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  1. Best of luck Troy I hope everything works out for you!
  2. There seem to be an awful lot of people who want to complete the game perfectly with all the things you can possibly get. And since issues are stopping them they're getting upset at not doing a perfectly completed run on their first attempt. On the other hand personally I just wanted to play the episodes as well as I could while learning the game for myself knowing that I would blow things and miss side quests and not get a 100 percent completed run on my first attempt. I just wanted to experience the story, play through it, enjoy it and get to the end feeling satisfied. Which I did. I also have restarted the whole thing with more knowledge of how certain aspects work with the opportunity to possibly complete more side quests, gain more trust and find more blueprints. I just don't get the appeal of not finishing a game by myself and relying on other players help to find things for a complete run. I'd rather have an in the end very good, 100 percent solo, incomplete run of Wintermute. But maybe I'm just weird and old fashioned.
  3. I'm doing a new run through Wintermute with all the settings maxed. For two reasons, I love the Story Mode...and I wanted to capture tons of new screenshots with everything maxed. So here's one from the very beginning:
  4. Shhh that second one isn't a bug or an exploit...it's there to allow lateral thinkers to take all they want with them!
  5. They have said in the past that Milton and any other areas will get added to Survival mode.
  6. While this may work it also works just to camp out at the dam for a few extra days as well as the Aurora is random. Also you'll want to keep your stuff as there's a way to get through the dam with just about all you can possibly carry.
  7. That's unfortunate....he is interactable....try again at night.
  8. I believe the added a spawn point near the guy by the radio antenna but that was long after I had gone through Milton.
  9. You want the best advice for the Bear Quest...here it is....don't follow Jeremiah's Advice. I tried actively not to get mauled...but in the end I did get mauled 2 times. That said most of my shots were at range because Will can think for himself and Jeremiah's advice is really really dumb. And for the record yes....most of the time the Bear does run off if you shoot him. Also you don't have to get in one shot per location either...if you can manage 2 go for it.
  10. I dunno I really enjoy it. Though maybe if they can bring it down to 2 times a week it might be better. I just love seeing them and watching them...oh and hearing them.
  11. When Story mode Hit I determined to do a completely blind LP (as usual commentary free). For those that don't know a Blind LP is an Let's Play done without any kind of hint of what's to come. So, for example, I didn't read threads in here to find out things...I just played through both Episodes and played them to the best of my ability. Here is that playlist:
  12. I did a good mix of long and short range shots. If you wanna see how close one ca get to dying while trying to fit in two shots at the next to last location feel free to check out my LP...specifically Episode 28.
  13. You're welcome. When you next attempt it I recommend saving it after confirming each shot. Just nap for an hour or find the nearest building. Good luck to you.
  14. Hmmm...well in between my 2nd and 3rd shots I have a night. And it stayed on the frozen creek overnight. Then I took a night in the dam between my 3rd and 4th shots. And then took another night off in the Camp Office before I headed to between the Loading Zone and Logging camp...for shot 5...and I actually managed to get the 6th shot in the nick of time. So I played it very quickly. About 2 hrs 10 mins or so of game play time.
  15. That's unfortunate it should be Between the Logging Camp and Loading Area... You hit it with the Rifle and then a flare to scare it off right?