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  1. Keep in mind that perhaps there's always a possibility that we'll have to play the story mode first before unlocking any new maps. Expanding on that line of thought, perhaps even before unlocking the sandbox mode? Which would make sense, since the story mode will have some sort of tutorial in it.
  2. I think that @Patrick Carlson is our main liaison to the Hinterland HQ. And here's a link for Neil Young's Dead Man, in case anyone's interested. (I see the similarities!) Now I'm feeling like a Reddit bot.
  3. The mentioned previous thread is here. I particularly recommend @Scyzara's post about it.
  4. With every new teaser trailer/screenshot showing a much greater diversity of props, I have the feeling this problem will only get worse -- unless they're made harvestable (and not pick-up-able). I personally don't mind the lost space; I'd just like my bases to be neater, that's all.
  5. suggestion

    I've always wondered about that. What are the odds of a rabbit trying to squeeze through a noose -- and without a bait on top of that? Perhaps they've got the winter blues.
  6. I personally suspect that spears are simply not implemented because of game balancing reasons. Given the quantity of fallen tree limbs we find, they would make for a weapon with near-infinite uses. The same could said about makeshift arrowheads or, for that matter, rudimentary arrows: someone already mentioned (and illustrated) how easy would it be to improvised an arrowhead from common cutlery found, but currently ignored, in the houses. I'm all for the walking stick, though, and I really hope that's what the new accessories slots (in the latest teaser screenshots) are for. Isn't this why we play games? So they can annoy us? Welcome to the forums!
  7. Even as a mere player, I'm very interested in hearing about your opinion. What would you change in the gameplay/mechanic for it to reflect archery more accurately? (Considering the game only provides us with a makeshift bow, in case that's relevant.)
  8. discussion

    At first I was against this idea, but reading the replies enlightened me. I like where this is going. Since water is one of the most important resources in the game, I really wouldn't mind if it had more ways of interaction: more ways to get it, to make it safe to drink, etc.
  9. discussion

    I'm a bit confused about this thread's main point -- if caves are unrealistic, in which manner they are so?, and if we need more types of caves, why would we need so? I am fine with the caves. I'd just like them to have a little bit more pieces/points of interaction, but since they're mostly connection corridors, I'm okay with that. (And I have never entered a mine, so I wouldn't know what's in there to interact with.)
  10. Y'know, I could swear the splash screen explained about the Aurora, but it only very briefly mentions it. Quoting: "As the result of the geomagnetic disaster which serves as part of the fictional foundation of the game, we have taken liberties (...). This geomagnetic disaster will be explained in the Story Mode." However, the official site's home page expands the concept a bit: "Imagine the lights go out, never to return. Bright aurora flare across the sky, and all humanity’s technological might is laid to waste, neutralized in a kind of quiet apocalypse." Anyways, just for clarification: all electrical/electronic devices are now out of function and irrepairable -- and even that could be wrong, since we don't know (yet, at least) exactly what is the nature and consequences of the disaster.
  11. OP is refering to the fact that at 60 kg encumbrance the character effectively stops moving. Wouldn't that make the game too similar to, say, Fallout 4? Surely I can't speak for Hinterland Games, but in my perception the game the devs have in mind is made of something else. It's mainly about lone survival; the struggle of man versus nature. Regarding plausibility, I'm sure that people in post-disaster situations could theoretically form communities, but perhaps there are not enough (willing?) survivors in the island for that. I'm not pointing which way is the right one, but, curiously enough, that's the reason I still show some resistance in playing games like The Forest. Whenever I see the character "magically" building walls and fortresses, I remember how much I love how TLD allows us to feel we're putting some effort into doing/making things. That's why I love this game: I'm not looking for cool; I'm looking for diligent. You mean according to the only official map? Also: welcome to the forums!
  12. Okay.
  13. As a reminder, we have "wolf pack behavior" as a bullet point in the aspirational roadmap's 6+ months window. And as suggested by the OP, I'd love to have the bear try and rock the car and roar disgruntledly. +1 for the models' skins too, but as a low-priority wishlist item.
  14. discussion

    Here. We're at least in 2019. (Screenshot by @miah999, I think.)
  15. Sure, it doesn't really make too much sense IRL. I was thinking inside the game's frame of mind/structure/design, where the survivor can't jump over small obstacles (and probably won't ever be able to), and it doesn't take too much to block her way. I assume we're talking about the same game. @Dirmagnos, I mean no harm, but it seems to me that you don't have much savoir-faire when it comes to interacting with people in a healthy, socially adequate manner, so please let me help you: don't address me in that arrogant, pretentious, sarcastic tone. I don't like it. I understand and respect that you only care about facts, not people -- but these forums are full of both.