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  1. Stuck on the Spear Mission

    good luck!
  2. Stuck on the Spear Mission

    Hi @Brenduh It may not help you, but I had a couple of glitches on that mission which were resolved by having steam check the local cache. I would leave the building, save, have steam do its thing. It might work for you like it did for me.
  3. Newbie Survivor Log

  4. @Mixxut report it on the support forum, the more reports the better. (heh, a friend who does support just smacked me upside the head). But he compliments your photography of the problem.
  5. Tips for new survivors

    I had a friend who started on Interloper because "I always start on the hardest level" The thing is - each of the levels are actually sort of a different type of game
  6. Tips for new survivors

    There was a great thread called 1000 days in the Dam - it tracked decay rates in different conditions. It was during beta so some specifics have changed, but the general ideas haven't. Check it out. Most relevent stuff is at the end.
  7. Tips for new survivors

    I leave my bearskin coat on Timberwolf and wear the wolf skin else where. Though in truth, I'm becoming quite fond of my moose coat.
  8. Tips for new survivors

    Though in Interloper its almost inevitable you'll have low condition.
  9. I've had this problem, and the other one as well. I think it started after the update where they "enhanced the graphics"
  10. You're welcome I haven't seen a moose yet in storymode, but I have seen the deer respawn. And wolves, lots and lots of wolves. I haven't seen any bears other than old bear and I find the bear spear really heavy and draining. Rabbits come back, so I suspect fish do too.
  11. Share your screenshots

    This come close to being my favorite
  12. Share your screenshots

    I think this is my favorite shot so far
  13. Well if you don't finish the last main quest in Episode 2 you can probably wander around indefiniately. But you are limited to the maps Episode 2 takes place in. If you start up a Survival game, you start with all of the blue prints and have access to all of the maps the game currently has. There's nothing to drive you from map to map but your own curiosity, and at higher difficulties a lack of critters to eat. I love survival mode.
  14. Forest Talkers cache side quest (spoilers)

    I' ve been able to find them all, but I can say they weren't quite centered on where the map put them & some of them aren't really visable until you are basically standing on them. Update - I just went back in a different play thru and there's a rock bulge covering where the cache used to be - its definately not there.
  15. Snow Shelter Redux

    Can we get plans for the snow shelter in Redux? I swear I've been all over the map, but I can't seem to find something that will give me that ability.