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  1. @Raphael van Lierop Thanks for answering my question. 🙂
  2. 1- Will TLD system requirement change in the future ? 2- Do we get animation for things like starting fire , harvesting carcass in survival mode ? ( like the one in story mode when Will cut a deer carcass in crash site ) 3- I remember when there was a list about upcoming things That might added to game named " Roadmap ". What happaned for it ? I searched for it and couldn't find it. 4- Will you add more "Color" to the environment ? Like Why all the mountain in game are dark blue ? 🤔 Thanks 🙂
  3. So, What is your idea ? After using arrow for sometimes your arrowhead become dull. Sharp arrowhead deal more damage And you need to use whetstone for making it sharp.
  4. Wow ! I'm so excited about upcoming update. I wonder what can we do with moose hide?
  5. Amazing story !!@Mroz4k !! I can't wait for part two !
  6. Wow ! Thanks for info ! I thought they usually work alone! Well, I think i should change description to something like that : " I am alone sniper cause i like sniper and i'm single ! "
  7. Hi @kometax !! Welcome !!
  8. Well, i like snipers. and since they usually work alone, I choose this username.
  9. Wow !! Amazing idea @Timber Wolf !!! (I think i found out this topic a bit late ! But i'm happy cause i found it eventually )
  10. Hi @CitrinePeridot Welcome to forum. So , what is your playing style? Are you travel all over the maps ? Or staying in one region until your supplies runs out?