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  1. Create a new challenge where the player needs to collect all the parts to the crashed aircraft, they then need to piece it together using glue made by the boiling up of assorted animal parts. Fuel it with lantern fuel, then by using coastal highway as a runway, escape to hawaii !
  2. Radio station in pleasant valley
  3. Ummm... did you read the, "A mouth full of snow [whilst certainly not an ideal solution] is pretty easy to find in the snow" part ? Whilst you seem to enjoy presuming I know "very little, if any at all" regarding survival situations, I guess it is safe for me to then assume then, that you have very little, if any at all comprehension when reading a small block of text. So as not to insult anyone's intelligence and also to save everyone from ploughing through a wall of text regarding something as elementary as 'eating cold things makes you colder', I deliberately chose to omit that, to me, it kind of goes without saying. In hindsight, its now very clear that I should have put it in so as to save you the trouble of trying to spell something so obvious out. Returning to my original point so as not to derail this thread, presented with the conditions of copious amounts of snow and neg 40c temperatures, dehydration [whilst it is certainly nothing to underestimate under many circumstances] is NOT your biggest concern. I imagine if i was sitting next to you in these conditions, your 'professionalism' under this kind of pressure would extend no further than your internet connection, punctuated by your inability to think outside the box.
  4. desperate times call for desperate measures
  5. A mouth full of snow [whilst certainly not an ideal solution] is pretty easy to find in the snow, whereas trying to find a place that is above -40c in a snowstorm that has an ambient temperature of -40 would be a rather pressing matter.
  6. Hydrating in a snow survival situation would not be as big of a concern as surviving the cold would be, no way. I would swap a dry woolen blanket for 10 litres of water in that situation any day !
  7. Personally, I think a vomiting sound effect would be incredibly annoying, I think something more subtle is enough to let you know you have a problem. As Bjern said, we dont need to go overboard on the realism, its a game, not a vomit simulator.
  8. It would be nice to be able to move larger branches to make your own waypoints though
  9. Something like this ?
  10. now that would be awesome !
  11. Perhaps incorporating different levels of sickness. From the one where you feel a little shaky and quiet activity such as reading would not be hindered, all the way up to the one where its impossible to keep anything in either end, and expulsion of one triggers an immediate and unavoidable explosion out the other, which would therefore leave you in no shape to pick up a book, let alone concentrate on anything that was written in it.
  12. suggestion

    Yeah, something like that would do the trick
  13. suggestion

    Yeah, as i implied earlier, once you know, you just know whats what. Its more for people new to the game and not that familiar with red cup/brown cup contents.
  14. suggestion

    Well, alternative remedies are already suggested in the game as soon as you get an affliction, regardless of whether you have them in your inventory or not, but only in the form of a picture. I'm unsure if its by design or just an oversight that it only suggests it as a picture. I try to imagine both sides of the picture in light of game design, and whilst i can see the latter is plausible, having it in by design just doesn't seem to add much value. I would think that if you were going to have it in by design, just leave the suggestion picture out all together, leave it up to people all by themselves to eat weird looking mushrooms and strange looking berries off tree's, just out of pure desperation. At the moment its like: 'Hey, you sprained your ankle, perhaps go make yourself a nice warm drink in a red cup", or 'Look out, you have been bitten by a wolf, we suggest that you get yourself a warm drink in a brown cup'
  15. suggestion

    Thanks Scyzara. Unless you already have the required cup in your inventory, aside from the colour of the mug in the picture, no other information is given regarding the suggested cup your ailment requires. As there is already a suggestion of alternate remedies in the form of a picture [regardless if you have them in your pack or not] why not just provide the name as well? Personally, I know that red is Rose hip and brown is Reishi, but its only because i have been there and done that, and as far as a new player to the game may be concerned, it just seems to be a little strange to make only half the suggestion.