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  1. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #19

    Would look forward to hearing about this as well. (You'd think the custom setting of 'wolf fear' would do it, as per it's description, alas, it don't.)
  2. custom option to have indoor temps closer to average outdoor temp. Warm up with fire, with a lasting effect. (choose to burn your furniture or not) I think someone made a mod with this as an option. would be nice if it were official.
  3. Add fox ?

    it'd be fun if a curious but very discreet fox secretly followed you around -- catch a glimpse now and then. like a half-pet. Course you could kill it if you can, for the hat etc - but you'd lose a friend (another may show up eventually)
  4. Less Hourglasses, More Animations

    When sleeping, a faded blurry montage in the background of the previous day's happenings -- like a dream.
  5. Relevant "Wolf Fear" setting

    Would like this setting to have more of an effect. Like, "High" = 90% of wolves flee. (meat/injury could heavily impact this too). This would add more emotive and gameplay depth, as well as be more consistent with reality.
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  9. Crazy Wolves

    Note: The OP isn't looking for tactics to deal with 'crazy wolves', but saying that the game would benifit from the wolves behaving differently (at least the option, besides 100% passive) I for one agree wholeheartedly, it's the #1 thing in terms of time/benifit they could do for the game, imo. - specially the 'fight or flight' aspect. Why doesn't the new 'wolf fear' custom tool do anything for this I wonder (it seems to do next to nothing actually).
  10. 'Wolf Fear' working as intended?

    Yep, just played with wolf fear on high, attacked within 1 minute of start. I think a lot of people would welcome a setting between 100% passive and mostly agro. And unless I'm mistaken, 'wolf fear' would be the setting to do it. So what is up?
  11. 'Wolf Fear' working as intended?

    have played with low & medium. but most of the time i'm not 'smelly' anyway. I'm not looking for a 5% difference this way or that, in terms of wolf aggression, I'm talking something like 95% difference. So a little adjustment like 'smell setting' probly isn't gonna address the issue which the 'wolf fear' setting should probly do.
  12. 'Wolf Fear' tooltip states: "affects the chance that wolves will flee when detecting you, rather than hunting you." Yet, as is, both high and low options have wolves 'hunting you' above 90% of the time. The custom option would be great if it did more to address one of the most common critiques of the game - crazy wolves. Suggestion: High = like we are used to (about 95% engagement / 5% flee) Medium = 50% engagement / 50% flee Low = 5% engagement / 95% flee *Augmented (as already is?) by condition, scent, etc. & Howabout wolf aggression increases over time (low/med/high?). That seems realistic and interesting, and serves to offset the 'power creep' of the game. What say you, agree or disagree? [& btw, turning on 'passive wildlife' ain't the solution here. 100% safety is so much different than 95% -- as evidenced in real life fear of wildlife.]
  13. Passive Wildlife - Why All or Nothing?

    ya, just a little spice. Not ghost peppers or nothing.
  14. Passive Wildlife - Why All or Nothing?

    zactly - would add depth to both hunting and being hunted. Getting into individual wildlife settings, sure, we'd all have preferences with that too, but I'd be happy enough if we could just get something between 100% passive and 100% aggressive for wildlife in general. (we're really just talking about bears and wolves anyway -- even though -semi-irrelevant sidenote- in actuality deer are more often aggressive toward people than wolves are).
  15. Wouldn't it allow for more emotive (&realistic) gameplay if you could set it to something like "Mostly Passive". (I'm thinking 95% run away, 5% aggressive) As is, wolves are either simply annoying (especially annoying to die from) or completely meaningless. Nothing in between. Encountering a wolf should be a more nuanced thing, not this unnatural binary the game currently offers. (One might think the 'wolf fear' adjuster pertains to this, but strangely, it doesn't - it's just to do with how often already agro wolves will run away from torches and flares)