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  1. Nice work! This is something that I used to do, when getting to learning the game. But my sheet is many MANY updates behind.
  2. I've been REALLY impressed with some of the backer composed notes. They can add an incredibly human element that really adds to the lonesome feeling of the game.
  3. Yeah, it's really annoying. So the best head-wear in the game is, realistically, no better than the far more common wool toque.
  4. Sorry for being checked out for so long. I'll try to cover the various responses/questions. I was playing on Stalker (I've never managed to survive more than a week or so on Interloper, as of yet). All of my 100 day+ games on Stalker, I've generally died from, well boredom. Once things get mechanical, it's easy to mentally check out when playing, then I end up doing something stupid, like assuming I can find my way around in a white out, or putting the game down for a few months, then coming back, and misremembering where I was keeping crucial supplies, or even just my way around the maps. Or in this case, presumably forgetting to wear enough clothes in the mountaineering hut. I've never had any issues with freezing there overnight, once well dressed. Obviously, it's quite different on Interloper. But on Stalker, it's never been an issue, so I haven't needed to keep a fire there, over the previous ~2 months of game time. So my guess is that I went to bed, only dressed in about half my clothes, and not realizing that I'd forgotten to re-dress. And then a cold snap was all she wrote.
  5. This was in the mountaineers hut. I honestly thought I was still fully dressed. Apparently I was only mostly dressed.
  6. I just stupidly died on my road to 500. 155 days in, and having just decided to really settle down, and go for 500, I suddenly froze to death in my sleep. I'm not sure how. I must have left some clothes off, as I'd only just started ever taking them off, as a means of conserving resources, on such a long playthrough. It still bugs me that we can't be woken up either freezing or hypothermic.
  7. Yeah. It's probably not a lot of fun on Interloper...
  8. "I'm sure I know my way around well enough to ignore this fog..."
  9. Personally, I find that light can make a huge difference, to searching inside. But that's also a waste of resources! So, I tend to go around without the use of a lamp or torch, and find everything I can, especially opening every container. Once I've finished all that searching, I'll do one more sweep, with my lantern lit. I've found some really important stuff that I've missed that way (stray bullets, most importantly)!
  10. If you search community challenges, you should find a few suggestions. One I enjoy is to start a fire almost right away, and then consider that fire your entire life. As soon as it goes out, you have lost.
  11. Actually, I've experienced that a bunch! But I live in Newfoundland, where we get... well, absolutely insane winds. 120km/hr storms happen several times a year, and 80km/hr is quite common. Rain typically falls closer to horizontally than vertically. (this is intended as a fun antic dote, not an argumentative counterpoint, just to be clear!) But I entirely agree with you, that such changes should be made more for the sake of gameplay interest, than as a reality simulator. I love the new disclaimer they've added to the beginning - Don't use what you learn in The Long Dark. It will make you die.
  12. Quick check on your objective of getting the Achievement: Is the Achievement for mapping all the locations that are named on the map itself, or all ~200 locations in the game?
  13. These comments are indeed perused by community managers, and some of it ends up in the hands of developers. Such changes tend to be few, as it's a large, engaged community, with a LOT of suggestions! I think yours is a good one, so who knows? Maybe some day.
  14. Thank you @Drifter Man, for all your wonderful contributions to fields of science and exploration, in our favourite game!
  15. I've heard the term "Bear crows" a bunch recently, but they are not a phenomenon I've EVER observed. Am I missing something?