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  1. It does feel great to finally get that badge but gotta say you get points for monomanical persistence
  2. It would explain so very much
  3. Trichinosis is caused by a round worm, its usually found in meat eating animals - so obligate carnivores and omnivores that have had access to meat. Bears, wolves, foxes, pigs, etc. Rabbits generally wouldn't have this particular parasite. Food prep includes cooking the meat to an internal temp of 143 degrees F and letting it sit for a few minutes (3? 4? can't remember). If the meat is ground meat, you need to cook it to a higher internal temp, I think 160 degrees F.
  4. So it turns out I think I'm an idiot. Ignore this, it probably was an error on my part.
  5. I'm still getting more sprains than before the update but less than immediately after the update. I don't bother treating them unless I need to run from a wolf or 3. I used to treat them, but its not really worth it any more.
  6. Oddly enough, I just got food poisoning from food I cooked long after I reached skill 5. I've reported it as a bug, but it was very surprising. And it wasn't even sketchy food.
  7. Elves Actually though, I've just imagined that the crows were hoping around the bodies and just "happened" to fly up as I approached.
  8. Jolan

    Cha' Ching!

    I've found some in cars and there's sometimes one in the trunk of the car as you leave Coastal Highway heading for DP.
  9. I basically have planned my stay in each area to maximize time spent. Hit the high man-made items areas first (CH, MT and ML) then off to the other areas. I don't rush the exploraton of each place. No particular reason to not spend a day or two fishing, or stalking a bear, looking for bullwinkle, or just camped out in a cave with a good view. Set up a good camp in each region. When I get really bored I put my long haul game aside and go and get slaughtered repeatedly in Interloper. Then back to the peace of the long haul.
  10. you are sooooo lucky! I'm jealous, just jealous. I've eaten food at 65% (looking at you Sardines) and gotten food poisoning. Of course I've also eaten some at 1% and been fine, but still soooo jealous.
  11. I've been finding a lot of ammo just out in the world. so you might be able to make it. I sort of wish I'd been paying attention and stopped the out update because I was 1 skill set level in 2 skills from the achievement.
  12. pine needles are edible too. But yeah, she says "can you eat trees" sometimes when your hunger hits a certain point. some of the thirst commentary is funny
  13. Jolan

    2 Deer?

    I found 2 once, but it seems to be really really rare. Either that (since it was quite a while ago) its something that doesn't happen any more - wait, I'm an idiot, there's a second one there.
  14. I would like to be able to build a sheltered fire, even if its as simple as a portable wind break
  15. I find the range is too short to hunt wolves efficiently. Rabbits though, works like a charm. Mind you, I wouldn't be hunting rabbits with a revolver if I a) didn't have a ridiculous amount of revolver ammo and b) need to seriously get my revolver skill up.