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  1. Bear Spear (hype?)

    I don't know why it quoted me as saying Mountain Goating was cowardly....Jeremiah's hunting tips are suicidal...Icehole you and I Mountain Goat all over the place. I'll chalk it up to Quoting gone bad.
  2. Bear Spear (hype?)

    A coward?! That's a sane hunters tactic. That's how hunting is supposed to work.
  3. Share your screenshots

    The Aurora outside never get old but tonight I want to share Aurora from within the Hunting Lodge! With animated .gifs of course!
  4. The Long Dark Community Podcast

    Yes in Episode 0 my microphone was my gaming headset...and it came out poorly. In Episode 1 I use my Samson Go Mic...the sound is far better as a result. Also I'm currently feeling very crap (got blessed with a voice killing bug at a family thanksgiving get together) so I might start to edit the slideshow version for upload on youtube sometime tomorrow.
  5. I am a Mod on The Long Dark Community on Facebook, and a while back other mods and the group owner floated around the idea of doing a podcast for the community. I volunteered to put something relatively simple together, as host...the only voice you hear at the moment. I use simple editing software, and Mixcraft7 to put together each episode. I basically discuss the new Dev Diaries, Upcoming updates, User Challenges and anything else I manage to think of- there's nothing "Official" about it and is not affiliated to Hinterland Games in any way. But we did miss their podcast and wanted to do something simple to fill the gap. In the future we hope to have special audio guests like popular TLD LP'ers, and who knows what else. Below you will find the Pilot Episode- Episode 0- which I originally uploaded to Buzzsprout the day before the Vigilant Flame Update. But is now only available on Youtube for now. And a link to Episode one, just posted yesterday on Buzzsprout. I'm certainly not a professional podcaster or editor for that matter but I am a huge The Long Dark fan...so I hope these will be appreciated and welcomed with that caveat in mind. I hope you enjoy! https://www.buzzsprout.com/episodes/861275-the-long-dark-community-podcast-episode-1-4don-to-christmas Keep on Surviving! Ross
  6. Hello, everyone!

    Good to see you back mate! Now off to play Hopeless Rescue and cut down my P.B. as well. Did you know it is perfectly possible to climb the last rope to the summit w/o coffee or stopping with a full stamina/energy bar? Just don't stop climbing at all, no matter what, and you will make it....it will just be very very close.
  7. Looting Milton Town ?

    You can get from Milton Climbing Park to Mystery Lake without using either rope actually. I'm not sure if I put a video on my youtube channel but I'll check and post a link here later if I made one. Okay so this is the only one I can find...I missed the mountain goating down by the rope leading down from the park- but this video (part of a challenge I created) shows from this point how to avoid the next rope entirely. https://youtu.be/i-NAwmi24tM?list=PLAHgiNpEwuO10Gze_PXhP74Gg3RHYHI1o&t=1110
  8. I copied and pasted it so hmmmm. I'm not going to trash the box...but I might try another copy and paste. I copy and Ctrl-V it into the custom code box. I started another earlier...got the same ML start near the Clearcut...nothing...no animals from Clearcut all the way to trappers.
  9. Currently I'm subsisting off prepackaged food...with which I've been blessed. Then there's also carcasses....I haven't tried fishing yet...since all I have is hooks. That said perhaps all the animals are waiting in TWM...which is where I'm heading next. What I'm wondering about Deadman is...is this no wildlife thing normal? Is it very rare but exceptionally deadly? Might it only be in one region? If so...maybe my sandbox is working right.
  10. Need a rope

    As for the rope in the Dam...it does look like they're made it un-takeable now...I used to borrow it all the time.
  11. An update...yeah my first Deadman Box for whatever reason apparently has absolutely ZERO living animals...so I will update and get caught up to Day 15 or 17 or whatever I've made it to...but I will be calling subsequent updates to Box One Omega Man rather then Deadman. I will be starting a brand new Deadman Box and hoping it doesn't wig out and gives me the true Deadman experience with wildlife.
  12. Here's my blog post covering Day One of my Deadman Challenge! Deadman: Attempt One: Day One
  13. Finally found my heavy hammer...still haven't seen a single living creature. Heard them plenty though. Just entered the Raven Railway/Ravine Connector...on my way back to the Riken.
  14. Share your screenshots

    Coastal Highway in Sidereal Light
  15. Got all my ingredients if you were ready to forge...except the heavy hammer. So I heard rumors of one near the fishing village...so I guess I'll backtrack to there. At least all my stuff will be cured should I make it back to hiberina...if I make it back and do my forging.