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  1. Then I encourage to visit the Ice Caves in Hush River Valley.
  2. Actually the note is tagged on to the Hunting Lodge. "On the outside."
  3. I do...let me retrieve it. I've had trouble accessing the forum...or this would've been up yesterday. Play close attention to the clue, because it makes clear what needs to be photographed. (Also thanks for joining in!) I barely made it over the bridge before it fell apart, and now my wheels have all seized up an I can no longer start. The narrow confines on my rail are by a landslide bisected, I doubt my line through will be resurrected.
  4. This image is from the first location: And the clue for the second location: Where bell once tolled and children played, you'll find ashes, ashes and be quite dismayed. In the midst of a town, I have burned down, a pair of glasses is on the ground.
  5. Just some fine tuning specifically only on the final bear hunt AFAIK. Also I think Episode 3 is much closer to release than anyone realizes...but I'm pretty certain we'll get the mentioned Sandbox Update first.
  6. Welcome to the Long Dark Photography Scavenger Hunt! This is not a user created challenge though I do have a new one coming, in this case you are a photojournalist out the capture the beauty of the Quiet Apocalypse. This is more about the quiet, solitude, and beauty of the land and what remains. This quest is designed for veterans and new players alike but due to the nature of this hunt I recommend playing at a maximum difficulty of Voyageur so you don't have to be worried about dying via animal attack. The first clue is: Where you'll find me is a Mystery but I once stood tall in my history. Atop a hill is where you'll find me, from my pinnacle you could see from here to infinity. When you arrive at the location take a beautiful or evocative screenshot, and then survive and wait until the next clue on Sunday, when I will post an image of the first location. Every 2 Days I will post a new Clue/Riddle to lead to a new location and reveal the previous one.
  7. All I'll say is that to be safe I played Episode 2 events in the relative same order I did in my Predux series. So I did the Hatch Mission long after The Rifle/Spear finding and fixing mission just to be safe. It was essentially the last major mission I did before returning to the dam to close out the Episode.
  8. Every time I've checked that car I've found the rifle.
  9. I'll ask. @Mel Guille @Patrick Carlson can we get this moved to the Wish List Sub Forum please?
  10. By making this thread you essentially asked for everyone's opinion. My thoughts are that the shield is more than sufficient. I don't want or need hit points...or special vision modes marking points of wind protection over others. Also this thread should probably be moved to the Wish List Forum.
  11. The one by the rope is always there. I have found 3 PV Cache Bunkers: Weapons: Near Signal Hill Clothes/Food: Near 3 Strikes Food/Water/Snare etc.: Near Burned Ridge Cave / Skeeter's Ridge
  12. Found the PV Hatch near Burned Ridge Cave in PV yesterday!
  13. You're in Winding River. The Dam is out of shot to the right. The path up to the Dam is to the right of center...the Powerlines and the tree near the path to the dam give it away. Since I'm there in my current Stalker-Box...I took a couple of screenshots...looking up to the cliffs above in the general area.