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  1. Fenrir in the Forest

    Love the cross hatching. I also like how you added the camp, it's a good way for us to easily recognize the true scale of that wolf.
  2. Hydro Dam Climbing Rope

    @s7mar7in, I just wanted to remark on the beauty of that screenshot you shared in that other post and thank you for reminding me of a wonderful location I've forgotten to visit in literal years.
  3. Weather getting worse

    It is global, try surviving in Timberwolf mountain for 50 plus days and then head down to Pleasant Valley... You'd better be wearing warm clothes.
  4. Milton Mailbag-- Dispatch #18

    Precisely, the best part is they're entirely optional and difficulty modes limit the number of which you can equip so you can never be truly overpowered.
  5. Reminds me of the trestle bridge. I would say watch out for wolves but that transition zone is free of them. So, stay warm!
  6. Midnight Respite

    Thanks. Im trying to figure out how to make that brush in photoshop now.
  7. hopes for next update

    @deathbydanish, in prehistoric times some birds did prey on humans. Some birds were large enough to carry off children easily. We have evidence such as a skull with a talon injury to the eye socket, and fingerbones that had telltale signs of passing through a bird's digestive tract.
  8. They've pretty much discussed all the clothing specific stuff, but I'd like to add my thoughts. I've never been skiing, but I've hunted in below zero temperatures. Be mindful not to overdress because if you get hot and sweaty, all the waterproofing in the world won't prevent you from getting soaked. Too much weight can be a hinderence and also add to this dilemma. You will be walking a ton if you ski so favor wind and waterproofing over insulation. The best part about cold weather, (and why I prefer it over hot weather) is you can always take layers off if you're warm and add layers if you're cold. In hot weather you have a limit to how much you can take off, haha . Start with your insulators close to your skin, and then wind/waterproofing on the outside. You can buy cheap disposable handwarmers to stuff in your inner coat pockets in order to warm your hands if they get cold. Don't breathe on your hands to warm them, the moisture from your breath will stick to them and water transfers heat much faster than air. Also dont wear multiple pairs of thick socks, this will just cut bloodflow to your feet or cause sweating. Do pack an extra pair to change into when the first pair get wet. Cotton loses almost all of its insulation when wet as opposed to wool, which keeps a majority of it. If your hands/feet do get particularly cold, dont warm them up quickly! Do it slowly. Run a washcloth in hot water, wring it out and just wrap your hands in it, dont rub them. Or place them inside your coat anda against your armpits. Warming too quickly can be quite uncomfortable, from experience. And last but not least, dont stress about it too much! (anxiety can reduce bloodflow to your extremities.) No matter what you will feel chilly, especially in the urban environment where you won't be as focused and active while skiing. Have fun!
  9. Just art

    I love the snow effect and the nice blues. I really like the flames too. What programs did you use?
  10. Unreachable box?

    @palbi, Try to see if some things need broken down in order to reach it. There is quite a bit of loot in hibernia that requires the hacksaw to access. Some loot requires a less direct approach.
  11. Allappa Bay

    I'm pretty sure they're terrorists. They use vandalism for intimidation. The guys at the maitenence shed in Broken Railroad were pretty scared and I am pretty sure getting stones thrown at you, even if you're in a truck is considered an act of violence. Not to mention their base had a gun and ammunition. Activists do not destroy things and instill fear to get their point accross.
  12. #ResurrectFluffy

    That region is very far away and sadly removes the coolness of the wolf getting stuck in a manmade shelter where you felt more safe. I guess its possible she could've migrated there given the range a wolf can cover. I think that Ice Cave wolf should be called Frosty. We already have Scruffy in a cave so doesnt make it as unique as Fluffy's old place. Also, all that loot in the damn isn't guarded anymore and I remember her being a factor played in to whether you should take the long or short way to Pleasant Valley. Sadly, there arent really any buildings large enough to take her in except the one in Desolation Point. As it stands, I like to believe fluffy got fried by a power cable during the aurora for now, and hope for a new region with a wolf inside a manmade interior to assume her mantle. Occam's razor proves me wrong, but we need a manmade interior dwelling wolf somewhere. (No, the wolf in the barn during story mode doesnt count.) I also miss reading people's first-time reactions to her in the forums. A lot would assume she was a bug but maybe if we had the player say some voice line in reaction to them it'd make it seem more intentional.
  13. Why Am I Chasing Astrid?

    I don't know about you guys, but If I was in Astrid's shoes I think I would've left too. There's no shelter above the ravine, hostile wildlife, and strange men in orange suits crawling all over the place. I dont think she's truly leaving him for dead purposely, she ripped her clothing a few times on the way out so she must've been running from something/someone.
  14. Help a fellow survivor?

    I recommend switching to a controller if you are on pc so you can sit back in your chair while playing and everything said above are great suggestions as well. You can also reduce camera sway in one of the menus, its called "Dampen Camera Movements".
  15. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    What are some games of this year that you found impressive, or even inspirational, from a mechanical, technical, or even art direction standpoint?