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  1. I have at least 2 riffle cleaning kits. Can't really remember where did I found them but more than likely from the caches. (I have found them all )
  2. Is there any logic behind the bear behaviour when he is hitted? Sometimes he flees, sometimes he just charges. I do as Jeremiah says and wait til I see the white of his eyes, but he insists on charging wildly
  3. I won't say it shouldn't be possible, but I don't think it should be irrelevant. Hatchet or hacksaw degradation and task time should be probably higher.
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  10. suggestion

    Haven't played Evil Within, but TLD mechanics are not off where they should be. I'd say a bow kill, mid-long range is a stealth kill. Stealth implyes not being seen, you don't necessarily need to sneak until you can touch your target
  11. suggestion

    If the AI gets improved, it would lead to all short of side effects in terms of gameplay. Until it does, and since we don't have a clue about what is really in the pipeline for next gameplay update besides what's announced in the cartographer update... the spear is a long term wish. At the moment, as I said earlier, the game design seem to lead the player to mostly avoid confrontation.
  12. suggestion

    Just to take the nasty stuff out of the way first. You are a regular of this forums and I've been reading you for a while now. For the way you are able to join words together, you don't strike me as a dumb person. Therefore I don't think you are nearly retarded enough to not know that the way you write and share your thoughts will piss people off. I know for sure that you have been told your manners are not appropriate more than once in this forums, so my conclussion is that you are a bit of an arse that actually enjoys acting the way you do (or you seriously lack social skills). Well, good luck with that Now, on the topic at hand. Let me give you my reasons for my conclussions about the spear issue. In this game, the AI is terrible. They always attack from the front. They don't circle you. They don't try to flank you. So, a defensive weapon as the spear, which is usually used forward, will probably just meet the charging animal 99 times out of 100. This would make dealing with wolves quite easy, in my humble (hopefully not idiotic) opinion. If your idea is to implement a spear that no one can use cause its too hard, then I still don't see the point of adding it. Nobody needs years of practice to know how to basic defend yourself with a spear. I don't see the spear, a completely renewable weapon if implemented (as sapplings and scrap metal are basically infinite) the same way you do: The riffe's balance is the limited ammo. The bow balance is the lack of a reliable aiming system. With a spear, you wouldn't face any of this, and unless the AI gets a huge improvement, the "art" of defense would be quite easy. Nah, its not a bedroll issue. Unless he has been waking up from the wrong side since he joined this forums
  13. suggestion

    Yeah! I can tell!
  14. suggestion

    You mean this one? Not really in favour either. I'll tell you why: Its hard to find a reason not to keep the spear equipped at all times (that isn't too forced, like making it weight 10kg). If I have it... why wouldn't I be holding it? What other items in my inventory would be preferred to have at hand while exploring? Why would I carry the 5kg riffle? Thing is, I think 99% of the times, all of us would have the spear equipped at all times. You are proposing to add yet another recurrent animation that would happen everytime a wolf attacks you if you are holding the spear, which would happen most of the time (see point above). Around the 20th time (give or take) you have seen the wolf bite your leg, you start feeling its weight. If everything goes right, you get into ANOTHER animation that makes you swing your mouse / stick all the way around. If things go wrong, you go to current struggle. Possibly 20 to 30 secconds of animation that you would see over and over and over. This would all feel very repetitive in the end. The good thing about current struggles is that they are quite quick and simple. I think the current design aims to promote avoiding confrontation rather than having an easy way to defend yourself.
  15. suggestion

    This one is tought. On one hand, I have to agree that it feels a bit forced not to be able to craft one, as its indeed quite easy to get youself one from a good sappling. Its possibly the most common defensive weapon across all cultures, which ilustrates how "natural" is for a human to weild a spear. On the other... I agree with @selfless here. The spear would render wolves quite harmless. I can't think of how it would make the game more interesting. It would only make it easier. Therefore I think I'm ultimatelly against the addition of the spear in the game.