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  1. How To Up Our Game

    Must admit I haven't really messed much with the custom settings.. been waiting for Hinterland to sort out the many problems with it (and the game in general) before coming back to TLD. So my remark really only applies to the stock game, as to what I regard as a reasonable balance between starvation tactics and the ridiculous levels of overeating the game permits/encourages.
  2. Throwing a hatchet/knife

    The trick is to smack 'em right in the face with it. Easier said than done, of course. Far easier to use the stone to distract them, before they see you.
  3. How To Up Our Game

    Fixed that for you.. It's possible to get by on much saner amounts of food, if you choose to. My character thinks it's xmas if he gets more than 2 1000 calorie meals a day. He gets a steak for breakfast, then that's it until bedtime, when he gets another steak. Only rarely do I exceed that, it's unnecessary, and wasteful of both food and ammo.
  4. Episode 3

    I'm tipping it will be in September, when the retail versions for console are released in stores.
  5. Episode 3

    No, they said they were in favour of TLD having mods, but that support for them wouldn't be added until they were good and ready.. ("until the game was done", or words to that effect.) Thankfully, the modding community doesn't have that kind of patience, and has released numerous excellent mods for the game already. But Hinterland won't let us discuss them here.
  6. Scary Wolves

    If you'd read the entire thread, you'd have seen this post I made with an excellent video of the process.. http://www.hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/15725-scary-wolves/?do=findComment&comment=107631
  7. Transfer Lantern fuel

    Yes, really... there are many excellent mods, particularly Q.O.L. mods, available for TLD. And despite what the many nay-sayers over the years have said would happen, most of the gameplay-changing ones actually make the game harder, not easier. The Q.O.L. ones, on the other hand, mostly address the most annoying/illogical issues of the game. Problem is, we're not allowed to talk about them here.. (unless Hinterland have come to their senses and had a recent change of heart that I missed). PM me if you'd like to know more.
  8. Climb down from plane crash?

    If you're willing to game the system a little it's not that hard to reach level 5 cooking. Just be sure to harvest all carcasses in tiny 0.1 - 0.2kg portions. When even a rabbit can give you 10+ cooking points, it helps tremendously.
  9. I hope to god Hinterland have completed the fully-reworked versions of episodes 1 & 2 before this retail release takes place. Otherwise you're going to have an entirely new crop of seriously pissed off fans to deal with. Once was bad enough..
  10. Dev Diary - February 2018

    Couldn't agree more.. to do so would be a clear indication of greed winning out over common sense, in my never-humble opinion.
  11. Dev Diary - February 2018

    You might.. however, I believe most of us would appreciate far more regular progress reports, such as most other game devs provide. Hinterland are amongst the worst in the indy gaming world, when it comes to keeping their fans/customers informed as to how things are going. I blame it on their AAA backgrounds, where they were never required to keep players informed.
  12. TLD NATGEO Channel

    Damn.. that brought a tear to my eye.. well done!
  13. Climbing Glitch

    It truly is saddening how many long-standing bugs this game has.. Maybe it's time Hinterland put a temporary halt on new feature development and went on a bug-slaughtering crusade.. an update patch that did nothing but kill off the many bugs we've been putting up with (in some cases for years!) is long overdue and would be very welcome.
  14. Good point.. I'm presently debating returning to a similar approach myself..
  15. Yeah, I hear you.. and like you, what I do is very different from what I advise non-techies to do.. Fun fact: every computer that I've been paid to clean viruses from was running AV which was NOT kept up-to-date. An incredible amount of them were ones on which the initial "6 month free trial" had expired, sometimes years ago. YMMV.