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  1. The best arrow insta-kill for a bear is in the eyeball.. maybe that's where you need to hit the moose. For a deer, a good insta-kill spot is to put an arrow right up its arse.. seems logical to think a moose might be vulnerable in the same way.
  2. The 'stops running and wanders around' bit is no different than what a deer or wolf does after being wounded. But eventually they do drop dead. And for how long did you wait patiently, exactly? A bear can take up to 9 hours to bleed out and die.. for all we know, it might take 12 hours or more to drop a moose.
  3. In a forest?
  4. Will do.. no promises when, though... so far as I'm concerned, the game is currently too bug-ridden to play. (and I fail to see what Interloper has to do with it.. the way animals die doesn't alter with difficulty level)
  5. That would probably be because, although dark inside, it was still daytime.. as the release notes for 1.16 say: (emphasis mine) And now you know why I still use a mod to kill the breath effect altogether...
  6. That would be because I don't yet have any.. my comments are based on past experience, extrapolating that into the current situation. So I may be mistaken, but I'd be surprised if Hinterland have messed with core behaviour to that extent. That may be the root cause of your problems.. there's a long-standing bug where if you shoot an animal, then enter an interior location (any place where there's a loading screen when you enter) before it dies, then the animal magically won't die. The workaround is to exit the building within 60 seconds of entering. If you subsequently re-enter the building, things will be fine.
  7. Gets my vote...
  8. My memory may be a little faulty here, but I'm pretty sure there's enough Old Man's Beard in the trees near the bridge/waterfall/water-tower for you to have crafted a dressing.. would have been much faster than hunting for antiseptic.
  9. Have you found any sign of moose yet? Scrapings on tree trunks? The impression I get is they like to hang out in off-the-beaten-path places.. you may need to go searching away from your usual routes.
  10. Of course the wolf went agro on you.. you attacked it. After that, all bets are off. Pilgrim doesn't give you a free pass.. if you provoke the wildlife by shooting at it, it will retaliate.
  11. If we're talking 'realistic', I'm surprised you didn't get rid of cabin fever. And the problem with 4x days is, it makes it almost impossible to freeze to death, as has been pointed out above by @Troxism.
  12. They're not "elite", or "lucky"... they just know how the game works, and how to make best use of that knowledge. Every animal in the game can easily be killed with one shot. And it doesn't take any special skill.. just the ability to hit the animal. Anywhere. Even just a paw. Any non-instantly-fatal wound will, given time, cause the animal to bleed out and die. Guaranteed. Arrows are actually better for this than bullets, because they cause more blood loss, meaning a shorter bleed-out time. For instance, bleed-out time can range from 1-3 hours for a deer, or 1-9 hours for a bear, depending on what part of the body was hit. I'd imagine a moose might take a bit longer than a bear, but not all that much. It may take a while, but it will die. But the problem is, many players don't have the patience to let the animal die in its own time*.. they want it to drop right damn now. So they keep pumping arrows/bullets into it until it drops dead. But every shot after the first hit is an unnecessary waste of ammo. Patience is the name of the game. And it will conserve precious bullets/arrows/bows. * Or they just don't realise that only one hit is needed to guarantee a kill...
  13. G'day @spaceman89, and welcome to the forums! Hinterland long ago indicated that they would like to implement the other seasons in TLD, but I doubt it will happen until after episodes 3-5 of Wintermute are done.. so it might be a year or two away at least.
  14. You can do that already.. drop the dying torch, equip another one and click on the dying torch on the ground.. you'll light the new one off the old one.
  15. That makes sense..