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  1. It crashed again (using vsync locked at 60 fps) and this time it produced the first crash log in three and a half months. Very curious. Maybe the very high FPS crashes means the logs aren't always saved somehow? Whatever the case, check them out. The game had only been running for a very short time when it crashed in Coastal Highway. error.log output_log.txt crash.dmp
  2. And now I've experienced my first actual in-game (as opposed to the game's main menu) crash with vsync enabled. Granted, it took a *lot* longer to show, but it did eventually happen at the locked 60 FPS. There is a definite correlation between high FPS and the occurences of these crashes that has nothing to do with overheating. Worth looking into.
  3. I experienced the first freeze-crash while having my GSync hardware disabled in favour of vsync software. It happened in the main game menu of all places, which I thought was interesting. The little 3D backdrop with the cabin definitely constitutes a high FPS area, which seems to complement my earlier findings. It indicates one of two possibilities, either vsync does not work in the main game menu (you wouldn't notice since the perspectives never moves), or it the high FPS crashes are merely masked by enabling vsync, making them at the locked 60 FPS still a rare occurence, as opposed to a frequent one at 140 FPS. I know I'm just logging my findings at this point, but I hope you can do something with all my posts here. If not, other perhaps other gamers with high-end hardware coming across the same issue will find some use for it.
  4. I played the game for something like 6 hours over the weekend on DX11 with VSync enabled. No crashes. As far as workarounds go this will do for now, but my eyes are noticing the differences with screen tearing and such. I'd like to have it back, but I'm not going to push the issue further. For comparison, I did a few more test. Vsync disabled and Gsync enabled for all tests. Minecraft, 140 FPS at about 78C. No crashes, tested it for an hour. Mass Effect 1, DX8/9, 100+ FPS at about 80C. No crashes. Alien Isolation: DX11, 62 FPS at about 83C. No crashes Kerbal Space Program, 64 bit, also Unity engine, 140 FPS (in space, using a small craft) and assumably DX9. No crashes. Kerbal Space Program, 32 bit, also Unity engine, 140 FPS (in space, using a small craft) and assumably DX9. No crashes. The Long Dark + NVidia stress test tool, 91C, FPS 25-30, DX11. No crashes for two hours. Conclusion, the problem is currently specific to The Long Dark and very high framerates. Even forcibly overheating the GPU doesn't force a crash with any of these games. Unity may be a factor, but I don't own enough Unity engine games to tell for sure. KSP works fine in 64 and 32 bit, but I don't think it uses DX11. I don't own any other Unity games that run DX11, so I am unable to test that further. I pinged my contact at NVidia. I was one of the first people to test a GSync screen, they have always been interested my in feedback as a result. They're usually very interested in learning about issues with relatively new tech, but It's been a while since we spoke and GSync isn't the latest of the latest anymore. High frequency monitors however are very commonplace, even if there's no GSync technology in them. If anyone would know if this is a common issue with Unity games, it would be NVidia. I don't know when or if I'll hear back from him though, you might want to do a little inquiring on your own.
  5. There's no way for me to limit FPS with GSync, so for the time being I'm enabling VSync and testing if that improves stability under DX11. It takes a little getting used to, my eyes can definitely tell that the fps is locked at 60. GPU temperature is locked at 73C in interiors with little geometry. Played about 10 minutes so far without crashes, not really indicative.
  6. Okay, I just experienced a freeze/crash at 73C, outdoors. Overheating definitely can't be it.
  7. I noticed a sharp temperature increase in areas with very little geometry. With GSync's variable refreshrate enabled, I'm guessing those areas actually become quite taxing, workload-wise. I saw it rise from cold 50C to 75C in outdoor areas and in the upper 80C in these small areas. I will still occasionally get crashes in outdoor areas too, but I suppose it's possible the temperature builds up over time. Still have some problems with the idea that overheating is the issue. There are no visible GPU artifacts The freezes/crashes affect the program, not the system GPU shouldn't hit into issues until it takes another 20C to a grande total 80C-100C. I haven't seen that happen yet. NVidia's drivers are very keen on alerting me on any kind of problem, typically after it has occured. I never get any notification of that. They have happened in 75C outdoor areas, though not as often. TLD is the only Unity game that seems to be affected. High FPS still doesn't explain properly why the problem is less likely to occur in DX9 mode. If anything the simpler GPU workload would result in even higher FPS. Does Unity have any interesting quirks running games at very high FPS?
  8. Bit of new info here. In a rare display of generosity, the game saved *after* the freeze occured. I basically froze right in front of the door leading to the main hydro dam building. Per usual, the game kept on working for some moments, even though the screen output froze. I was able to blindly load into the new area and auto-save. When I reloaded the game, the save was still intact. Pretty neat! I don't know, but a temperature alarm should have gone off it it was a problem at any point. I'll keep an eye on it either way, maybe I haven't configured that setting properly. I feel an overheating crash should be accompanied by GPU artifacts and system-wide crashes, but I haven't seen any of those yet. I'll keep you posted. Reminding you again that other games running Unity don't seem to have this issue.
  9. I've been going over my older posts again and I seem to have not been very conclusive about running the game in DX9. DX9 definitely helps with stability, but it's not a complete solution either. It still happens. My best guess is DX9 reduces the likeliness of the exact same type of crash happening to an order of 20/30 (DX11 consistently crashes at least once an hour, so it's fairly easy to estimate). It's still terribly random. I did manage to get the 500 day badge last weekend, so should have some idea of what I'm talking about. Again, memory usage has no real angle on it. High FPS seems to increase the likelihood though (running the game on an GSync monitor, so I never have VSync turned on). The game just hangs without crashing, while the sound of actions, moving and using menus, persists for a short while. Alt-F4 usually doesn't work unless the game was recently started. The task manager is the only thing that can kill the process.
  10. "Please sir, I want some more."
  11. I understand. I might create a mod for that at some point, provided an API becomes available.
  12. My suggestion is quite simple. Make the game autosave the instant after you have fired the bow or flare gun. That way you can't for example exit your game and reload from Trapper's Cabin every time you miss a deer. No do-overs for bear / wolf hunting, every action matters.
  13. Updated drivers again to current. No change. It can happen anywhere, but I still get the impression it tends to happen more frequently in high FPS areas, like interiors. Memory usage has no angle on it. I've been trying to cross the mines between Pleasant Valley and Coastal Highway, but I've crashed a dozen times in a row, just before exiting. I'm moving slow because I'm carrying a lot of coal. It is trying my patience a little.
  14. I ended up using a tactic that worked better for me, with a tip from Ralph on Twitter. You guys all had valuable suggestions, but this one made even my lacking tactics work. If you spawn on Desolation Point, just don't use that forge. Just plowing onward toward the forge in Forlorn Muskeg means you always pass areas with fresh calories. It also means you're 'in the game' longer to find a hacksaw or forging hammer. I found two hammers so far, so I think I'll be alright. My previous "starting in Desolation Point" Interloper record was about 3-4 days. I'm 15-20 days into my current playthrough now and I am besides myself with glee. I had some tense moments where I almost ran out of free calories in Mystery Lake while waiting for the first intestines to tan, after which I made the additional mistake not to make the bow immediately but, out of habit, several traps instead. I managed to get two additional intestines tanned and I think my condition was about 12 percent. But I bagged a deer, so all ended well. Currently trying to figure out what my next move should be. I have a few skins, but not enough intestines yet. I may bag Fluffy.