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  1. The Brokenloping Journals

    From a game design perspective, I think it would be a neat trick if the hammer was a guaranteed spawn in MY - but in a random crate. Given enough time and luck, you'd EVENTUALLY find it!
  2. Tales Of Tasha (1.45, SW7)

    Now THERE would be an interesting challenge! Berserker: the only food you are allowed to eat is raw meat. Yes, medicinal teas are still allowed. You just need to work through the food poisoning.
  3. The sudden terror

    So, having played this game a lot over the past few years, there is one achievement I still haven't gotten: Survive 500 days. Boredom or inattention always kills me, in some stupid way. So around day 400 of a game of Stalker, I sent my grizzled survivor off to TWM, to live in comfortable retirement. I've got supplies for years, so at this point, I can just wear the heaviest clothing imaginable, and pass time standing outside the hut, until I get cold, step back inside, sometimes sleep, repeat. Every few days I'll go scare a deer into a wolf and shoot it, or fish for a day. Easy. I watch movies on my other monitor to pass the time. This sounds like a boring story so far... I'm in the living room, watching a movie with my partner. Playing through this frozen groundhog day via steam streaming to my laptop, 40 days until I can cross off that last achievement. I'm slowly hauling fish across the ice, confident that even at my trudging pace, I'll make it back before the locals wolves can track the smell. And then I'm looking at my desktop background. No error. No crash. Just staring at a serene default picture, with Steam streaming definitely not open. For a little bit, I'm trying to figure out what happened. And then it dawns on me: what happened, doesn't matter, what matters is that THE GAME IS STILL ON AND BEING PLAYED, WITHOUT A PILOT! I may be geared to the 9s, and able to pretty readily shrug off a wolf attack. But can I literally do nothing and survive? Freezing snow, I'm about to lose my 460 day game!! I bolt off the couch (roughly waking my sleeping partner, who had her head on my shoulder), and run to the office. I make it to the mouse and keyboard just as the wolf jumps me. After a brief struggle, I dump my haul at the hut, sleep to save, and quit, never to Steam Stream a run that I care about again.
  4. Wintermute difficulty [spoilers]

    I agree that the hardest difficulty could stand to be a little more challenging. I usually play on Stalker, but have some experience with Interloper. This felt closer to Voyager, to me. The first couple hours were still a little tricky, but after that, not so much. Except for the bear fight; that was freezing AWESOME! And really, I loved the whole story. I just mostly didn't have to make any effort to keep my various needs met.
  5. Isn't that stupid ?

    I thought of it as a thank-you gift.
  6. I had good luck between the gas station and the park office. And I can't say about that quest for sure, but I didn't complete the natural remodies quest until I got to Mystery Lake, and that still worked fine. So I think the skill book quests might carry over.
  7. Redux E1, missing gloves and cache

    When you trap a rabbit, it completes the quest and unlocks both rabbit skin recipes, I believe. The rabbit gloves that I found were after Milton. And yes, Trust has been entirely removed.
  8. ML Lake Cabin Key #1

    I think I found it by the High Blind.
  9. Regarding The Choice With Hobbs

    To be clear, I don't mean that I made my choice based on keeping the knife. No way. This was an incredible story moment, and I killed him, without hesitation. Not for mechanical reasons, but because I was angry that he'd chased Astrid in the storm, that he'd hurt her, that he'd let those people burn, that he'd laughed, and that he'd gone after the one person I've found and connected with here. And I was beautifully caught up in that story moment. Then as soon as it ended, my mind wen straight to game mechanics, going "Hey, that's a super useful item, using the same art as it usually uses. I can use this!". I think that had the item been the mentioned screw driver, we wouldn't have mentally jumped right back into game-think, and would have stayed in the story moment. Sorry if I'm coming off as negative here. I loved this point in the story, and was only trying to make a comment on a minor oddity, as I (and apparently other people) experienced it.
  10. Theory About Methusaleh

    I think he's Will, from Survival Mode. The Will who's been here a long time. Who's seen a lot of things. More death than anyone should experience. He's seen this all before, and he'll see it again, in his unending cycle.
  11. Redux Milton Supply Caches

    And if I recall correctly, that's the one that contains the pistol.
  12. If EA Created TLD

    All lockers are actually paid lootboxes. 60% of them still contain absolutely nothing.
  13. Redux: First Impressions

    Methusela sure looks a lot like an older Will to me... So figment of his imagination, looking like his dad? Time Traveling Will from the future?? The literal Will who's been living here in survival mode for the last few years??!?
  14. Regarding The Choice With Hobbs

    If I can throw in my 10 cents on a related thought. I loved this addition, and I really wasn't expecting it. Very cool. But I think most of us were a little surprised that we couldn't keep the knife, either way. From a game play perspective, I understand why. It just seems odd, while playing, and makes you wonder if there's a glitch. So, if we aren't supposed to be able to keep the knife (which I'm assuming is correct), might I suggest that the tool was in fact a screw driver? Hobbs even says that it might be. It would then feel totally normal, and not disappointing to leave it behind.
  15. Dropped Cans

    That is indeed what's going on. Things like drinks and cans are auto heated when dropped next to a fire. More slowly than cooking, but with no risk of burn. But it means that dropping a closed can will make you open it, since you've started a cooking process.