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  1. The Long Dark Hotfixed to v1.27 [34908] on STEAM

    No, as far as I know this is just an update to Unity and Wwise and a whole bunch of bug crushing. I played through all of the Story Mode on Test Track and it was just as it was after the Difficulty level update.
  2. Random terrain/map generation

    While I cannot wait for new territory to explore part of the game is essentially role playing since each survivor is supposed to to be a new survivor who's never been there before. Playing the game specifically like that can be quite a challenge but it's very rewarding.
  3. About Sprains and Painkillers

    It sucks in real life let me tell you...and might be a killer in the wild.
  4. About Sprains and Painkillers

    I love the sprain animations (including those in Test Branch), but a few things have always bugged me about Sprains and Painkillers. And doggone it most people just circumvent the dangers of having a sprained ankle in the wilderness and the even better animations (I've had a twisted knee coming down from the Summit of Mt. Mc Cloughlin in Orgeon) by popping painkillers. And magically the badly sprained ankle is immediately healed! Even worse is that the natural remedy consumed via the prepared tea, works just as fast and just as well. Shouldn't the tea take a whole lot longer to be diffused through the body as needed? What I would prefer is for the Painkiller to at the most- take the edge off the pain. So you're still hobbled but not as badly. So perhaps the limp animations aren't as noticeable after you take the painkiller. Perhaps you can use your rifle but you'll have more sway until your sprain is healed. So how is your sprain healed then? By the 10 hours of rest. So the painkillers take the edge off the pain of the wrist or ankle injury- but only the overnight sleep heals it. Maybe sometime further down the line there can be a difference between the speed of the Pills vs the Tea. Just my 2 cents.
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  7. Dev Diary - February 2018

    I think both Fans and so called True fans are fans of the game. Also I despise the term True Fan, it drives a wedge in fan bases and can cause huge fractures within them. As a Terminator fan I've seen that happen. If you like anything outside of T1 and T2 you're not a true fan gets thrown around a lot- excuse me but I just love the Terminator Universe as a whole and find each new chapter enjoyable...and somehow I'm not a true fan? Ok then. I got TLD during early access and I think, personally, that Hinterland is doing a mighty fine job at creating a truly unique gaming experience. Creating a truly unique gaming experience takes more time then doing something that's been done before and say slapping a fresh/different coat of paint on it. It takes an immense amount of time especially with a relatively speaking small yet dedicated team. They push out updates to sandbox and game mechanics quite often, some of which contain pretty significant overhauls, and at the same time they have a croe team working solely on Episode 3 and beyond. My point is as far as I'm concerned Hinterland has proven themselves to be very dedicated to the passion project of theirs and they clearly have the skills to bring it to completion so because of that I choose to wait patiently...and keep surviving in sandbox over and over as I wait for further episodes. For sandbox/survival mode is the best storytelling survival playground of it's kind I've found...and it just keeps getting better.
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  9. Jackets and coats with hoods

    Agreed agreed!
  10. Wow ...such a great game! Really! Few suggestions!

    By which not photo-realistic is meant. I love the singular artistic style of The Long Dark too.
  11. Dev Diary - February 2018

    You're welcome. Providing Testing on the i3...we'll see how it goes!
  12. Dev Diary - February 2018

    Yes the story update might be some time away but... soon will be the Hotfix which will update the Survival Mode once it's been tested.
  13. Jackets and coats with hoods

    Heck it still blows my mind that the survivors don't wear the hood part of the hoodie.
  14. The Winter Olympic's Challenge

  15. A compass!

    The main reason there is no compass is because of the event that has happened and the magnetic disturbances causing any compass to spin uselessly. Though having a compass in the game that would spin...and settle on a direction only to spin again would be great!