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  1. Up to day 70 doing fine , did a good job of NOT eating bear and wolf meat and just hit level 5 cooking. So playing it safe I was able to find 3 maple saplings near the cabin by unnamed pond behind the clear cut along with a bunch of birch saplings. It's been a uneventful 35 days since I last posted. I have stuck close to Mystery Lake at the back of the lake. I made a change up from my last run going with the Bearskin Jacket rather than the bedroll. I have killed only 4 wolves so far (avoiding them like the plague and have their pelts all over the place so no wolf coat yet. So the plan is to stick around the Camp Office Continue to hope I don't mess this run up.
  2. Just hit 37 days and doing very well , playing it safe just sort of repeating the same pattern as my last run . I am at level 4 cooking so it won't be long when I can start munching on some wolf meat but for now playing it safe. Living at the back of Mystery Lake . Killed a few deer and caught some fish on the lake so eating well. I plan to eventually make my way back to the Hydro Dam then over to the Ravine and try to find some Maple Saplings as I have just the one bow. Every time I build a campfire I am super careful LOL
  3. Not going to mess with any wolf or bear meat until I hit level 5 cooking . Harvesting meat 0.5 kg at a time to try to boost my cooking skill a bit faster. I will have to move around a bit between Camp Office , Hydro Dam and Trappers Cabin as deer spawning dictates. If I play it safe on this run I should easily make a 100 days . Just the travelling about that is a bit scary as your an ambush away from being dead.
  4. Played a fair bit today run is still going, made it out of Forlorn as I decided to pack up used up all the remaining metal I had on arrowheads and made for the same cave I stayed at before . Too many Wolves hanging around Spence Homestead and no way to deal with them. I crossed to Poachers Camp cooked up some mushrooms then made the trip to the trappers cabin. Spent the next days crafting a bow and 3 arrows (as I had 1 maple sapling and 1 birch sapling curing on the floor). I then put the bow to work bagging a deer. Then I made it back to Camp Office where I herded a deer into a wolf then scared the wolf with an arrow. So harvested a second deer. I found the Magnifying glass behind a crate in the camp office which was a big win . Plan is to stick around Mystery Lake and pay a visit to the Ravine and go looking for some more saplings as I have just the one maple one. Hope I don't mess this run up.
  5. After one gets the level 4 fire starting and you no longer need tinder it would be nice to be able to throw the tinder into the fire and get a few extra minutes of burning time on a fire. So you pick 40 cat tail heads and have a way to use them up even if you only get a short fire.
  6. Well my new run is still going and I did follow through with my plan to visit Forlorn Muskeg to do my forging. So I made my way through all the lake cabins on Mystery Lake looting everything there. Then I went to the Camp Office and cave above the camp office looting some more. Then I made for Trappers Cabin where I stayed a couple days taking a short hike up the unnamed pond. Things went really well and I managed to kill a few rabbits with stones and harvest a couple dead deer. So then I made the journey to Forlorn which went very smooth. Weather was decent so I crossed from the Poachers Camp to the High Blind then to the cave behind the bunkhouse. I collected a boat load of cattails. Currently at the Spence Homestead where I have crafted 6 arrowheads and a knife. I have the permafire going and there's a wolf munching on a deer outside the barn. Kinda trapped here for now will have to figure out a plan to get back to Trappers unscathed. No bow and not enough metal to craft an ax which isn't the end of the world as I managed fine last run without it for over 100 days. Hope I can get out of this cabin and look about here a bit to see if I can find some more metal before my fire runs out
  7. A month ago I died foolishly on my best interloper run and since then I have died a bunch of times. I had some Desolation Point starts that went bad once I died on the Crumbling Highway and once on Coastal after eating a granola bar and getting food poisoning. A couple TWM starts that went bad , but alas after so many failures I got a decent interloper run going. Started on Timberwolf Mountain good starting point as I entered Cave D (Whiteberry Map) popping out by the Engine. I managed to get some matches off the hop as well as collecting cat tails before making it down to Crystal Lake. I collected all the cat tails/ mushrooms from the lake before heading to Pleasent Valley. I didn't make the mistake I had made on previous attempts dying of starvation at the farmhouse. I managed to make it to the Farmstead in reasonable condition with just the heavy hammer and close to 50 cat tails. I then spent the next couple days on loot runs to the barn, radio tower harvesting a couple dead deer to maintain my condition. Then I made for the Pensant pond and collecting even more cat tails and mushrooms and made the journey to Mystery Lake via the Winding River / Hydro Dam. I still had not found the bedroll but found the hacksaw in the Dam. I was lucky to make it to the trailers to sleep but after another day looting the Hydro Dam I had to sneak out of the yard to avoid the wolf (who was blocking the trailers). I crawled towards the bridge then made the dash across making it safely to the area by Allan's Cave where I located the bedroll at the hunting blind there. So now I'm at Mystery Lake in one of the little cabins. The plan is to make for the forge while I still have enough food. My condition is very good so far and I have staved off starvation well so far. I manage to get gloves and a toque so no danger of frostbite. This is actually a better start than my best game just hope I don't mess it up.
