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  1. And lol, drove out of sight. That'll teach me to copy-paste. No, I mean seriously, I forgot to mention the moose had his humvee parked nearby. They need big cars, you know. Moose.
  2. And... now I spot the typos I missed.
  3. *edit: fixed resolution issue, I think.
  4. Share your screenshots

    I was quite impressed with this one for the halloween event. https://twitter.com/ThatDearGuy/status/1057336608901480448
  5. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #13

    Lol I never even considered that before.
  6. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #13

    Can't be more silly than herbal tea actually saving your life in a pinch.
  7. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    So much snow, but sadly no skis to be found. Will we one day get our cross-country on in The Long Dark? I mean, this is Canada.
  8. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #10

    Link doesn't work. I need to empty my question somewhere before I forget again.
  9. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    What's the best way to pry a Hinterland employee away from their keyboard? Assume it's Friday.
  10. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    What made you think, 'hey I need to go and create The Long Dark'?
  11. Frequent game freezes (crash log included)

    It crashed again (using vsync locked at 60 fps) and this time it produced the first crash log in three and a half months. Very curious. Maybe the very high FPS crashes means the logs aren't always saved somehow? Whatever the case, check them out. The game had only been running for a very short time when it crashed in Coastal Highway. error.log output_log.txt crash.dmp
  12. Frequent game freezes (crash log included)

    And now I've experienced my first actual in-game (as opposed to the game's main menu) crash with vsync enabled. Granted, it took a *lot* longer to show, but it did eventually happen at the locked 60 FPS. There is a definite correlation between high FPS and the occurences of these crashes that has nothing to do with overheating. Worth looking into.
  13. Frequent game freezes (crash log included)

    I experienced the first freeze-crash while having my GSync hardware disabled in favour of vsync software. It happened in the main game menu of all places, which I thought was interesting. The little 3D backdrop with the cabin definitely constitutes a high FPS area, which seems to complement my earlier findings. It indicates one of two possibilities, either vsync does not work in the main game menu (you wouldn't notice since the perspectives never moves), or it the high FPS crashes are merely masked by enabling vsync, making them at the locked 60 FPS still a rare occurence, as opposed to a frequent one at 140 FPS. I know I'm just logging my findings at this point, but I hope you can do something with all my posts here. If not, other perhaps other gamers with high-end hardware coming across the same issue will find some use for it.
  14. Frequent game freezes (crash log included)

    I played the game for something like 6 hours over the weekend on DX11 with VSync enabled. No crashes. As far as workarounds go this will do for now, but my eyes are noticing the differences with screen tearing and such. I'd like to have it back, but I'm not going to push the issue further. For comparison, I did a few more test. Vsync disabled and Gsync enabled for all tests. Minecraft, 140 FPS at about 78C. No crashes, tested it for an hour. Mass Effect 1, DX8/9, 100+ FPS at about 80C. No crashes. Alien Isolation: DX11, 62 FPS at about 83C. No crashes Kerbal Space Program, 64 bit, also Unity engine, 140 FPS (in space, using a small craft) and assumably DX9. No crashes. Kerbal Space Program, 32 bit, also Unity engine, 140 FPS (in space, using a small craft) and assumably DX9. No crashes. The Long Dark + NVidia stress test tool, 91C, FPS 25-30, DX11. No crashes for two hours. Conclusion, the problem is currently specific to The Long Dark and very high framerates. Even forcibly overheating the GPU doesn't force a crash with any of these games. Unity may be a factor, but I don't own enough Unity engine games to tell for sure. KSP works fine in 64 and 32 bit, but I don't think it uses DX11. I don't own any other Unity games that run DX11, so I am unable to test that further. I pinged my contact at NVidia. I was one of the first people to test a GSync screen, they have always been interested my in feedback as a result. They're usually very interested in learning about issues with relatively new tech, but It's been a while since we spoke and GSync isn't the latest of the latest anymore. High frequency monitors however are very commonplace, even if there's no GSync technology in them. If anyone would know if this is a common issue with Unity games, it would be NVidia. I don't know when or if I'll hear back from him though, you might want to do a little inquiring on your own.
  15. Frequent game freezes (crash log included)

    There's no way for me to limit FPS with GSync, so for the time being I'm enabling VSync and testing if that improves stability under DX11. It takes a little getting used to, my eyes can definitely tell that the fps is locked at 60. GPU temperature is locked at 73C in interiors with little geometry. Played about 10 minutes so far without crashes, not really indicative.