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  1. Resources wise you are correct. However if you need the food etc and cannot afford to have it get lost or you are looking to level up skills then more hits serves those goals. Comes down to what you are trying to do. My survivor never assumes indefinite survival alone, always assumes he or she will find someone else so resource conservation especially at the early stages is not at the forefront of the mindset. Getting something in the belly fast is. :-)
  2. If the time it takes to bleed out means I can't find it to harvest it then it's a waste. If I don't get that arrow back it is a bigger waste.
  3. I have one shot killed a bear with a bow it can be done in the face or a couple other spots. I tend to lure then to the fishing hut or under a tree I can climb then I can hit them easier
  4. I play the bow all the time. Once I move to a new camp I clear it of bears with the rifle first then hunt with the bow
  5. On Linux you run thru steam yes? Steam for PC is 32 still I think so that could be where the limitation is ?
  6. On Linux you run thru steam yes? Steam for PC is 32 still I think so that could be where the limitation is ?
  7. I had limbs I could not harvest right behind waterfront lodges in ML . Was gathering wood to live in the cave a few days and there were two logs I could see but not harvest couldn't walk around in any direction or crouch cut etc. Seemed odd. Was able to harvest next day after sleep.
  8. Depends on where the bear is and your weather. If you can build a long lasting fire harvest all the meat and cook it even at low skill that amount of cooking boosts you up skillwise but it's tough to do it in the open and given weather issues.
  9. What is truly fun is shooting an arrow at a green wolf who takes off then poof disappears...with your arrow! Grrr
  10. Need gut and hide fast you get them quick Middle of storm can't be out long enough Big animal quarter is short time take hide and gut and some food go back inside warm up while you harvest. Makes sense on bear will work on moose/elk when we see them, or bigger deer.
  11. Those of you snipers who got the achievement how did you gauge the distance? I have hit a few at a good distance apparently no far enough so looking for a few pointers please
  12. I have been asked by the team on occasion to note non bugs (enhancement requests) in the bug database. They do see them there and handle them differently but this way they don't get buried in the forum
  13. Maple glaze on those nuts? I mean it's Canada eh and no syrup! ;-)
  14. So what do you see as the bonus or use of all the items meaning you said fly gets you small fish, but what a higher probability of catching? You burn resources and calories to make it so it can't be worthless as the empty hook. Assuming each level of fishing also adds to the ability to better use each lure yes? Chart up what you envision and add it as a suggestion on the public bug database. If you put it there HL does see it and it stands a better chance of them thinking about it versus here. I think you are onto a decent idea
  15. GM makes a yummy soup in story mode;-)