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  1. And the opening sequence. I don't have a game pad, but Timber Wolf has offered to walk me thru getting a good one and setting up. So yay! I have great hopes this will work out. And maybe I can use it on other games I've given up on.
  2. See in my case, I'm not physical able to use their wolf struggle or the first thing you have to do in the game as it stands. Since they're previous set up in survival mode so I could do those things its disappointing that they decided for story mode it wasn't important enough to include us and changed it. I don't think this is a glitch, because its totally unlike that weird glitch that showed up in survival. I think its a decision they made - a disappointing one but its a change they chose to make. Its not a matter of giving up too quickly - its a matter of not being able to even get into the game. I had been very much looking forward to this too, it looks lovely.
  3. That's a shame, since I have arthritis this means basically I'm not going to be able to play the game. I'd been really looking forward to it too. As an update - If you switch to the setting for CST and such it become more doable. I still had to have someone do it for me to get past that point. Which means I'll probably die in any wolf encounter
  4. I wasn't able to even get this far, won't show any white for me
  5. You just know they start every one with the Beastie Boys
  6. I used to keep raw meat outside the door in Pleasant Valley until this update. First thing that happened when I dropped the meat was two wolves bee lined for me. Not only did they hang around, but they stole some of my meat as well. Cooked meat, no reaction. You can use this to your advantage, its a good way to lure a wolf into a nice little ambush.
  7. when you put expired canned goods back into the cupboard.... just in case you can't find any other food
  8. I was in FM at the time, so that might be why I couldn't keep my boots dry.
  9. All of the stuff in your post was super helpful - I wanted to let you know that you might want to keep on one pair of sock. It was pre-update but I did get frostbite warnings when my boot (not deerskin - hiking) got wet and started to freeze. I didn't have any socks on, haven't had that problem with socks. I just wear them down to a nub and switch to the next set.
  10. when it came to DOS I always figured "retry" meant "can we make the user rage quit and go strangle the programmer"
  11. but retry always just repeated the question... Last game I played with that in it was Alpha Centuri
  12. @Ruruwawa I would be cool with that if they left the orginal quartering option there. I'm finding it a useful strategy in stalker. I don't bother with it on the voyager game.
  13. I mostly use quartering on Stalker and Interloper when I need the meat and the other bits. And I use it during times I can't afford the condition loss I'd take to do the whole caboodle. Reducing the task to just a little bit more than what I'd spend to grab the skin and guts is a great addition. Also, I use it when I know the weather is going to change and I can't afford the condition loss to be harvesting for 2 hours with one of those in a blizzard. I'm also cool with the time - basically, its the time you'd take to harvest the skin and guts plus 10 minutes to chunk the rest of it up into sizes you can carry. So that works for me. Maybe if they wanted to tweek it and give a 3rd option for those who don't care about the pelts and guts of just chunking the meat up and having that take a really short amount of time?
  14. we may have to stage an intervention