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  1. @upupandaway I think you may have a real point about the sprains in ML being worse than other regions. I am certainly getting more in this run than I did in Milton, and I was more overburdened in Milton. The frequency is noticeably less than in Stalker which is to be expected, but thinking of the game in Voyageur experience I think it is too easy to get sprains. As far as my play style I like to go everywhere. I'm not intentionally reckless (usually, ha! I have been known to do serious downward rock-climbing, where a couple of sprains are expected) but I don't want to have to avoid areas of the map just because of sprains. ML is hilly and it can't be avoided if you want a decent experience. I'm ending my Voyageur run because it isn't how I want to spend my time. I'm not going to adapt my play style because I know that walking on my sprain or resting will still get it all nice and healed in a few hours, because that makes total sense, right? Sprains aside though, I really do love the rest of the new update.
  2. I was in Milton on my Voyageur run. ML was awful with sprains. In my stalker run i cleared ML, CH, DP, and both the connectors between them. I got plenty of sprains in CH and DP but more in ML... though I was there the longest so that might be why. There are only three prepper caches I look for in ML, the others aren't really worth the trek IMHO unless you are in those parts of the map anyhow. The one on the hill almost directly across from the Camp Office is the first one I always look for. The second is the one on the ridge starting out by the fishing huts going up the ridge along Mystery Lake. The third is on the hill near the yellow train car, if you are walking towards the dam it would be on the right on the incline. (In my stalker run I had the prepper cache on the ridge by the fishing huts. That was a nice find.) I'm just curious now, so I'll do a few days in Voyageur mode in ML to see.
  3. Yesterday I started a Voyageur run to see about the sprain frequency, I was maybe 4 days in and today my save file is just...gone. This has never happened to me before and I'm honestly baffled. I didn't die. Last night I recall passing an hour to save the game, all was well and I shut down, today my Voyageur game is just... gone. Anyhow I was making a point to try and get sprains, walking up and down steep slopes VERY encumbered. Result: ONE sprain. ONE. Also, I forgot you can eat wolves in Voyageur mode, endless food, wow! I don't really want to play in Voyageur mode and I think the days I spent in it is enough to say that the sprain frequency between stalker and voyageur modes is very different. The frequency isn't an issue as far as I found in Voyageur mode, even with carrying a stupid amount of weight on steep terrain.
  4. I am so bad at Interloper!! Lol. Indoors nearby depends on which map or where you are in.relation to a cave. Or how close you are to cabin fever! How are the sprains in interloper? I havent tried yet.
  5. I have not played Voyageur mode for a couple of years, but I started a new game to see how drastic the sprain difference is from Stalker mode. I'm not over-encumbered (yet) but so far in day 1 I went from Hushed River Valley to Milton House with zero sprains (I really tried to get one), an amazing amount of reishi mushroom, and... ZERO wolves. That is incredible, ZERO wolves!
  6. The issue with adapting play style in this case is... well, read @galadhlinn‘s post which states it really well. They stopped doing certain things like going up slopes, they avoided whole areas of the map. I didnt. I went up that slope to get the wolf hide. I kept tracking wounded animals no matter where the path led. I dont think avoiding slopes is the answer. But i did not die with any sprains and i do feel very happy the bear didnt get me, even though he tried 7 times. 😊
  7. That assumes there is an indoors close by! 😊 @upupandaway you said before you play in voyageur mode. That is a different experience than stalker. This isnt a game to play it safe in the harder modes like stalker and interloper. You just cant. The wind comment was in response to how i died sleeping. It has nothing to so with sprains, you are correct. Sometimes you run out of resources and choices, sometimes you just have to make decisions and take a chance. Sometimes it works and sometimes you die. That is what makes the game challenging and fun!
  8. The wind blew my fire out. It happens. The whole point of this thread was about frequency of sprains, which in my experience, playing the same way I always have, are more frequent. That’s all.
  9. No i looked at my journal when I opened the game this morning. It said 82 days, I was on the evening of day 82. Also the timestamp when you sleep "You have survived x number of days...." said 82 and some-odd hours. The stats are registering slightly lower. Difference between 80 and 82 is still more than 24 hours. i don't know. i didnt pay attention to the waking up timestamp hours after 82, just the journal days marked. I'll have to pay attention to this in the next run. Anyhow it doesn't matter, I was really just tracking the sprains to time. Result: too many.
  10. AHHH I JUST DIED the cold got me while I was sleeping. That was a good run. Many extremely harrowing close calls, one stick saved my life once! Journal said 82 days, stats say 80. I think the stats aren't accurate, they are lower than they should be. I can't believe after all the crazy dire situations I got in, I froze to death in my bedroll. 49 sprains total according to the stats, I think it was more due to discrepancy stated above. 49 sprains in 80 days according to the stats page. That's too many, no matter what. Aside from the sprains and relentless wolves, this is a good update.
  11. Thanks for the validation @Goodzilla. I'm still playing this same run, on Day 62 now and I have gotten many more sprains. I don't treat them anymore. Currently the wolves are a bigger problem, they are really awful, I urgently need to get out of Coastal Highway but am waiting for pelts to cure.
  12. I never go to the radio tower, maybe I should try that. My first stop is the PV Farmhouse. This challenge is so miserable but I can't seem to stop trying for a better time!
  13. Thank you for mentioning the sprains, I also am experiencing far more of them than before. I made a thread about it but it was for Stalker mode sandbox, I'm sorry to hear it is bad in the challenges too. Now and then I get inspired to run this challenge again for a better time, but I always die right before I get to the summit. I never got the amount of stims or coffee you seem to get. I will probably get at least as many sprains though.
  14. This has happened to me twice on this update.
  15. I killed him with the rifle, in stalker mode. One shot worked.