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  1. Jeremiah's Folly - Bear right outside Jeremiah's cabin?

    That's strange. The bear actually should always end up running after that first shot. It's kinda scary to stand there through the whole animation but once he's done roaring I've always had him run off and down the path. I think you experienced some very unexpected behavior.
  2. The Long Dark Hotfixed to v1.35 [38054] on STEAM

    Nope not at all. I have found caches in both PV and ML post update.
  3. Share your screenshots

    No I was walking and slowly freezing as I struggled to find a cave.
  4. Share your screenshots

    This happened the other night while I was lost, turned around in new territory in HRV.
  5. Hollow trees

    They are all over the place. I think the only regions without one might be Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway...ans maybe Desolation Point.
  6. Share your screenshots

    It's been a while but here's a new shot or two from my current sandbox, spending a lot of time in HRV.
  7. Why am I not Able To Melt Snow/Cook Food?

    Also you can find recycled cans from time to time in the kitchens of houses.
  8. Arrowheads

    Also generally speaking there will be at least one heavy Hammer within a few minutes of walking around either forge. They're not that hard to find.
  9. So, here's the big question

    I'm not sure where you got the randomly generated region idea from. Never once was random generation even mentioned....what was mentioned was the following: "Our goal with this new region is to create an environment that doesn’t have a single human-made shelter on it — so, even more rugged and isolated than Timberwolf Mountain with its lonely Mountaineer’s Hut. This new region has also been a test-bed of sorts, for a new approach to how we create our environments, including new rocks and more varied tree density. We’ve also added a new type of cave system, redone our waterfalls, and have focused on having the entire region be more of an “environmental” puzzle for you to solve. We’re also experimenting with varying elevations and a range of climbing (or caving) options to find your way around. " Also Untouched by Humans means...no man-made shelters, not unexplored by humans. Some people from Milton knew the area to be treacherous but ordinarily possible to pass... clearly the landslide at the end cut off the usual route...and unable to make it back one person set up a signal fire at the highest point as a last ditch effort to try and alert possible rescuers to his position. There's lots of silent storytelling in HRV.
  10. Cougar

    Yeah I didn't hear a damn thing in that video...but I do KNOW that Raph and the team are actively working on the Cougar. Anytime the rock-tumble sound plays I just imagine its from Cougar following me.
  11. So, here's the big question

    I'm sorry mate I don't see me forcing you to try anything. Nor forcing you to agree with me. I'm offering possible play ideas you may not have done. As for the first point that you referenced actually the game simply states that each new sandbox is a new person dropped randomly (I personally use random start...I'm not forcing you to ) into an unknown location. It is implied by the need to research books, and the fact that your skills improve over time up to level 5 that you have next to no survival skills at the start of each sandbox. So whether or not we personally know more about survival as individuals has absolutely no impact on the sandbox survivor, his or her knowledge, or the eventual possible update to allow all crafting anywhere. If you enjoy that kind of thing once modding officially happens then by all means enjoy it. I would think it would be quite logical for any survivor who gets to 5 on a skill to for instance Archery be able to craft a Bow or Arrows anywhere, however until modding becomes a thing I'm happy with the tools Hinterland has provided us with. My best guess would be crafting anywhere, for the Clothing and Weapons tiers would probably really unbalance the game. Anyhow, no hard feelings- enjoy surviving out there.
  12. So, here's the big question

    Except my argument makes PERFECT sense. The Player character is not a wilderness survivalist...he or she hasn't been researching for crafting videos or survival websites. You are an ordinary un-named Joe or Jill dropped into a desperate situation. In fact a really fun challenge is to try and play each sandbox as if you've never seen these places before...since you haven't. To play as if you're building a new knowledge base each time is both exciting and a challenge. Anyhow. I'm done here- enjoy your full modded out game later. IMHO you'll always find yourself disappointed, even once full modding is supported- and it will be. (If you were willing to try the mods now via the PC- if you have it on PC- you'd certainly have a much harder time of it).
  13. So, here's the big question

    You can do nearly everything you just posted you'd mod in by using Custom modes right now. Also past peoples may not have had a workbench to make bows and arrows...but they needed knowledge...and had to learn from others. It was passed down through generations. You are ostensibly a nobody, with no knowledge, dropped into the quiet apocalypse, therefore you in reality have no idea how to craft anything. Dressings/Bandages/Tinderplugs and anything you can create anywhere would be something you could make without too much prior knowledge through trial and error. Clothing/Bows/Arrows would take much study and book knowledge (curing/shaping/proper tools etc) much practice and failure. And even with that- your first few attempts would not end with perfection. The longer you survive...the better your crafting skill should become...until if they add a crafting skill...at Level 5 you can craft anywhere. Now that would make sense to me. Once again you can play how you want I'm not saying you can't...but I am saying that just because someone with great generational knowledge can craft bows and arrows in a cave by firelight...doesn't mean your character should be able to. Since you are a nobody, with no survival knowledge dropped into the quiet apocalypse. I honestly hope you come back and play more because the new Region is certainly not easy at all. Also do you mind if we converse about this in PM because a I have a few specific questions I wish to ask that can't be asked here and I'm enjoying this conversation?
  14. So, here's the big question

    I think you're confused. I love mods for TLD on the PC...and once they're all patched....I will use most of them. (Of note is that there has been no mod for PC to allow crafting of more complex articles without a crafting table because they all understand my following point). Also that's my last talk about modding TLD since Hinterland doesn't like discussion of unofficial modding. But...and this is my point...I will not use one (if one is ever introduced) that enables me to craft things that need a crafting table anywhere- because there's a reason that the ones that need a table need a table. Crafting a bow or an arrow that works is not some simple thing...you'd absolutely need some kind of table to craft with...with clothing I'd argue that to make the best clothing you'd also need a table. Perhaps give us the option to craft larger items without a table...but the first few attempts result in inferior results. For a great many people making it out and back is certainly a challenge, especially on higher and customized above Interloper settings games. I've played over 1,400 hours and I still find the game a challenge- if the game wasn't still challenging me I probably wouldn't play it. You can eventually use such a mod...and enjoy it I'm sure...but why would you? You complain about the game being too easy...and that would be making it even easier.
  15. So, here's the big question

    Some might like that but...no thanks. It would take any challenge out. I'm in HRV knowing that soon I will have to return to Milton to craft (my Wolfskin Jacket). I like that some things require a crafting table, in fact the more complex what you're making is the more natural it is to need the table. Making it out and back would be an accomplishment to both your skill and growth as a survivor.