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  1. Up before the sun.
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/rosscooper76 Streaming live commentary free! I will be playing as Colin my longest running character...in a custom Sandbox in Milton. No knife...no rifle found. JUst a bow and 19 arrows.
  3. Because they will eventually get heavier...especially in bad weather I guess.
  4. I might have one of the weakest systems on here and I have no problems at all with the breath effect.
  5. Some hermit lived here.
  6. Welcome welcome then!
  7. Right now either feats are not allowed in custom sandboxes...or everyone has the same bug. I'm guessing it's the first option.
  8. Yes! There are options of Aurora frequency. So very many options all round.
  9. The good old days...I'm cool with that.
  10. Look for TLD Mods by WolfMarius. Or just Better Night Sky Mod.
  11. So...I was erm...looking at the glorious sunrise...in the Ravine...on the bridge before the tunnel before the trestle. I set myself up to take a screenshot on the center of the bridge, getting real close to the edge of the bridge so I could get the scenery only. When I was done I accidentally hit W instead of S. That's the last shot of this gif. It will of course be at the end of my Lara LP as well. ENJOY!
  12. question

    The Aurora is random in Survival Mode.
  13. In my current Let's Play I wondered what would happen if a character from another of my favorite video game series ws dropped into The Long Dark how would they do? So here is Lara Croft dropping into The Long Dark. I will be adding journal entries to flesh out her story.
  14. Unknown. Although we do know that there are new crafting options coming- assuming using the moose.
  15. Oh yeah. I mean I did all of them since I installed the game...kinda wish I hadn't done the Test Branch fo Faithful Cartographer. Ruined some great surprises.