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  1. Having a good interloper run but.....

    Well I'm out of Forlorn Muskeg I left a lot of carnage in my wake but I didn't want to stay at Spence Farmstead with a permafire going all day. I decided late one evening to make for Poachers so made it to the High Blind (found more matches) then went to the cave behind the Poachers Camp. I slept overnight there cooked some more mushrooms and skirted the outside to the exit without too much trouble. Made it to Trappers Cabin but no game here so I went back to camp office using one Flair bullet to scare off the wolf patrolling the track then took the lake road back to my cabin. Although I didn't pick a lot of cat tails I left Forlorn with 2 axes , 2 boxes of matches , 2 acellerent,10 arrowheads, 5 birch saplings. I did leave my heavy hammer at the forge as I have another one at the Hydra Dam.
  2. Having a good interloper run but.....

    Everything is going as planned but there are a lot of wolves to clean up here . Killed 3 wolves here so far with 2 more to go . 2 from the loft and one munching on a deer. I have crafted an ax and a bunch of arrowheads. I have a fire going that I have been stoking all day . Hoping I can get my health back up to the max and then make the crossing of the marsh. Found 5 birch saplings here so have some goodies to take back to Mystery Lake. Looking like at least another day here though as I have no shortage of food.
  3. Having a good interloper run but.....

    So I went through with my plan , I made it over to the cave above the lake slept overnight then made my first attempt at Forlorn . But it was for not as I sprained my ankle on the way down and I got cold feet and went over to trappers cabin. I had to use one of my precious matches boiling water and cooking rabbit at the cabin then I woke up in good health and I seen it was time to head to Forlorn. I made it to the Poachers Camp and just decided to go for it and headed for Spence Farmstead. I made it to the barrel shed and seen 3 wolves patrolling. After cooking some mushroom soup up I made it to the cave behind the bunkhouses. So the next morning I got up early and made it to the Forge. Found some matches and I'm going to make some stuff but the plan is to go back to Mystery Lake ASAP. Wolves hanging out here thinking I will go gather some rocks to lure them here and pick them all off (level 5 archery so can crouch and shoot them from the loft)
  4. interloper questions!

    Started many interloper runs on DP and always seem to die either there or on the way to Coastal Highway. It's a good map though once you have the heavy hammer to go there to forge , a lot safer than Forlorn Muskeg. Just a tough start as I always seem to either not find matches or the bed roll which usually means my death on the way through Crumbling Highway.
  5. Having a good interloper run but.....

    Closing in on 180 days on this run still have 12 matches I have been carefully planning a trip to Forlorn Muskeg (not sure when I will try it yet) and have a somewhat safe plan to get there. I have been living at the back of Mystery Lake for a long time now still doing the same boring stuff . Gather sticks , fish , hunt and keep all raw meat until I got weather to build a fire with the magnifying glass. My plan is to use the cave at the top of the rope climb behind the lake as a stop off. I will sleep over night there and then go down the hill right to the exit of Mystery Lake to Forlorn and make for the Poachers Camp. The hope is to then cross to the high blind then to the cave behind the bunk houses then to the forge. I lost a couple arrows so I need to make a few arrow heads and I don't have the ax. I have a bunch of metal and hacksaw along with heavy hammer all ready for when I'm going to make to run. I don't want to hang around Forlorn very long though as matches are at a premium and I don't want to use up what I have with me and I'm hoping I will find some at the forge itself. I have a bear hide cured and just before I'm ready to go I'll repair my bedroll to make it 100% again just to help out.
  6. Poacher's Camp my new favorite hunting grounds

    Might be a bit tougher spot on Interloper as it is exposed to the elements a bit and you would need a permafire going to keep warm.
  7. Coldest Cave?

    Which cave is that one ?
  8. Having a good interloper run but.....

    The bedroll is a game changer for sure in terms of saving matches as you can stay warm in a blizzard in an outdoor cave without having to build a fire. Going to Mountain Town is also an option for me as it's that far. Just not a big fan of all the rope climbing
  9. Days Tracking

    I noticed that in the statistics it doesn't show how many days you spend in the ravine / crumbling highway and carter river. I have been using the transition areas quite a bit (especially ravine) do you think they should have a stat saying how many days in a Transition zone?
  10. Having a good interloper run but.....

    Closing in on 160 days Still have 13 matches as I have perfected the use of magnifying glass. Basically just hanging out mainly at Mystery Lake at the back of the lake. Just reached level 5 Archery after I killed a couple wolves patrolling the lake. Have been fishing mostly , I just spend cloudy times gathering firewood , mending cloths then when I see the conditions to use the magnifying glass I have been building a nice fire in the fishing hut and spending up to 8 - 10 hours time fishing all the while boiling water with the pot on the stove. Fish for an hour / boil 2 liters of water etc. Then the next time out our build the fire and just cook. The weather is starting to turn real crappy though as it seems to blizzard every other day. Still thinking about visiting Forlorn but don't want to risk death in the marshes just yet.
  11. Check in Hibernia under the canoes (downstairs in that mess of crates and whale bones) for the bedroll as well , it sometimes spawns there.
  12. Pretty standard interloper runs I died pretty quickly on all the Forlorn Muskeg spawns that's a tough region to start on. In the only 3 runs I had that I lasted more than 6 days one was a Timberwolf mountain start and two were a Pleasant Valley starts. Forlorn one is tough , I usually died of the cold trying to leave the region. The only good thing about Forlorn start though is the amount of cat tails to pick up there.
  13. Interloper / Loot Runs

    Heh I was referring to the cave near the campground on PV on the way to Timberwolf Mountain I'm aware there are a lot of caves near rope climbs on TM
  14. Interloper / Loot Runs

    I have played it really safe on this run and I finally have a good run going and don't want to mess it up. I'm still at the Hydro Dam and down to 14 matches at 145 days. I have been continuing my strategy of waiting for a sunny day to spend cooking and boiling water. I have been using the cave on the Ravine to save myself from getting cabin fever as it's a short safe walk from the dam. I have all the cloths now and the bearskin bedroll so I am going to stick it out here until the matches get real low then I will make my way to Forlorn Muskeg to look for some more matches. I have also not completely looted PV as I was only there for 4 days so it's possible there are some matches there as I only done the farmhouse, signal tower, barn and rural crossroads before going to Coastal Highway. And yes I could go to Timberwolf mountain as well and hit the cave near the rope climb there could be matches there.