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    Thanks, that was that I thought of.

    Just to make it clear: upon the coming REDUX launch, will there be changes to the Survival Mode gameplay too? (I think of the aforementioned developments/improvements.)
  3. Unreachable box?

    Hi All, just a quick question. I'm in the Hibernia Processing at Desolation point. There's a metal box seems to be unreachable. Has anyone met this situation? Is that box reachable? Thx.
  4. Can't report Bug

    Yes, it's working now. Thx.
  5. Can't report Bug

    Hi All, it happened to me today (not the first time since I use Windows 10) that the game crashed and made a dump file. I wanted to send the files to the Bug Report, but when I clicked the "+" sign (Create new case) nothing happened. I tried it with Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer. I was logged in to the forums each time. Any hint someone? Thx.
  6. Save Button! - reason: Windows 10

    Thanks, but I got a better idea from the old days, when Windows 7 was new, and some XP or 98 software wasn't able to run or crashed. So, I switched TLD.EXE into Compatibility Mode (Windows7) and so far it seems to be working. The only thing that makes me worry is that Windows 10 is 3 years old now, and as far as I remember the 3 year-old XP or the 3year-old Windows 7 was OK... Take care all.
  7. Save Button! - reason: Windows 10

    Hi, thanks. I never had viruses, I knew of at least, not under 7, and so far, either under 10. I always use antivirus software and avoid know dangerous webpage types. The crashes (those I could inspect) came from some kind of memory access conflict. I would think that the structure of the 10 is very different from the previous Windows editions, and this may be hard to follow in some ways. I also have a video editing software (commercial) and when exporting I switch on VGA acceleration, I get a blue screen and then system reboot. These two are the only I experienced problems with, but they are pretty important for me.
  8. Hi Folks, I seriously think that this 3 years old OS is a complete crap. I bought The Long Dark game some 2 years ago, yes, back in the wonderful early access days, and played on Windows 7. And never had crashes or other bigger problems. I bought new hardware for about 1 month now, compatible only with Windows 10 (aside from Linux, of course) and I had 7 crashes! And only two of them gave me dump to upload to TLD Bug Report. Surely, the coding guys at Hinterland have something to do as well. But I think we need "save gameplay anytime anywhere" becuase it's not a deal losing 20-40 minutes of gameplay. Or I will have to move to Linux (I have problems with other commercial softwares too, under Windows 10 anyway, but I'm not experienced Linux user). Man, I am very angry. The only thing I don't know (info nowhere to be found) if I have to buy the Linux version separatedly, or I can use my Steam PC copy. But the thing is, that I have a 309 days survival mode gameplay, and I don't want to lose it.
  9. Making Food Poisoning More Realistic

    Well, basicly I agree, but, on the other hand, it depends on one's body. When I ate something bad e.g. for breakfast I felt it within 1-2 hours and was completely through it by the evening of the next day. (Happily enough, it didn't happen to me often.) Yes, it was painful and I felt weak, with all the "usual process". And I never took antibiotics, only probiotics for the intestinal flora.
  10. Badges counter

  11. Badges counter

    Hi All, I was starting a new CUSTOM game some months ago. That time I checked my badges, and Firemaster was on 75% (all the others are "fully accomplished" for about a year now). Today as I started up the game I thought I checked my badges. And the Firemaster was still on 75%. I decided to make a test, starting 70 campfires. This should add to the percentage - I hoped. No, it didn't, it's still on 75%. I can guess two: #1/ Badges counter stuck somehow. #2/ Badges counter is only for the predefined sandbox game modes. (I play only Custom games since this option became available.) My current game is at day 279, the journal says "Fires started 181" before the test and "Fires started 251" after the test. Any idea?
  12. Windows 10 crashes

    Hi @s7mar7in, thanks, but it's not about the memory speed. The crash came equally when I set the factory default DDR4-2133MHz or loaded the XMP-Profile DDR4-3200MHz. And so far, nothing else (I mean other software) produced this. As said before, I suspect the [Windows 10 + present DirectX API + Ryzen5-2400G(Vega11 IGP) + TLD] has problem somewhere. I don't think, that many other has this build - but since I reactivated my GTX1050 I didn't have this problem. Cheers!
  13. Windows 10 crashes

    Hi JAFO, thanks for the hints and explanations, I totally agree. Unfortunately or not, I need more CPU threads for my virtual machines (yes, I work too, like all of us do ). So, Windows10, I couldn't get more than 8 thread with Windows7 based hw. Or Linux, as you mentioned - two of my vm's are Linux, so I am maybe on the right path and perhaps one day the Windows are going to be only one of the vm's... A small update, though: I added my GTX1050 into my present build and made a clean install of Windows10 again + all the updates and the latest drivers. And see the miracle: everything's working just fine. TLD too. So I would say, the [Windows 10 + present DirectX API + Ryzen5-2400G(Vega11 IGP) + TLD] package has collision somewhere. (And I suspect now, the Ryzen3-2200G (Vega8 IGP) would suffer the same problem as well.) That hurts a bit, because when the game was running, the graphics looked nicer somehow on AMD hw than on Nvidia hw.
  14. Windows 10 crashes

    Hi All, I have news. I found, that the driver package at the MoBo manufacturer's home page wasn't the latest. (Weird.) So I downloaded the really latest from the AMD's website. Uninstalled the old one, and after reboot installed the new one. Reboot again. Started the game. Everything looked fine, graphics were OK - until ~2 minutes of gameplay, when the crash came again (bluescreen with QR code). But now I was prepared and made note of the error code: "KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED". Searched the internet for resolution and of course found hints. Applied them. No change, although the game looks pretty, keeps crashing. And I keep searching, but in case I can't find a 100% working solution, next week this day I will refund the hardware and the software and return to the old build and Windows 7. I don't need pre-alpha OS and software. I need a good working environment and TLD!