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  1. Christmas has come early! Thanks so much! \o/
  2. A Few Dead Men

    Awesome run @Drifter Man. I really enjoyed reading about it.
  3. The name is Walker, Sleep Walker

    Very interesting list; I love living in caves -- it's like living in a house where you can actually look out the windows. I have another possibility for you. You know the little 'workbench' trailer in MT near the transition to HRV? There's a regular cave just across the road from there (to the south, per in-game map orientation). I can't speak to deadman/sleepwalker level resources but on normal interloper I love this spot for it's proximity to sticks, coal, cattails, moose, and bear. Plenty of wolves too, meat is never an issue. Deer is a little sparse in this spot, but plentiful if you travel to the farm or HRV. No idea about the quality of rabbit trapping (I just stone em) but there are a couple nearby runs.
  4. A Few Dead Men

    Too bad about the no-show moose. I've been hoping to hear how deadman feels with a moose cloak + wolf coat. On the other hand... Never expected to read that in a deadman thread!
  5. A Few Dead Men

    Ah, the freedom of Milton Basin. It must feel great after so long cooped up in that tiny cabin. Time to get a moose!
  6. A Few Dead Men

    Golden Joystick named their 2018 pc game of the year was announced today, and it's a single-player sandbox survival game with an actual ending. Not wandering away due to boredom, but a resolution of your situation: sandbox over. I've played that game and I found the ending quite satisfying. I'd love to spend my sandboxes working toward a resolution of my TLD survival situation.
  7. A Few Dead Men

    @Drifter Man congrats on 60 days! Amazing achievement (and patience)! Wow! This is exactly the problem: not enough reward to balance the risk of long outdoor exposure once you've geared up. I don't have feelings about CF risk because I rarely see it, even on Interloper... I'm the outdoorsy type. But my games end in boredom too. Wouldn't it be awesome if there were new things to discover (like an extremely elusive NPC! A hammer to repair your shelter. A working two-way radio. Etc.) only after day 100, 1000, etc.
  8. A Few Dead Men

    This is certainly true, but the same could be said of most other TLD afflictions. Cabin Fever risk rises when the previous 6 days had, on average, fewer than 5 1/2 hours spent outdoors. More precisely, since cabin fever risk is recalculated every hour, when fewer than 31 hours (~22%) of the previous 144 hours were spent outdoors. The 22% number comes from @Timber Wolf's testing. Short term rises and drops in risk are just trading an outdoor hour six days ago for an indoor one today (rises), or the reverse (drops).
  9. A Few Dead Men

    In the deadman code cabin fever is actually enabled. I just thought that meant the custom settings are wrong. But it looks like it CF ON in custom settings means voyageur style. Good discovery!
  10. Warmup bonus for freshly boiled water

    Hang on. The heat of the water is itself energy, and it has to go somewhere because First Law of Thermodynamics. I've read that the heat energy from hot drinks dissipates in seconds, but it doesn't magically disappear with no effect. Certainly any calories in the drink are are also energy -- but not instantly, because digestion. I must be the exception here because I drink hot, non-caloric water, tea, or coffee -- for warmth and hydration. On snowy days (like today here in Colorado) I make a 1.5 litre vac bottle of very weak tea and take tips throughout the day. The warming effect is transitory but real. I can skip an extra layer when I have it. Yeah, that's what the WHO says about very hot drinks. It's uncommon to drink hot drinks that hot in my part of the world. I don't have a strong feeling one way or the other about how this applies to TLD. On the one hand the game abstracts away the "most people know better" mistakes like burning your throat from just-boiled rose hip tea, and I think that's a good thing. To me it's boring to manage every minute detail in a game; I'd rather just do real life. But if this was a real life survival situation I'd eat hot food and drink hot drinks in this situation, fuel permitting, because it all adds up for thermodynamics.
  11. A Few Dead Men

    This little tidbit totally changes my opinion of Trappers, because I never liked cooking outdoors there. Not even the outbuilding (when it's there); it's too close to wolves and moose. Thanks!
  12. DAY 4 (spoilers)

    I had a pie spawn in the greymothers house in Milton. And not only had I already looted the house, I'd broken down everything possible for wood, tinder and cloth.
  13. DAY 3 (spoilers)

    OK, I'm ready for the world to BURN!!! Moved down to the cave "between the ropes" under the Abandoned Lookout in CH. There's a fairly sheltered fire spot on both the left and right walls, so one or the other (or both!) should work. Very nice very from here too! For my Milton save I'm just going to stay inside the greymother's house. It's the best spot for a close up view of the action -- even if the action is burning to death.
  14. Multiple saves DO work for badges!

    Just reposting this for better visibility. Turns out you can still earn both badges if you have to restart!