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      The Hinterland Forums strive to be a place that is positive, inclusive, welcoming and comfortable. A community where intelligent, entertaining and meaningful conversations can occur. The rules are presented with these goals in mind. Warnings, bans, and lifetime bans are all at the discretion of Hinterland depending on the seriousness of the infraction.
        Rules and Guidelines for the Hinterland Forums No Backseat Moderating Let the moderators do the moderating. Backseat moderating is when people who are not moderators try to enforce the forum rules. If you see a person breaking the rules, take advantage of the Report () button or simply ignore the offensive post(s), thread, or review. Report Posts to Moderators Should you observe a fellow Community member breaking these rules please report the post or item by clicking flag button located on every item, post, and review. Do not do any of the following: Flame or insult other members Bypass any filters Post personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, etc.) Bump threads Derail a thread's topic Post links to phishing sites Post spam or Re-post Closed, Modified, Deleted Content Repetitively post in the incorrect forum Openly argue with a moderator
      Off-Limit Topics/Replies Do not post any topics/replies containing the following: Porn, inappropriate or offensive content, or leaked content or anything else not safe for work Any discussion of piracy will result in a permanent ban from the Hinterland Community including, but not limited to: Cheating, hacking, game exploits Threats of violence or harassment, even as a joke Posted copyright material such as magazine scans Soliciting, begging, auctioning, raffling, selling, advertising, referrals Racism, sexism, homophobia, or discrimination Abusive language, including swearing Religious, political, and other “prone to huge arguments” threads No support will be given to those using cheat tools, or hacked/pirated copies, and any forum users who discuss pirated/pirating software will be removed. Please note that these guidelines may be edited or added to by Hinterland Studio as needed. If there is something you do not agree with, please email info@hinterlandgames.com


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  1. My new desktop wallpaper
  2. Lol Game of Thrones season 5 finale!
  3. http://hinterlandforums.com/index.php?/announcement/8-new-sandbox-update-landing-next-week/
  4. Sorry to hear that, wishing @bethany every success in future endeavours.
  5. Problem with that is if your name is @GELtaz the game will start to look like an Alfred Hitchcock movie
  6. Some of the places I've worked you needed a safe as some people thought the fridge contents were fair game!
  7. I had a fun food poll on here once suggesting spam and marmite but took it down as some take polls too seriously and were asking for edits and additions good ole compo: https://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/Bacon_Grill
  8. Don't think I've noticed a post since GDC in last month, neither here or on steam...
  9. How factual this is I don't know but: http://thelongdark.wikia.com/wiki/Aurorae
  10. http://hinterlandgames.com/the-long-dark/roadmap/
  11. paper money is plastic these days and melts instead of burning
  12. I'm like Jon Snow, I know nothing
  13. I have indeed but can't say more without a possible spoiler alert or getting into trouble with admin