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  1. Prepper cache bunkers

    The one by the rope is always there. I have found 3 PV Cache Bunkers: Weapons: Near Signal Hill Clothes/Food: Near 3 Strikes Food/Water/Snare etc.: Near Burned Ridge Cave / Skeeter's Ridge
  2. Prepper cache bunkers

    Found the PV Hatch near Burned Ridge Cave in PV yesterday!
  3. Where In The Goat Am I?

    You're in Winding River. The Dam is out of shot to the right. The path up to the Dam is to the right of center...the Powerlines and the tree near the path to the dam give it away. Since I'm there in my current Stalker-Box...I took a couple of screenshots...looking up to the cliffs above in the general area.
  4. Prepper cache bunkers

    One cache in Mystery Lake (in one of 8ish spawn points). One cache in Pleasant Valley (in one of 8 ish spawn points). The one by the entrance to Timberwolf Mountain is always there.
  5. Many items

    Old Mans Beard Lichen has been around for a long long time.
  6. Question About This Truck

    You basically Mountain Goat down the cliffs near the Rope down from Milton towards Mystery Lake...and then do this.
  7. Shelter: A (Dark) Long Dark Inspired Short

    Yes indeed. I have a second short already filmed and hope to record a third tomorrow very early in the morning.
  8. The Redux update, Chapter 2, Jeremiah's Hatch

    For me I never had any Aurora between getting/fixing the rifle in Predux and returning with it to Jeremiah. I finished the Aurora Hatch after returning to Jeremiah and killing the bear. Exactly as I did in Redux.
  9. New World: Siberian Wilderness

    The Long Dark is set in Canada...and made by fine Canadians yes. But to say the events that caused The Long Dark are only impactful on Canada would be laughable. We're talking about an electromagnetic/Cosmic Radiation event that causes a Global Electrical Meltdown, it's not something that can just be shuffled off to one country. It would have a global impact. To be honest I'd love to visit Siberia and see how The Long Dark had effected them...I'd love to be able to explore the Tunguska Region especially. Tunguska Event Pretty much it would be an incredibly eerie place to try and survive in.
  10. New Region: Deep Woods (repost from a while ago)

    Right, that's what I was getting from your description. I'm hoping one of the upcoming regions is like this.
  11. New Region: Deep Woods (repost from a while ago)

    I still really like this idea (I don't know if I responded when you posted this before). It really sounds like a great challenge and a fun place to explore. I especially like the Weather Service Station and that it's a combo of PV ML and the Keg. The closeness of the environment give it a really different feel as well.
  12. The Redux update, Chapter 2, Jeremiah's Hatch

    I think it has to be a bug and for that I'm sorry for you guys. Basically I just did everything quickly because the Aurora on this quest has been known to go away in a flash. Clicked on the keypad...sounds of pressing numbers...clunk...as soon as I heard the clunk I clicked on the door which then opened....because I wanted to get in and out in the same aurora I ran through and got burn damage. Only to find that there was food and drink in the bunker alone to survive to the next aurora. I was stuck in the bunker for I think 3 nights before the next aurora triggered.
  13. Mystery Lake Caches Side quest

    I got all the Caches...it could be something as simple you not actually reading the note. I always read every single note that way if it did trigger something it would trigger it for sure. If you just put it in your pack then it won't be triggered at all. I finished the game on 1.44.
  14. interior light needs rebalance

    I've had nothing but perfect interior lighting since the Redux Update. Sorry you folks are having issues.
  15. Ahh the BassAckward Challenge. I think I still have that footage.