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  1. I saw this happen yesterday as well. I had a bedroll at 98% placed it down in a cave to sleep (had an 11 hour fire going) about 3 meters from the fire, woke 9 hours later and it was at 42%! I was baffled. Granted, my decay rate was not 1% every 2 seconds, but it was highly excessive.
  2. Sunrise as I exit a cave in FM...
  3. So, I was placing meat outside the Trappers Cabin and when I backed up to the tree, I started climbing. Curious, I turned towards the tree and sure enough, at the right angle, I started climbing! I'm sure it's a glitch, but I had to laugh.
  4. Strangely, I've not encountered any of these issues.
  5. Similar to @shade_grey, I spawned in the upper left area of the ML, but having never been there, I wandered around not knowing where to go. Got down to clear cut and saw the path up the mountain, so headed up not knowing whT would be there. Blinding storm hit and I got disoriented and walked off the mountain side and died.
  6. The quiet moments of beauty.
  7. Will, "I'm gonna have to drop something..." Me, "How about dropping the whining and complaining..."
  8. question

    I love using shelters. They are great when finding a structure to use is not practical or, as some have mentioned, you are dealing with pending cabin fever. My fav spot to build one is under the covered building never to the farmhouse in PV. True, I could just stay in the farmhouse, but being outside is what I love. Just have to be sure to keep it repaired. The advantage to building one where I did is that it is somewhat protected from the wind storms, so repairs are marginal and easy to maintain. the one thing I wish for most (I know it has been said and asked for by many) is a way to destroy ruined shelters. Even if you get little back or even nothing back, just to be able to clear out primo spots that for some reason has fallen into disrepair.
  9. In the Devine words of Homer (Simpson)...DOH!!! Yes, I must be having a brain fart..I've been there, just totally forgot.
  10. Absolutely yes it makes sense (at least to me)! I love walking towards it in the evening and seeing the glow from the windows...I feel like I'm home from a day in the cold.
  11. I think I will give this a shot...I doubt I'll beat any records, but it will be fun regardless.
  12. Hmmm...let's see...what was this topic again? Oh yeah, wether I prefer the Trapper's Cabin or the Camp Office. I like to use the Camp Office for its access to fishing and things along those lines (pun intended), however I like using the Trapper's Cabin for...well...hunting and trapping. When at the Trapper's Cabin, I setup a 7 snare 'trap line' which typically gives me meat to spare and I can store it outside the front door safely. When at the Camp Office, I mainly focus on fishing which supplies plenty of food as well as the lamp oil benefit upon cooking. So I guess I'm kind of torn between the two and cannot say I have a definite favorite. Just my 2¢
  13. Okay, now I feel a little bit more stupid than a moment ago...Abandoned Bunker?
  14. In actuality the word 'Litter' is still technically correct. There are 'Carry Litters' that date back to thousands of years https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Litter_(vehicle) And there are 'Drag Litters' which is what is being mentioned here. It is much like a stretcher, but intended to be used by a single person, rather than by two. Here are a couple of versions available commercially. http://www.tacmedsolutions.com/Foxtrot-Litter The one below is similar to those I've used in the military. http://skedco.com/product/ranger-sked-reg-patient-equipment-drag-coyote-brown/
  15. Great data, @Timber Wolf! Thanks for taking the time to do the analysis. Just out of curiosity, what are you using to do the mouse click macro? If you would rather not say, I understand.