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  1. Except in Stalker, I've never had a wolf bother me in the "open" Winding River cave. As I mentioned the post above yours, I thought this outdoor cave was the one you rated as second worst in the world -- my mistake. On second reading I see you were talking about the transition cave to PV. Hunting and fuel are both better in the Ravine -- I definitely prefer living there. For the showshelter trick, however, I meant this open cave in Winding River. By the way, that transition cave to PV has good hunting and fuel on the PV end... not sure I'd call it second worst in the world. Not best either... no coal and very far from a workbench.
  2. Interloper, so hanging around outside without a fire is challenging. I'm past day 50 now and the warmest outdoor Feels Like I've seen in the past week is -18c. So I cook / make water outdoors to avoid Cabin Fever.
  3. Nope, I mean the no-loading-screen cave in Winding River. Some bunnies spawn near it. I can see I misread Mroz4k description -- he did mean the one you described.
  4. This cave has a feature that's extremely handy... you can build a snowshelter inside the cold half. I've done it on Interloper for cabin fever mitigation before I found a bedroll. Because your snowshelter is inside the cave, your all-night fire is safe from the weather. I spent 150 days living in this cave (stalker) shortly after skilling up archery became a thing. It's a peaceful spot, hard to lose arrows, and the nearby dam makes crafting easy.
  5. Yep, yep. On interloper I prefer DP to CH for the fuel... so many sticks and coal. And beachcombing is good there too.
  6. Good list (although in ML I prefer the dam, for hunting in the Ravine, and the maint yard in BR). I have a pretty specific checklist of what makes a good long term base and these pass the test (except FM ). Note, I play mostly Interloper. Outdoor fire that's a) as windproof as possible and b) very close to an indoor shelter. I do all my cooking and water boiling outdoors for the 22% of hours needed to fend off cabin fever risk, but I prefer not to heat the great outdoors the rest of the time. Plentiful fuel for the fire. As I play mostly interloper, I prefer sticks and coal (or reclaimed wood while it lasts) since an hour or two straight chopping limbs can be pretty risky on Interloper. Nearby workbench Good hunting or fishing. I don't care which.
  7. I've been doing it this way for many months, all difficulties. It's no harder than walking up the path from Winding River to the dam, just need to figure out where it'll let you walk.
  8. Fun challenge. I did this on Voyageur since my play time is limited this week. It turned out to be pretty quick since the wolves still hadn't spawned in by the time I got to signal hill: 10h 6m. (I walked into the hut to force the save, so no need to deduct an hour for sleep.) I tried sleeping an hour after the save -- no time elapsed message. I guess because I did the whole trip before midnight? Journal: Log -- it's all one day. In the second screenshot I scrolled down the list of locations visited. As for strategy, I looted all the food and clothes in the hunting lodge and maintenance shed. Two cups of coffee, no stims and some rather warm clothes. Then I sprinted as often as possible through BR and FM, checked the camp office for coffee or a stim (no luck). Same for the dam (no luck). Then straight through to Signal Hill. I didn't sleep or stop to warm up in any way, so I tried to stay well fed instead.
  9. Nice. It's like you're the Jane Goodall (Joe Goodall?) of Broken Railroad. I haven't played BR on Stalker yet, but in other difficulties there's a wolf that patrols the road near the cave. I'm surprised it doesn't come running when you grab a bunny.
  10. Yep, my bad, I think "without getting assbite" covers it. I don't think requiring a full 100% condition at the end would be needed, just the potential to reach 100% because you didn't get frostbite. You would be forced to manage frostbite risk in a challenge designed this way, yep. You couldn't just rely solely on coffee or stim-chaining to jog across the world because even at 100% condition you can get frostbite risk. As for fun, I think it could be. I mean we're talking about facing a cold, harsh wolrld without pants. Something to tell your grandkids about, if nothing else.
  11. Test assbite while you're at it?
  12. My guess too. I don't think there's enough evidence of a difference to make more testing worthwhile, though.
  13. Another great test. Which experience mode did you use? I've noticed wolf detection range carrying a single fresh gut seems much larger in Interloper than in Pilgrim. I didn't note the wind direction, so perhaps that's enough to account for the difference. But it's a strong impression nonetheless, after 50-100 days in each of the sandboxes (created in v110 and v112).
  14. @Timber Wolf thanks, just doublechecking. The SD for the exhausted and overburdened states seem to suggest this states are slightly protective, and that just can't be right lol. You conclusion, that these states have little to no effect, seems to be right. Good work, and surprising too.
  15. Awesome! I have a question about the data. Are the numbers in the table remaining condition (n), or condition lost (100-n)?