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  1. Or rocks to the head are long-term fatal?
  2. Well, confirmed is more like it.. this has been reported a couple of times in the last 6 weeks or so.
  3. Since you hadn't exited a building after the blizzard commenced, any wolves which had spawned before the blizzard blew up were still out there, just waiting for you to blunder into them...
  4. Excellent! I had a feeling it would, but ya never know 'til you give it a go. You're welcome, but all the credit has to go to @Ruruwawa. All I did was disable his custom TAB keybinding, and merge two of his scripts into one. (I actually investigated several autowalk scripts people have made for AHK.. Ruruwawa's was the best and most elegantly coded of them all)
  5. You're still using XP? Well, I won't tell you all the reasons you shouldn't be.. you've probably heard them all before*. I'm more than a little surprised by your... umm.. implication that TLD runs on XP though. Anyway, while I don't currently have an XP install to test with, AutoHotKey has been around since 2003, so I'd say yes, it very probably does. In any case, there's only one way to know for sure.. give it a try and see.. and please let us know how it goes! Edit: * Nevermind.. I saw your post in the 'crashing' thread.. you clearly know what you're doing.. carry on!
  6. Works on Windows PCs only...
  7. Not so. We've all died after dozens of hours of play, several times over*.. It's part of what makes the game challenging. It forces you to learn from your mistakes, and makes you determined to do better the next time. The unforgiving nature of the game is a big part of what makes it so much better than other so-called "survival" games, where there are no real consequences to dying, because you can just reload and carry on. * If you want one example, take Drifter Man's "Snowballs in Hell" thread.. to date, in the course of learning how to survive at the hardest level, on one of the hardest maps, he's died 46 times so far. Dying is part of this game.. getting mad about it is pointless. Better to just get used to it.
  8. I disagree.. permadeath is a good way to make players not take stupid risks.
  9. When you paste it in, the forum software gives you the option to keep or remove the formatting.. if you select 'remove', it turns it into regular plain text.
  10. Actually, all that means is that there's a change in the weather on the way.
  11. What about F10? That gives hi-res screenshots without an overlay.
  12. That would be excellent.. particularly to illustrate points and techniques. I don't mind them.. because at least yours have paragraphs.. The occasional "wall of text" we see from some people.. well...
  13. There was a point where I suspected that's part of why Hinterland introduced it. It never did.. have you fogotten those times you'd get inside by the skin of your teeth, only to find the wolf had taken a chunk out of you, even though there was no struggle?
  14. Are you aware you can turn that (thrice be damned) behaviour off in the options? Mind you, the terminology used isn't really indicative of what it does. Options > Controls > Accessible Interactions