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  1. Simple with an auto walk key somehow you'd be able to open canned goods and eat while walking, good luck with that in real life. Popping a soda, maybe depending on where it's stored...eating candy bars sure. But in reality to open a can you are gonna have to stop take off your pack, get out the can, get out the can opener, open the can etc. I can promise you you cannot do that without stopping in real life. That is one of the reasons I prefer not having auto-walk. Thus this part of the discussion is perfectly in line with the Auto Walk function.
  2. There are rare occasions where Wolves will actually take meat left on the ground, but specific things must be happening.
  3. I voted yes as I enjoyed the last themed event. I hope the team is already working on something it would be a great time.
  4. 1: Take you time. 2: Try to shot him from a distance...before he sees you. 3: Try to shoot him from a location he cannot maul you. 4: Recover as needed. There's plenty of cloth about to fix clothing if you have any sewing kits. 5: You can sometimes get two shots in at one location and it can count both. 6: If you loose track of the bear...and you're searching for him...and the game saves...that means he's nearby. 7: Try to keep the high ground. Shoot from rocky cliffs and unexpected angles. This helps avoid maulings.
  5. Looking at my LP I just discover the body on the lake...and then follow the blood trail nearby.
  6. Yup you have to take the rope to drop.
  7. If so they shouldn't have made taking it an option in Story Mode. We'll see. I doubt we're going back that way as Astrid or Will.
  8. Not really. It's not 100 percent auroras 100 percent of the time.
  9. Hah! I just took it with me and dropped down.
  10. You got it first! Go for it!
  11. No but you are in the right region.
  12. I'm doing a Nomad myself and adding even more locations...because I wanted more of a challenge. Currently I'm up on the Summit of TWM.
  13. So where is Will?
  14. One other thing about me the Teaser Trailer for my film coming this Oct 31st. I am the man in black...not a M.I.B.
  15. The latest "easy one" is of Trappers Cabin from a version of the game where night makes it next to impossible to travel. If I'm right I will post a new screenshot with a few more clues and a lot more daylight.