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  1. Xbox whats that?
  2. Okay thanks Mroz4k TheMoreYouKnow ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (if you feel like getting some freedom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAb4ScpgX_0&feature=youtu.be)(if u are not allowed to link stuff thats not a part of the game tell me and i will remove the link of freedom)(i feel stupid for doing this xd)(a lot of ()()((())) ).
  3. can you give me a link or video that proves this?
  4. I totally agree
  5. I think you should get warmer if you are running/doing work like chopping wood or destroying stuff because well your body is working and that=heat Work=cals spent and cals spent=heat it might not do much but we schuld get that heat anyway
  6. I think that it's a good idea " I think it would be better if the bones could be used to make a soup, " " but were not "edible" on their own. But rather used in unison with the meat to make a different kind of dish" to first balance it out a little and 2nd you could make this soup the natural equivalent to the MRE but heavier, So this soup "MRE" could be made out of meat,bonemarrow,water,berries and the reshi mushrooms (maybe some fish just to make it a little harder to make and maybe even chopped up cattail stalks) to make a really good food that's first of all is really good when it comes to calories but it could also have some minor buff to stamina/wellbeeing and it would work like painkillers and antibiotics but it schuld also like you said go bad very quickly so it would become a make and eat item.
  7. 2. is coming later in development I think and 3. if it's frozen I don't think the meat emits a smell at all but I can be wrong im not a wolf but if it's fresh wolves in the area should be able to smell it to some degree. 4. I agree on because well I've suggested something exactly like it before
  8. First, I don't know if this has been suggested before but it would be nice if we could harvest bones from animals and crack them open to eat the bone marrow inside for a little extra food. Now a rabbit should give either zero bone or really little and deer some bones and wolfs far less than a deer and a bear a lot more and bigger bones than a deer. the weight could be like when you get a fish so you won't find a "large bone" or a "small bone" you will find a femur or shin that weigh differently
  9. just look at the game blockheads, they have a solution for this problem
  10. I think the aurora is beautiful 10/10
  11. I think its a great idea becuase the weight and how much charcoal you use just to map a tiny area is ridiculous so this + you can map more on the map if you are on flat or high terain
  12. I think that a nice adition to the map that came with the latest update is that if you are on an high altitude like an high hill or an mountain top the area that you paint on to your map with charcoal shuld get bigger because you can see more from that point. so you could add special lookout points like the outlook towers or specific hills/mountain tops where you can use maybe 2-5 charcoal at once to really fill in that map. this is kinda like how you scout the map in assasins creed and the hunter call of the wild so let me think if you would like this in the game or if im just stupid and this is already in the game.
  13. this is just what iv'e sead before but no reaction when i wrote it
  14. the game isn't demanding like an AAA title and you don't need a GTX 1080 to play on max settings. one thing with the open world, please better stones (the big ones) I hate that they are pointy and that a lot of them have stretched textures but its ofc still a good game