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  1. TLD would be warmer

    -11F /-23.8C with -31F/-37C with windchill in Iowa, (at midnight). Fun Weather! We've got heat lamps for the cats outside, haha.
  2. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #21

    I think they would be nice if they were unlocked via completing the main story and doing side-quests. You'd find their bios in the game's "Extras" menu. I don't really want to learn too much about Will and Co. Outside of the game. Mostly out of fear it may spoil the storytelling (I'm not talking about spoilers, but more about the experience of learning about each character through active storytelling without relying too much on exposition.)
  3. Old Bear's cut scenes continuity issue

    I'm having the exact same experience, I chalked it off as a bug where I missed an encounter after using the spear I guess. I didnt go "Grizzly Adams" at all between making the spear and returning to Jeremiah.
  4. Longfen range

    I like the idea of setting up a place where the nose section can be found. And a weather station is really cool! I'd like to think that maybe this side of the range has a major glacier that you navagate through and upwards with ice caves and rope. The river you see below TWM would then actually start here and be going from right -> left on this map. I like the linear nature of the map where further right=harsher but closer to good loot, but the single route of ropes leaves us without any interesting player choices. If we had to traverse a glacier to get to the weather station with maybe a "thin ice" mechanic where if it breaks we fall and teleport into a cravasse/tunnel underneath with bruising and possible sprained ankles would be really cool!
  5. Can wolves get scared of you?

    Yet, when I set wolf fear to highest, and wear a wolf and bear coat, it never seems to work consistently for me. It feels like a 1 in 50 chance.
  6. Hahah, this brought back nostalgia because I remember reading this way back when. It made me laugh too.
  7. Cold Window

    I dont know avout you, but windows irl (even closed) have a lower ambient temperature near them than the room (until the rest of the room has caught up of course). So this sounds like a cool bug or not fully implemented feature.
  8. Supernatural in Wintermute

    I'm thinking this was a glitch due to the recent patchnotes saying that they fixed this. But he's still omniscient.
  9. Just thought this was funny

    Rosehips have a great amount of vitamin c, theyre even used in some supplements.
  10. The post credits is Pilgrim difficulty mode in a nutshell.
  11. Mystery Beans

    Also, this is because while it doesnt "cook" when off a cooking slot, canned food and tea can still heat up and give you the "warming up" benefit. This makes it possible to cook two slabs of meat on a campfire and have a pre-made tea heating up on the side. Very useful!
  12. Mystery Beans

    If you try to place it while near an open campfire it always automatically opens it. I always panic and cancel it, only to learn its already taken a good portion of my knives condition away... and that me canceling it effectively wasted that condition since id have to open it with my knife yet AGAIN when the time is right.
  13. Sprinting and heat

    You actually do get a slight warmth bonus while sprinting. Ive seen it affect the down arrows but it doesnt always since it isnt a very significant amount. Lanterns warm you up slightly too.
  14. Add wellingtons ?

    I own a similar type of boot, they can be very well insulated and they work like no other for staying warm/dry. Mobility definitely is an issue, as they are clumsy and always seemed to pull off my socks slightly which is annoying. Leather wouldn't be a realistic repair, but we are limited in what materials we can use to patch it ig.
  15. Anti-Wish List: Never, ever, ever....

    Don't fret, haha, humor can be pretty hard to read in text format.