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  1. Likewise, congratulations. It's been a while so forgive me if I'm wrong but you're an organic chemist - right? With a bad habit of raiding popcorn stands in movie theaters looking for precursors for your experiments. So what's it going to be - a job in academia or out into the real world?
  2. Holy mackerel @cekivi, I thought you'd disappeared.
  3. After the kill... And the next day... Had to run after this one. That's the worst thing about the wolfskin coat. Maybe that could be the buff for one made from green hides - a coat that doesn't scare wolves. Unfortunately though, the harvested hides revert to their normal color.
  4. Try killing one. Then look at it the next day. It would be cool if green wolf pelts gave the wolf skin coat some sort of buff.
  5. How about them green wolves?
  6. I can't remember exactly now but I think it ended up appearing ten or so nights in a row. That's, um, pretty random. Up until the latest patch it was very uncommon not to see the aurora at night in this playthrough and it may have only been bad weather that stopped it from appearing.
  7. I don't seem to have a problem with Coastal Highway. Just patched and here is Misanthropes Homestead (with aurora).
  8. ...and read books. Five nights in a row now. Maybe the nights you missed were because of a blizzard?
  9. Four nights in a row now...possibly the game is bugged.
  10. Just saw the Aurora for the first time in Interloper. Here are a couple of screenshots of the Pleasant Valley Farmstead.
  11. question

    Day 40 and 32 blizzards survived. Even at this slower rate, if I survive 200 days I may well have seen 160 blizzards. To achieve my previous record of 162 blizzards, I had to spend 170 out of the 200 days in Pleasant Valley. Outside of PV in 200 days it was more common to see 110 - 130. However many of these were 8 or 9 hours in duration (which was pretty boring). I think that all of the blizzards I've seen in these recent attempts have been more like 3, 4 or 5 hours in duration.
  12. question

    Yes, in a blizzard. At the same point (27 days) in the next run, I've had 6 fewer blizzards and in almost all ways the game has been easier. Much more like what I remember. Bit disappointed really. Didn't fall off the dam this time either despite a blizzard starting when I was half way across. Maybe I've just been clumsy. I don't know. It might be an idea to wait for some confirmation on that one. This is also the first time I've experienced the black growling meat-seeking missiles. Before the bow is crafted they change my strategy marginally but afterwards, with a bow, this behaviour just makes it a lot quicker to kill them.
  13. question

    I've lost count of how many times I've fallen off the dam in the last couple of days. Before that I'd fallen off maybe twice. Seems strange that I can walk across a single rail line in the Ravine in any conditions and never fall off but then have such trouble with the dam.
  14. question

    Another thing I've noticed recently is how hard it is to cross the dam wall sometimes so that you can enter the lower dam from Winding River. On my last playthrough, in windy conditions, I fell off the dam three times - no matter how carefully I tried to cross. It was only on the fourth attempt when the wind had died down that I managed to get across.
  15. question

    I'm dead on day 27 after surviving 27 blizzards. In Interloper it looks like Pleasant Valley's weather is now also in Mystery Lake, Coastal Highway and Desolation Point. Good luck with that. Might have missed it but can't see anything about changes to the weather. On the plus side, most of the blizzards seem to be of relatively short duration. From memory, more frequent and shorter blizzards may actually have been something I had wished for in the past.