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  1. I like the peace of episode 2! Evade wolf people please.
  2. Scruffy is a murderer.
  3. I had to drop anything over 15kg since I was fully tired!
  4. I like the change. Makes sense to me. I would not dare to slide down a rope if my weight was too much. I'm not a mission impossible character! I would either destroy my hands or fall to death. It is also a nice gameplay mechanic. It is heavy handed but it works. It happened to me on first day of interloper from TWM to PV and it was nice.
  5. Agree, this was pushed out too fast. Needs way more iterations. The exteriors are now incredible, new weather clowds etc. They just need more time with the interiors.
  6. someone took and sent on atlassian the log file out of each reload? (I can't at the moment)
  7. still not fixed? @Patrick Carlson any news? It's kind of a big deal.
  8. never noticed it but fixable with little effort so why not.
  9. I've played a few hours of interloper, then stopped because the loot-bug is too serious, I'll wait for an "hot"fix before continuing but since I had already tried some test branch my ideas about the update are solid now. First of all the final graphic pass to the UI. When the cloth update came out I was already pretty scared by the direction the new models were pointing to. If you comprare old clothes to new ones older are simpler, lighter, easier to read. For me more beautiful. I didn't like the new model and they're still too grim to me. You could say they fit the tone better of course but for me that lighter and touch was a strenght of the game. In the paper doll model they have to light them up so that they're a little bit more nice to the eyes: On that update, or maybe before, same thing appened to the icons on the backpack, more seriousness, more difficult to read, more strange detail. I know that people like this so I have no hope of having back this kind of brightness. They refered to the new UI as "post digital", which is true, is more primitivesque. I prefered the small separation with the world, it make the game stand a part in my opinion. But in the end no big deal. There's also a strong connection between this more serious style and the things that will come on august 1, they always said the story wants to have the moral challenges of modern tv series. That part of the project always scared me to be honest. I hate the kind of moralistic rethoric about violence and power that house of cards/hannibal/daredevil/game of thrones/fargo like to exploit. So for me those changes are a little bit disturbing, the rabbit stuff as well. More for what it anticipates than on itself. Of course everything depends on the quality of the writing. 1) First feedback. Rabbits are too easy to catch. Maybe it doesn't matter that much, maybe it does. Since I don't want to kill one maybe it's balanced already. Still feels too easy though. I spawned in Timberwolf mountain and decided to throw myself down the mountain, some sprain and torn cloth. The icons feels weirdly placed, when the cold one pops up off centered and you have the direct reference of the shield on the top is disturbing. Also it makes the frame "boxed", you're surrounded by those two icons. 2) Second feedback. Nobody seems to like the icons on top. I don't know how to rearrange all of this but there should be a better way. 3) Instant third feedback. The world is mostly static as you know. I mean you don't shoot a lot of stuff, you don't have a lot of animations even if they added first person presence. For me seeing a thing moving because of my click was kind of a big deal. The mountaineer's hut was incredible. You could click and the door would move and you could enter. Now there's a very weird waiting time. It feels bad. If I am there and there's no loading screen to enter the building I am pushing the door. Why the delay? It sets you off. Instant feedback recap: on things that move no delay please. Unless we can have some kind of animation where the delay is justified. On usual door they added the delay because the black screen where wolves could attack you would not communicate enough "production value". That's another problem with this update for me, so many things were added because of the production value feeling and hurt gameplay. The fact that when you harvest you have to reclick at the end. I've heard that people that suffer from carpal tunnel disease suffer from that as well... could be included! Then I went out of TWM. Got to sleep on the bunker and in the morning with a blizzard took the rope because I wanted my over 15kg loot back (now you cannot escalate down if encumbered). And SBAM. Frostbite to the hand. 4) Design reason for hand not going under the bed blanket is very very thin. Almost feels like a bug. After some more sleep I kept going to the rabbit place. Refused to kill one because f**k House of Cards. 5) In the morning fast fifth feedback. A double shot of exterior and interior. Inside is still way too dark imho. At least a early sun beam that matches color temp. I don't know. There were other images here but nothing special. Just some beautiful sound while throwing myself down the mountain, I'm not sure it echoed like this before. The new white wheater is superb. By the way how much time does it take to draw a charcoal map? I put myself in troubles because of this. Some windows graphic on low settings are still wrong. There would be a lot of other things to mention but I'm sleepy. Rocks interaction seems a good idea to me. Torches instead of brands is a mistery, they could have explained what happened at least, not community driven but community informed would be nice! The inner outer layer indicator with clothes is another mistery. What all of that means. Mistery. Monitoring stats is super hard. Is it a good thing? I mostly don't care. The fact that you can treat diseases with random meds is a nice structured homage to first hours of gameplay. The struggle choice is great but it cut the super scare feeling of the attack moment. FPS are ok for me on low. All the smell things are very nice but the icon is the same of fire. I'm so tired that I forgot about the most important thing. The loot mechanic being destroyed because you have all the loot at the end. That's a big hit to the game for me. Anyway goodnight.
  10. I've got frostbite on first day because of this Should be changed imho. Hands so fragile is weird.
  11. Lol this is funny. Anyway yes I've stopped my interloper run-try because of it. Unplayable untill it's fixed.