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  1. I would hope that if we are offline, that the game would still work. Sometimes my internet isn't working... Rarely but still.
  2. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    I meant to say, natural whetstones. Clearly we can find some man made ones in game...
  3. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    I know that long term survival was never the goal for the game and that the sandbox was originally meant to be just a testing ground for the story mode, but is there any chance we might see the ability to find and/or create whetstones? I do love playing survival whilst I await story mode to be adjusted.
  4. Bear didn't bleed out

    Except for one major issue with that... The last bear I bagged, I read books while I waited for it to die...
  5. Bear didn't bleed out

    I had this happen with a wolf, except I didn't go into an interior loading area. I just decided to harvest a dear corpse that was nearby... All the bears I've shot in the most recent sandbox mode game have been kills and I've followed or stayed near while waiting for it to die.
  6. Does the bear in The Hunted spawn during a blizzard? I have made it to the radio tower in Pleasant Valley and now that I have a full set of clothes, It is storming outside and I need to know my chances of getting to the cavern.
  7. Summer style the Long Dark?

    I always took The Long Dark to mean a time without electricity. Just think of how everything going on in the game could be solved if electricity was working. That being said, there is an additional level of urgency with every aspect of survival currently because of how cold it is.
  8. A few observations / questions / suggestions...

    It would have to be a young one...
  9. Better console performance

    I haven't noticed this on my original XBox One...
  10. 4DON: Post-Mortem

    Yeah, so make the whole event happen through october and have the events happen on the weekly or tailor it to how many hours person has spent in the challenge thus far.
  11. 4DON: Post-Mortem

    Or change the extent of the challenge. I would have loved it if I could have played the challenge on every day I had off in October...
  12. You've got to be joking. I call baloney!

    It was in the actual game, not the main menu... It said 20 minutes until 2 hours of day 3 was reached, 5 minutes before day 4 was due to start. I also lost progress in the way of my character being worse off than she was when I had left the game thinking it had saved properly. But at least I didn't end up like some folks who perservered over a single save and still didn't get the 2nd badge.
  13. You've got to be joking. I call baloney!

    Update: so the save must have gotten funky... The game recognized that I did at least 2 hours of each day and gave me the badge... So there must have been some miscommunication but at least it worked out in my favor but it still scared the kajeebers out of me and made me consider quitting.
  14. You've got to be joking. I call baloney!

    Hmm maybe xbox is having issues too since I am playing on that... I will raise a fuss about it with hinterland. What a dumb glitch.
  15. You've got to be joking. I call baloney!

    I didn't load back into the game until 5 min before 11. So didn't have time enough to fix it. Am so peeved. I could be doing other things but I chose to play for those badges.