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  1. TLD NATGEO Channel

    Damn.. that brought a tear to my eye.. well done!
  2. Climbing Glitch

    It truly is saddening how many long-standing bugs this game has.. Maybe it's time Hinterland put a temporary halt on new feature development and went on a bug-slaughtering crusade.. an update patch that did nothing but kill off the many bugs we've been putting up with (in some cases for years!) is long overdue and would be very welcome.
  3. Good point.. I'm presently debating returning to a similar approach myself..
  4. Yeah, I hear you.. and like you, what I do is very different from what I advise non-techies to do.. Fun fact: every computer that I've been paid to clean viruses from was running AV which was NOT kept up-to-date. An incredible amount of them were ones on which the initial "6 month free trial" had expired, sometimes years ago. YMMV.
  5. I'd guessed as much.. which is why I suggested that for those who do use AV, they're probably better off waiting for their AV to update first. (I do hope though, if you're on Windows, you're at least making use of Windows Defender, which is a pretty decent AV itself these days.. until recently that was all I used.)
  6. I saw the writeup about that.. but since the key basically guarantees that your AV will work correctly with the new kernel code, I concluded that adding the key myself before the AV programmers (in my case, Panda AV) had actually made their software compatible was not really a good move. There was always the possibility that although the computer would run fine, actually doing a virus scan with incompatible AV software could lead to all sorts of issues. So yeah, I waited until Panda finished updating their AV to work with the new kernel code. Which happened yesterday, as they'd promised. Some (very) cursory testing has so far revealed no significant performance issues, so far as day-to-day usage goes.
  7. the long dark

    Until Wintermute released, it was 25.. which was inspired evilness on someone's part, because after harvesting 3 bushes, you needed to find another bush just to get a single extra rosehip. I was so glad to see it reduced to 24 when the game was officially released.
  8. As all old hands at TLD know, the game is at its best when you don't know what to expect.. we envy newcomers the suspense and terror they experience due to unfamiliarity with the maps and mechanics. It's why we love it so much when Hinterland release a new map region to explore, as it brings back some of that old feeling. So when @Wade approached me recently with a request for a custom game, I was struck by the brilliance of his idea. He wanted a game where, apart from a few basic settings, everything else would be completely unknown to him.. to bring back something of the element of having no idea what to expect when he played. I loved the idea, and thought it so good that it really ought to be shared. Hence, this thread. I'd like it to be a repository where people can request others to create a mystery game for them, and/or people can post game codes where only a few basic settings are pre-determined/disclosed. Here's what Wade asked for.. And here's what I sent him.. as requested, Freezing Rate= High or very high Cabin Fever= NO Recovery Rates= Stalker, and everything else whatever I decided on to make things "interesting" for him. 8E3c-vWLN-PAoa-jSTO-LAEA I hope others of you decide to participate in this little project by requesting/contributing codes of your own..
  9. How to recall custom game string - PC

    Thanks! I learned something I didn't know..
  10. Thanks @mystifeid.. that seems to confirm the 2-3% typical figures that I'd seen quoted..
  11. Certain of the more intelligent comments about it in Scott Manley's youtube video on the subject. Citing actual tests and benchmarks.. Mind you, there were a lot less comments on it when I watched it 9 hours ago.. so YMMV finding them.
  12. TLD NATGEO Channel

    Well done sir! Lots of useful information in your recent posts.. kudos!
  13. Yes.. but it seems that not all of them have the maximum impact. True.. how bad it will be is very much a 'wait and see' thing.. if it weren't such a serious threat to password security, I'd skip the damn update altogether. But that's just too big a risk.
  14. Forlorn Muskeg

    A few people have had bedrolls totally destroyed by an attack.. rare, but it happens.
  15. Hey there mate! Good to see you again!