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  1. How To Up Our Game

    In the context of TLD, do you mean PvP in the sense of the player versus himself? Otherwise PvP makes no sense in TLD. The PVE is all about conflict here. Crafting with bones is an excellent idea, and also quite realistic.
  2. I'm almost done with this :(

    @TROY that actually is true....about it getting boring after a while on really long games. my longest run was a stalker 449 days, I had set out to get 100% completion on all the maps and I did except for Forlorn Muskeg...then the save wipe happened which was fine with me, now I can make an actual map. After a while once you are pretty firmly surviving it can get monotonous but that being said, any of the absolute essentials should still have a natural resource equivalent (like hats). It was pretty weird being there for over a year and the season stayed the same.
  3. Help finding a map? Tired of being lost.

    Exactly!! lol Each new region after Milton updates your map. page through for the different regions- they are all accessible, though that matters more for ep2. This too.
  4. Help finding a map? Tired of being lost.

    I literally just started another run-thru last night, so I can say for certain you get the map after talking with grey mother for the first time. (I checked!) Don't feel bad, I was halfway through the first episode before I knew I had a map the first time around.
  5. Help finding a map? Tired of being lost.

    there is a map in your radial menu, select the navigation star.
  6. I'm almost done with this :(

    Honestly the RNG drives me nuts too and I have a similar experience as you do @TROY.... but my big peeves with the game are the degrading of the whetstones and not being able to craft shirts and hats. Everything in the game interconnects- as it should- but there are still some gaps in making it indefinitely sustainable. Meaning, after a while one should still be able to survive indefinitely on natural resources only and it isn't there yet. The failure rate on high percentage probability in the RNG eliminates irreplaceable materials and that is a problem long-term. By the time you are skilled enough to pretty much always succeed, resource is scarce.
  7. Cartograloper

    Cartagraloper LOL
  8. The Bear is now MIA!!!! Suggestions?

    go off the Mystery Lake Map then go back on, this fixes the disappearing bear.
  9. Phone in the hunting lodge

    I also missed the explanation... that phone scared the ^@&%&_ out of me lol!
  10. (PC)-V1.08- Can not dry my Hides and Guts

    I was able to cure hides in both Milton and Mystery Lake.
  11. Stuck In Jeremiah's Bunker?

    The switch box threw me off... it would have made a LOT more sense to put the switch before of the wires you cannot cross bc you will get electrocuted...... the switch does turn the power off but you already have to wait at the entrance for the aurora to go away... then raid the bunker... flipping the switch to turn the power off makes the hatch un-useable, so when the aurora is off do everything, dont flip the switch, and leave when the aurora comes back on. Somehow I don't think that was the intended experience but that's what I had to do... I did wonder about that switch location. Doesn't make sense.
  12. Bank Vault Milton

    The control room door in the dam opens automatically when you have the code. The bank vault safe does not.
  13. Anyone feeling a bit let down?

    I was thinking about the tutorial aspect and how it is too integrated into the story.... How freaking COOL would it have been for Will to find and read Survive the Outdoors!, Wilderness Kitchen, The Frozen Angler, Frontier Shooting Guide and Guns! Guns! Guns! ? This would have been the ideal skippable tutorial that already ties into sandbox. Those ARE tutorial books, why didn't he have a couple at the beginning (in the plane wreckage) and find some of the others the others later on?
  14. Episode 2 - Deer hunting redux - Jeremiah's box glitched?

    My quest also didnt register the full 22 but it greyed out as completed. fWIW i completed rhe bear hunt on 5/6 encounters. Jeremiah doesnt say anything new he just tells you he cant teach you anything else about it. Then it is time to do the fishing/clothing etc.
  15. Aurora gone after bear hunt

    Oh excellent! I'm glad it worked. When I first saw the aurora I wanted to watch for it like i watch the sunsets, but it never appeared unless I slept and woke in the middle of the night. I did stay up all night to watch it fade once.... in daylight it is still there too, faintly, until you go in a building or sleep.