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  1. Interesting.. I'll keep a closer eye on this, to see if my experiences agree.
  2. Well, clearly it has to be something.. such abnormally high repair failure rates have to have some kind of explanation. And by nature of my profession, I hate being beaten by a dumb machine - I keep working at a problem until it's fixed, or I prove it can't be fixed. Sometimes problem solving is a process of elimination, and pretty much every other possible explanation has been eliminated. Game player failure isn't a consideration, as clothing repair success/failure isn't under player control. Could be a bug, perhaps, but if so, it's a very rare one. And, as my instincts and @Thrasador's research shows, there's very good reason for thinking a non-working hardware clock could be the cause, as the hardware clock is commonly used for random number generation. Certainly there's nothing to be lost (other than 3-4 dollars) by trying a new clock battery, and it may just work. That's true, but totally irrelevant in the situation under discussion.
  3. In my experience, 8-10 years is very typical. (one of my more recent jobs involved a lot of work with old secondhand computers)
  4. I'm an IT technician, and sometime programmer since the early 80's.. it's my job to know this stuff.. Make sure of what type of battery you need first.. most machines use a CR-2032 button battery, but there are some exceptions.
  5. That's one heck of a challenge you've set yourself.. kudos. I look forward to reading more of your adventures!
  6. So it was pretty much by the skin of your teeth, all the way.. well done!
  7. The file you're looking for (user001) is in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Hinterland\TheLongDark\ That's also where your gamesaves are stored, btw. Do you play the game on your primary or secondary monitor? If secondary, maybe that's the problem.
  8. I think it's just because so many people are squeamish about wringing the neck of a cute little bunny rabbit.. if you watch some youtube videos, you'll see quite a few players who have a real problem with it.. well, until they get hungry enough, anyway.
  9. I've never met a marine sexpert before.. sounds like a fun job!
  10. No.. you don't.. as @stapeliad mentions above, you don't get the map until you meet GM.
  11. It doesn't mention that GM gives you an object when she teaches you about keeping your tools sharp, either.
  12. The recently released Steam patch #7 v1.10 (32415) and PS4 patch - v.1.11 (32415) fixes this, amongst other bugs.
  13. There are plenty of ways to fill her fridge without giving her all the processed food. I've seen it done using nothing but cattail stalks. It's also easy to do just scavenging meat from dead deer. Or give her the processed food and keep the deer and cattails for yourself. Did you use the hatchet to gather firewood for GM? There's no need. There are plenty of sticks, reclaimed wood (broken down by hand, not with the hatchet) and books you can give her instead of sacrificing the condition of your hatchet. Heck.. it should be easy to do using books alone. The damn things are everywhere. Face it.. you may have, through a combination of bad luck and poor decisions, botched your playthrough to the point you need to start over using the tips you've gained in this thread. Or... You can do what I'd recommend, and just do the best you can to carry on, with what you have remaining. See if you can make it through, despite the crappy hand life has dealt you. If you should fail, you can always take another shot at it.
  14. Ooooh... I don't think I've found one of those scarves yet.. looks like it would give 3°F at 100% condition. I want one!
  15. G'day @ImNew, and welcome to the forums! Wow.. exaggerate much? Unless you have all three scent bars lit up, wolves are not heading towards you from kilometres away. And even then, they're actually heading for the spot they detected the scent coming from. So don't stay in that spot.. get moving in the direction of shelter. Further to which, their visual detection range is fairly limited. If you're crouching, it's amazing how close you can sometimes get. The range at which they can hear you walking is even less.. but they can hear car doors closing from a good distance, so it pays to be careful with that. Don't carry meat (cooked or raw), un-cured hides or guts on your person unless you have good reason. Even if no scent bars are lit up, every such item you carry increases the range at which you can be detected (six pieces of cooked meat -weight doesn't matter- are enough to light one scent bar). Be especially wary if wolves are down-wind of you. The wind carries your scent further in that direction. Wolves can sense weakness.. if you are over-encumbered, very tired, or exhausted, or if your condition is low, they are more likely to attack. Try to avoid being outside in such a situation. If you can't help it, be extra cautious. Wolves are not as lethal as you imagine. They can only "kill you with ease" if you don't fight back. Despite what @Stormwolf1O1 says above about a knife, extensive tests have proven that the best weapon in a wolf struggle is always a hatchet. Frantic button-mashing is often actually counter-productive in a wolf struggle.. it's not about speed, but rhythm. Most people find that a steady 2-4 clicks per second is most effective. To some extent, it also depends on your framerate, so some experimentation may be needed to determine what works best for you. Finally, wolves are actually not that hard to avoid. Crouching to get around wolves is often effective. Use the high ground to your advantage. Not only does it make it easier to see wolves in the distance, they mostly stay in the valleys and low areas, so make use of ridges and hills to travel as much as you can. Also, please read the following two threads for some useful and enlightening discussions on the best way to avoid wolves. (click on the thread titles to open it) Part of the game-lore of TLD is that wolves have somehow become more aggressive towards humans as a side-effect of the Geomagnetic Disaster that sets the scene for the game. If you've been paying attention, you'd know that firing the rifle (I'm not so sure about the flare gun, though) DOES scare all the wildlife in the vicinity (including wolves) into running away. But they do, naturally, get over their fright after a bit.