  8. Level 5 cooking yes ruined to 50% so if you have excess meat and can't carry it . I often would pack some meat say if I was going to the forge for instance and didn't want to pack it all the way to Spence Homestead. I would just drop it in the Poachers Camp etc. If you leave it in strategic locations it's a pretty good idea if you have lots
  9. I've had some long Voyageur runs over 200 days and some saves wiped during updates but never made 500 days even after putting in over a 1000 hours on the game over 4 years. I find complacency is my enemy on the long runs. Running back to the camp office in a blizzard and getting wolfed. Falling asleep in a bearskin bedroll in a fishing hut and freezing to death, and recently stepping into a fire by accident with 25% health. 2 days before this blunder I got hypothermia following a wolf blood trail to retrieve an arrow. You get to a point that your resources are pretty good and if you are smart you could easily go longer but you need that bit of risk to keep the game interesting and then when you overcome something you relax a bit and do some stupid shit I must say. So I think if you played it real safe you could last a long long time but what usually ends up happening is " I'm bored of this run , I think I'll start a new one" so some runs you never know how long you could have gone and what resources you would run out of.
  10. Sad to report that I made another big mistake and died at day 235ish . I had about 25% health and had returned to the Hydro Dam to replenish my supplies my bow was down to 25% and I had run out of spare arrow shafts. Fishing was getting real boring and I was not catching enough to keep me fed. So back at the dam I killed a couple wolves hanging out there then 2 deer were down on the river. I killed one then went back to the dam to warm up then returned to the river and killed the other one . I had 17 sticks on me and I went to make a fire by the one deer. The deer was on a bank so I turned around to build the fire. But once I got the fire going I couldn't get the mouse pointer to allow me to add sticks to it. And I went to re position myself and accidentally stepped in the fire I panicked and got the "You burned to death" . That's really the lesson of interloper it's nothing like voyageur where a mistake like that would not have cost me my run. This was my best run ever and I learned some tough lessons but it's not going to be easy to match it.
  11. I never done this in Voyageur but now that I am playing Interloper I usually always build a fire by a kill when it's not too windy. I will harvest early on 0.5 kg at a time and stick a piece on each cooking slot. With the fire blazing I usually will remove 1 kg at a time from the carcass dropping it right away before removing the next piece. I will swap out the meat from the fire once it's cooked and put the next piece on and continue harvesting. I never quarter anything because the risk of weather changing and getting too cold. By removing the smaller chunks I think it helps your cooking skill as well.
  12. I hope you make it 180 days and beyond I had quite a few brushes with death and I feel lucky . Getting the bow and arrows really turns the game around even if you haven't got all the clothes together as long as you are near a warm indoor place you can retreat too if necessary. Hunting provides that ability to regain some condition to keep you going.
  13. The only "bait" I use on wolves is usually a rock thrown from a safe rock cliff or tree to bring him closer so I can get him with my arrow
  14. Well I'm out of Forlorn Muskeg I left a lot of carnage in my wake but I didn't want to stay at Spence Farmstead with a permafire going all day. I decided late one evening to make for Poachers so made it to the High Blind (found more matches) then went to the cave behind the Poachers Camp. I slept overnight there cooked some more mushrooms and skirted the outside to the exit without too much trouble. Made it to Trappers Cabin but no game here so I went back to camp office using one Flair bullet to scare off the wolf patrolling the track then took the lake road back to my cabin. Although I didn't pick a lot of cat tails I left Forlorn with 2 axes , 2 boxes of matches , 2 acellerent,10 arrowheads, 5 birch saplings. I did leave my heavy hammer at the forge as I have another one at the Hydra Dam.
  15. Everything is going as planned but there are a lot of wolves to clean up here . Killed 3 wolves here so far with 2 more to go . 2 from the loft and one munching on a deer. I have crafted an ax and a bunch of arrowheads. I have a fire going that I have been stoking all day . Hoping I can get my health back up to the max and then make the crossing of the marsh. Found 5 birch saplings here so have some goodies to take back to Mystery Lake. Looking like at least another day here though as I have no shortage of food.