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  1. I love the updated graphics, rabbit behavior, cooking options. I didn't get to observe to wolves much, too busy trying to avoid being eaten, freezing to death or plummetting to my doom. The aurora off DP is even more beautiful. But is it intended that we can't light torches from firebarrels anymore?
  2. Climbing out of the ravine

    PS - I leave absolutely every piece of non-essential gear in the backpack at the top (or the coleman). Bandaids, extra water, pots, pry bars, that chunck of cedar you've been carrying around, etc. That way if you miscalculate - say how wet your clothes are going to be - you don't have to leave anything behind. Like I did the second time. Wait.... drop that chunk of cedar on the ledge on your way down.
  3. Gyrocompass and bigger backpack

    I guess I'll have to start writing notes on scraps of paper and scattering them in the wilderness.
  4. Starvation Method

    Then perhaps its the cold drop that gets accelerated. What I have observed repeatedly in my games is as soon as you flip to starving while freezing your condition rate drop accelerates beyond just freezing or just starving. Or what you'd expect to be freezing plus 1%. Realistically - you're not going to notice a 1% bump in the condition loss. You can test this easy by harvesting something. Has a built in timer. Though, perhaps the problem lies in whether the harvest mechanic is properly recording time. Hm... I need to go poke at this. If its the timer then I can simply schedule non-timed task for when I'm freezing and timed tasks for when I'm not. Off I go!
  5. Starvation Method

    I found out the hard way that if you're starving AND cold you drop condition much more quickly (on Stalker). The condition loss seems to be tied into how many calories you are burning. The cold affects calorie burn rate. I watched my condition start dropping like a rock during a stick gathering journey because I started starving when I was also freezing.
  6. Over fishing ?

    at one point the fish and rabbit populations seemed to ebb and flow but it doesn't seem as noticeable any more. Or perhaps I just haven't been able to stay alive that long in stalker.
  7. Bear hunting

    Different critters bleed differently, and some wounding actions cause different effects - like smacking a wolf with a pry bar will just drive it off, but repeatedly stabbing it with a knife will cause it to bled out fairly quickly. And striking the animal in different locations can affect bledout time. Most of the animals seem to start up their path again after they are no longer afraid. So if I can't find the bear, I head back to its den and work my way out. I find the most efficient way to hunt bears is shoot them (from the locations mentioned about) once and go and do something else for the 1-8 hours (rifle) or 45 min - 4 hours (bow). Just don't switch regions. Every once in a while you'll crit. My favorite bear hunting spot is the porch of one of the waterfront cottages in CH. The bear just walks right by it. Really, really close.
  8. Gyrocompass and bigger backpack

    I've got one of those - at the top are being able to actually do something with all those rugs and having a dog
  9. Gyrocompass and bigger backpack

    @Serenaq In my last dying gasps I'd be glad to leave some cryptic instructions on sled building - but first I'll need a whole moose
  10. Gyrocompass and bigger backpack

    @SerenaqHe had a pile of old wood bits that someone sold him which might have been real and a working one he and a buddy made in the 20's using as traditional methods as possible. Though I think they did use a modern ax. And access to a region with a whole lot more wood. And I'm pretty certain it never carried more than beer, ice and the occassional whiney kid. Those two are the reason why I know how to make all sorts of odd stuff. Like plugs for ice fishing holes, snow shoes and "beads" make from porcupine quills. The whole point behind the sled was it was made with just wood and sinew, and designed to take a beating and not shake apart. Oops, I'll stop here before I start describing the notches and crisscrossing cord.
  11. Gyrocompass and bigger backpack

    @SerenaqI know, I've only been able to kill the stunned bunnies on interloper. They mentioned in the mailbag that they found the chance to provide a dilemma "do I kill the baby critter" intriguing. Me - I just anticipating loosing a wolf struggle to what is basically a puppy. Meanwhile, I've looked at my grandfather's qamutik - this thing is totally doable in TLD if they let us. Don't know about the pathing issues, but technologywise, completely doable
  12. Camping: Prepare makeshift bedding

    I would also like to add the possibility of "harvesting" a bed to make a bedroll.
  13. Gyrocompass and bigger backpack

    @Serenaq they have made noises about baby animals
  14. Gyrocompass and bigger backpack

    @Serenaq It would be serious cuteness overload! The sleds are a traditional Inuit sled. Made from wood and sinew mostly. They're a traditional dog sled, so smaller than the modern ones. If you loaded it carefully you might be able to fit all of your wish list on it assuming you left the spare bits behind. Might not be able to pull it though. Moose are huge.
  15. Gyrocompass and bigger backpack

    Also - I now want a challenge where we have to collect a certain number of stunned rabbits, stuff them in a moose skin satchel and let them all loose in a cabin. We can feed them reeds and rosehips!