actually OCT 28th - NOV 1st

    I'm sorry when my post looked angry. There is no need of getting huffish. I understand very well. The clock is the same to all of us, yes. But I personally have very less time to play, and when i do, it's only on some weekends in the year. I understand why Hinterland make this event happen for all people at the same time, there is nothing wrong with it. I wondered why it would start at a saturday (sunday), because for me friday (saturday) seems to be the better choice for all players enjoying the whole weekend. But maybe i'm wrong and most of the Long Dark players live in a time zone where the monday is off or something else.