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  1. Take water from waterfals and ice holes

    I always assumed we were pulling water out of the tank, not the bowl... That being said, it could still be pretty gross. I live in a 5th wheel and the water we get is well water... It is not the most pristine well water and seasonally can be pretty gross. Stuff grows in the toilet tank.
  2. More Food and Soda Pop Ideas

    I'd settle for glass bottles of the stuff, and maybe some honey too.
  3. Sweet! Thanks so much for your help, Hawk!
  4. More Food and Soda Pop Ideas

    You know I just thought of this: In story mode there is a thing that mentions that the residents of great bear were frustrated by the dependency they had on the mainland and that victory gardens were set up... I would assume the folks living there would be participating in their own canning if that was the case and using mason jars and what have you. So how come the only items we find are commercial style packets of food? Why aren't there the remains of people's garden sheds and greenhouses (which would be more essential the further north you get. Where I live in Washington State USA, many items are recommended to be started indoors before the last frost.) that are full of dead plants and gardening tools?
  5. Map Location optional? Please?

    I agree. An optional location marker should be made. It really helps me navigate.
  6. I need gloves

    I would love to see this, although at the same time I wouldn't care too much about minor clipping...
  7. How much you're carrying definitely affects risk for sprain as does the type of terrain you're crossing.
  8. I know someone who named theirs Van 5. I would suggest if you want something interesting, why not go for Wintermute?
  9. Seriously. I see folks having done so on these forums all the time and I need to know how.
  10. Regarding the Aurora during Renewed Hope?

    I may have to do that too. At least I won't have to worry about firewood.
  11. Just wondering, is the aurora active just the first night or does it continue?
  12. Stuck in cave with bear

    I keep getting to the spear myself but the moment I spot him getting ready too charge it's already too late to get in position to take him out... I know I can do it if I really focus but its one of those things... Getting to the spear alone makes me super nervous and me plus nervousness is a disaster waiting to happen.
  13. Goodbye Aurora

    Personally I'm hoping that as soon as that blasted bear isn't a problem anymore I can still access that hatch... And that I'll be able to get the one in ML open too. I read somewhere that trying to access the ML hatch before I have the code to get in can make it inaccessible later when I get the code.
  14. I normally play the female survivor in survival, so no fear of that yet.
  15. Preppers hatch redux

    Something to do with the main objective involving a certain furry monster or so I read elsewhere... I can't figure out how to do the hidden text or else I'd have used it.