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  1. Supernatural or not, I like the uncertainty.
  2. I'm always up for another podcast! But Id understand if time is deemed better spent elsewhere.
  3. To be fair the indicator by your health bar was a yellow orange color when it should honestly be red during a blood loss event. Great story and video tho!
  4. Never got it from sardines, it's always those darn granola bars!
  5. At the very least it means they're far enough along to confidently know how each new feature in the update will affect the current game. From a developer standpoint, they'd want to know that as early as possible so that they don't waste time or money developing something later found to not be part of the team's vision. The revolver may not even be animated yet. Haha, we could hope though. :3
  6. Never thought of that. I wonder if voice controls could be an option sometime? I'd say this could be a suggestion on a new wish-list post.
  7. You mentioned reworking rifle aiming. I understand there was a decision to zoom the iron sights much closer to the camera to help visibility (especially for consoles), but the animation also now just pulls the rifle back towards the camera in an uninteresting motion now. I liked how the rifle used to push forward a bit before being shouldered as it made it look like the character was preventing the stock from getting caught on their coat's armpits (A real issue I've experienced while shooting in Winter). Its been a long time since it was removed and I understand if you don't remember but was this small detail with aiming intentional? Is there a chance we could see it again? Also, does the tall grass currently affect whether animals see you or not?
  8. This Mailbag had some really good questions (and answers)! Good work to all involved!
  9. @Ice Hole, I'm certain a region will be placed there at some point due to the sheer number of possible entrances from other regions. Perseverance Mills is said to be North, how far North I dont know, It could be connected to Timberwolf Mountain or at the Long Curve in Pleasent Valley for all I know. What I wonder is how did the goat manage to snap a photo with its hooves? I hope it didnt eat the camera strap.
  10. Excuse the resolution(screenshot) but this seems a lot like the community hall.
  11. Drop a stick for food, charcoal for medicine, tinder for gear, and theres so much metal, cloth, and reclaimed wood everywhere that you really shouldn't worry much about that. You can also quickly jot down notes in your journal for stash locations etc.
  12. Welcome. While harsh and unforgiving, the game almost never cheats you ("almost" if we count bugs). Death is almost always the player's fault, often after several bad choices in a row. Death is also inevitable and arguably the cornerstone to what makes this game fun.
  13. I know everybody keeps commenting this. But I just want to throw in my 2 cents as well. This has been requested multiple times and I can confirm its real. We could wave its occurrence off as being caused by the Aurora's electrical elements; however, it occurs in real life when heavy snow and colder air moves into an area of relatively warm air (so it could happen if a blizzard hits right after a sunny day). While extremely rare, it would be pretty thrilling to experience even one instance of muffled-booming thunder that introduces a blizzard.